Interesting Trina Pays Homage To Nicki Minaj

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Rapper and renowned Southern sex symbol, Trina, appears to be paying homage to rapper and singer Nicki Minaj. A short video clip shows Trina rapping the lyrics to Moment For Life while dressed like Nicki Minaj. While we are still gathering details about the performance, we must admit that musically this is a refreshing thing to see especially in the world of female rappers, which is largely competitive and often-times petty. Check out the clip and tell us what you think.

It should be noted that Nicki and Trina have always appeared to have a mutual respect for one another. Which Nicki demonstrated back in 2011 when Trina was not among the nominees for best female emcee for the BET Awards. Nicki along with female rapper Diamond quickly took to Twitter, when they saw that Trina was not nominated, to express their disappointment with BET.

So maybe things are changing in the world of female emcees. Either way we thought this was a noteworthy moment to share.

Worthy Or Not? Beyonce Changes Hair Again

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Well, the Queen ditched her super short crown for a fitting bob hairstyle- think “Me Myself and I,” according to new photos of her leaving Miami’s own Silvano restaurant on Thursday (Aug. 15).

B adorned her new look with a gold headband and blue sunnies. Rumor has it that the songstress, wife and mother is in town with her lovely B.I.C.(Blue Ivy Carter) to show support for Jay Z who is at his last stop on the Legends of Summer tour.

So what do you think? Worthy or not?




Style for men is often a complicated affair. The opportunity to distinguish oneself- is an unfortunate rarity in men’s fashion. In the drab sea of pin stripes and muted colors, Embellishment is often regarded as a feminine feature. “Fun” in men’s style and the ability to make personal statements in menswear is so rare that WE- as men- must seize upon creative opportunities for self expression.

Dapper men everywhere have recently rediscovered a long established but rarely used staple in mens style; The Eldredge Knot. This rare style of tying ones tie manages to make a masculine but noticeable statement. Men are once again accentuating their wardrobes, by adding this staple to their arsenals of accoutrements. The Eldredge Knot is an emerging trend that most men are reserving for spectacular and special occasions like weddings. We, however think that this knot can and should be used to shut it down at a wider variety of engagements. We’ve posted a detailed how-to- for men (courtesy of, a company that enables you to purchase killer ties while making a charitable difference ) that want to distinguish themselves with a unique look that destroys the competition.


Worthy Wednesdays


A look at our favorite things

We decided to share a few office favorites with you just because it’s Wednesday.

The Martin 

This bag from JustFab is a favorite of the Editor-in-Chief.  It literally holds all of her favorite magazines with storage for her favorite make-up essentials.


Pink Candy Furla

This pink and pretty purse is a favorite for the Executive Assistant of the magazine. The purse goes beautifully with any look.


Pink Shamballa Bracelet

Anything that is pink and sparkles as an accessory is a must-have. This item is also a favorite of the executive assistant.