Thankful For Women & Girls Campaign Comes To South Florida

IMG_6242The air in Atria Senior Living buzzed with compliments that the residents exchanged with one another. The smiles and excitement were personally intoxicating for me. Thankful, which is a lifestyle brand founded on the principle of practicing gratitude, took over the assisted living facility to host a private event for their ‘Thankful for Women & Girls campaign.’ Atria residents were the honored guests of a private tea party. But before the live Frank Sinatra performances and tea sandwiches, guests were also invited to receive a makeover from GlamSquad courtesy of Becca Cosmetics.
“We want to give them a beautiful experience. These women are trailblazers. They have paved the way for us to live the lives we live today,” the founder of Thankful, Kim McDonnell, said.
Becca Cosmetics displays surrounded the residents who opted to be fully pampered for the day. Even the star palette for the event (Becca’s ‘Be a light ‘ palette) had encouraging mantras such as “Be Fearless,” written across the palette’s mirror.
“Every woman has an inner beauty and inner glow. The ‘Be a Light’ palette helps people ignite their inner and outer glow,” Justine Dunton-Rose, Becca’s Senior Manager of Influencer Relations, said.

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