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Mama Joyce Sets The Record Straight About Alleged Master Plan

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This past Sunday on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans watched on as Mama Joyce fell from grace. An intricate plot twist made it appear as though there were no lines that Mama Joyce wouldn’t cross to keep her daughter, Kandi Burruss away from her fiancé, Todd Tucker.

Carmen, Kandi’s best friend and employee, informed Kandi that her mother was looking for help to set her fiancé up and was willing to pay for any photographic evidence of Todd’s alleged infidelity that followed the setup.

However, the accusations of a master plan to set Todd up are completely false, Mama Joyce tells Worthy Magazine. She also informed us that Kandi knew about her willingness to pay for pictures of Todd being unfaithful, despite her daughter’s tearful remarks on Sunday’s episode insisting that she never thought her mother would ‘do something like that.’

“I told Kandi that I would pay for pictures,” Mama Joyce said. “Kandi is the kind of person that if she doesn’t see pictures, she doesn’t believe it.”

Despite admitting that she was willing to pay for pictures, Mama Joyce insists that she was not orchestrating a setup followed by an incriminating photo op.

“I would never try to do something to hurt my daughter, I care about her and I want nothing but the best for her. That is all I have ever wanted.”

According to Mama Joyce, a mutual acquaintance, at the time, alleged that they had a consistent partying rapport with Todd and confirmed the ongoing rumors that Todd is intimate with other women.

“I told him that if he could get a picture of it while they were out, I would pay for that. But I am not trying to make Todd look bad. He does that on his own.”

There is one thing that Mama Joyce was adamant about being clear on.

“I don’t lie and I have never lied.”

While everything is still being played out for viewers, Mama Joyce informed us that she is on speaking terms with Kandi.

“She called me after the episode aired,” referring to this past Sunday.