Worthy’s Watches of The Week

Men's Fashion

Worthy Magazine’s renaissance man, Marcus Williams, is back with another installment of worthy watches. Enjoy.

This first watch is apparently just a concept watch at the moment, however, it is way too cool to leave out. The Aurora watch is faceless and also backless. “Well, how do you know what time it is?” you may be asking yourself. With just one touch two beams of light appear to indicate the time. The red laser shows the minute and the blue displays the hour. I don’t know if we will ever actually see this particular watch on the market, but if so I will be the first in line to get one… Or two.

The HLQ series of watches from Hautlence is simply beautiful. The HLQ 6 is my personal favorite within this series. This timepiece looks as if it could double as a time machine. It features a combination of rose gold and black gold on the case and a hand stitched strap made from Louisiana alligator. Though the look seems complex, this watch is very practical and easy to read with separate dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. The HLQ is not at all bulky and yet the depth it displays is amazing. Make your way to http://www.hautlence.com in order to explore this watch further and to locate retailers in your area.

Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4 is a watch with plenty of personality. It is one of the watches featured in Steve Mcqueen’s Racing Series. It is simple in its symmetry yet complex in its mechanisms. It functions like a traditional automatic watch though it is the first watch to driven by belt transmission. The hands are the only things that are common about the face of this watch. It features the traditional minute and hour hands together with a separate second hand dial so time should be easy enough to tell, if u can take your eyes off the surrounding details long enough to actually focus on reading the time. And to insure that you remain as fixated on its inner workings as possible, both sides of the beveled sapphire crystal has been given anti-reflective treatment. If you are interested in acquiring one of your own, check out http://www.tagheuer.com

The Ora Unica, designed by Denis Guidone, began as just another concept watch. Now it is actually on the market brought to you by NAVA Design. It is a minimalist’s dream watch. It is very simple and so artistic it looks as if it should be mounted on a wall rather than worn on someone’s wrist. At first glance, reading the time may seem complicated. However, it is very easy to determine the time as the inner end of the circular line points to the hour and the outer end points to the minute. Owning one of these works of wrist art will cost you between $130 and $150 which is pretty reasonable. To purchase one for yourself or as a great gift to someone special go to https://www.speranzaonline.com.

The last watch is just dandy. Or rather, it is the Dandy, from French watchmaker Chaumet. I literally sat and just stared at this one for a few minutes. It’s just too beautiful in my opinion, never mind the title. It has a jumping hours window on the left side and a seconds dial on the right. It has a black patent leather and satin tuxedo strap and a solid 18k rose gold case. There is not much more to say about this piece. Just look at it. And when you’re done you can visit http://www.chaumet.com for more on this watch.

Watches of the week

Men's Fashion

Marcus Williams is Worthy magazine’s renaissance man. He literally can do it all; art, photography, music and he can write-anything. He was kind enough to lend us his eye for our first men’s fashion post. Take a look at a few items that have caught our artist’s eye.  

When it comes to accessories, men generally have slightly fewer options to choose from than women do. So finding the perfect timepiece, to complete a look, is that much more important. The right watch will stand out without being overly ostentatious. Worthy Magazine is proud to bring to you this week’s top 5 picks of unique and stylish watches that will hopefully aid you in your search for dynamic wrist wear.

First up, it’s a watch. It’s a tie. It’s the tie watch collection from Neves. Their innovative usage of ties as watch bands make for a very stylish and sophisticated assortment of watches that offer a unique look with just the right touch of class. Neves provides three different style options to choose from: The Windsor, The Persian, and The Pratt. Every style is well within most budgets at $75. You can locate a retailer in your area here: http://www.thinkneves.com/shop.php?cat=tiewatch

Next, there is “Chapter One” brought to you by Maitres du Temps. Watches are not just for telling time anymore. This beautiful watch features a tourbillion, mono-pusher, chronograph, retrograde date, retrograde GMT, and two idiosyncratic rolling bars which display the day of the week and the phase of the moon. And if none of that means anything to you, well hey, at least it looks good. And that’s what really matters, right? More info on this watch and where to get it can be found here: http://www.maitresdutemps.com/chapterone.html

At first glance, Harry Winston’s “Opus 9” is hardly recognizable as a watch at all. This is due to the very unique manner in which the time is displayed. This watch uses two diamond scales which serve as the hour and minute indicator. This piece is a bit strange but sleek and stylish nonetheless. Good luck locating this particular watch, however. Only one hundred of these limited edition watches were created.
A classic look presented with far from traditional materials. This assortment of wooden watches from WeWood is sure to be a definite attention grabber. The components are 100% natural wood. It is hypoallergenic and free of toxic chemicals, and features miyota movement. And wearing this watch is also an act of forest conservation as WeWood plants a tree for every watch sold. These watches, which come in a variety of alluring colors, are widely popular and are constantly on back order. So reserve yours ASAP here: http://www.we-wood.us

And last but not least there is the “TO” automatic watch collection by Issey Miyake. This watch is proof that you don’t have to be complex to stand out. This is a perfect example of simplicity done right. Simplicity, however, comes at a price. That price happens to be somewhere in the range of $1,199 – $1,519 depending on color and choice of band. So if you got it and want to flaunt it, this watch can be found here: http://www.moderngadget.com