Funky buddha’s Refreshing seltzErs


Worthy Magazine had the chance to taste the Floridian Funky Buddha Hard Seltzers, and the result was truly refreshing!

Now available at stores and at the Fort Lauderdale Oakland Park brewery, with an unbeatable focus on flavor and quality ingredients, Funky Buddha’s new Premium Hard Seltzers are available in four vibrant, natural flavors: Tropical Mango GuavaLush Key Lime CherryJuicy Blood Orange, and Crisp Pink Grapefruit. The refreshing and lightly boozy beverages boast only 90 Funkin’ calories, one gram of carbohydrate, and zero grams of sugar. All four flavors bring out the true essence of Florida’s beaches and tropical climate in each 12oz slim can. Funky Buddha’s master brewers included natural flavors synonymous with the Sunshine State like key lime, mango, grapefruit, guava, and blood orange.

Us at Worthy highly recommend the seltzers, perfect for Florida holiday gatherings and a sip under the hot Florida sun. At about $18.99 a pack, it’s truly worth it.

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