Alessandra Gold Kruzin Sneakers and Dragons

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Cocktails, cupcakes and killer style converged last Wednesday night at Alessandra Gold in commemoration of the store’s new tennis shoe line, Kruzin. Chic and stylish guests were wowed with the collection’s tantalizing editorials that adorned the walls and the unique of aesthetic of the collection. Nothing was off limits. Animal prints, metallics we saw it all and we loved it. As if the collection didn’t offer up a unique and engaging experience of it’s own, the night was filled with free- flowing dragon performances and showcased one-of-a-kind environmentally friendly designer clothing as well. It was a night truly dedicated to South Florida’s fashion elite community. Take a look at our pics of the evening. Photographer Clover Matthews captured everything for you.


More about the brand

KruZin’s extremely lightweight construction contains innovative support and comfort features. Our Air Cruiser® provides extra heel padding and shock absorption, while our high density EVA and TPE insole is grooved for added flexibility along with slip lasting in California construction.
KruZin styles are eye-catching both on the shelf and the foot. All of our styles feature our exclusive ‘BumpZer®’ front shoe bumper made of highly reflective TPU plastic that makes the shoe unique and people ask ‘Where’d you get those kicks?’


Look of the day: Rihanna

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We are all about being effortlessly chic. When Rihanna stepped out in London, the inner fashion fiend in us did our ritual happy dance as it pertains to the singer’s style. This look is the epitome of what we like to see Worthy ladies in. Her black and white Tom Ford boots are simply magical. Her simple white dress paired with sparkling Chanel cuffs were just the perfect touch. What are your thoughts?

AFTER EARTH: Much Better Than You’ve Heard

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If you listen to movie critics (and I rarely suggest that you do), you’ve probably heard that After Earth is one of the year’s worst films. The critics have declared After Earth to be worse than the horrifically bad, Battlefield Earth (starring John Travolta).

ROTTEN TOMATOES (Online Review): “After Earth is dull, ploddingly paced exercise in sentimental sci-fi — and the latest setback for director M. Night Shyamalan’s once-promising career”

Summer 2013 has its first bomb, and sadly, it’s landed right on Will Smith.” — Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

I must admit that after reading many of the film’s reviews, I too was hesitant to pay the price of admission. However, I have learned- as I am sure many of you have-that movie critics are often fickle, pretentious, and warped in their sense of taste. In my opinion, movie critics can be useful, but most have lost perspective. Instead of viewing movies, through the eyes of the general audience, movie critics seem to be in a competition to prove-who among them is the most rigid and persnickety. Most have ceased to be movie critics and have morphed into movie snobs. They hate everything. Reasonably good movies are rhetorically shredded with increasingly harsh hyperbole. Interestingly, the critics always seem to wind up blessing the soul-less and trite rehashes that Hollywood has become infamous for producing. If the movie critics are not careful, and they continue to bash films that defiant movie goers like myself, come to find are fantastic, they will continue to lose their relevance. I must admit-I never quite understood the concept of publications paying someone an inflated salary to go see a free movie. Given their pencient for hyperbole and record of inaccuracy, I would suggest that some of these cash strapped publications could trim some of the fat that mascarades as movie critics on their staff.

Now That I have that off of my chest,

AFTER EARTH WAS AWESOME! I’m not sure what critics believed they were walking into but I was acutely aware from the outset that this movie largely consists of Will Smith trapped in a cockpit while his son wanders aimlessly about a hostile planet, pursued by wild beasts. This wasn’t a secret. The storyline is simple and straightforward. Will Smith talks—guding his son through a wild jungle and Jaden fights of fearsome beasts. It’s a coming of age tale, as a young Kitai (played by Jaden Smith) learns to face his fears. The critics that were expecting 2001 space Odysee were absurd in their expectation. After Earth is much better than a showy sic-fi spectacle, it is a character driven movie. The entire story is about the personal evolution of a rigid father-and military general that has been made so hardened by life that he struggles to understand his relatively soft (by comparison) son. Jaden-on the other hand- is struggling along the familiar path toward manhood. What I found so disturbing about the reviews of critics is that they missed how—-relevant and oft repeated this storyline is in the lives of average (especially male) movie goers. After Earth is not a classic film. It isn’t E.T. It’s not Star Wars. But it also isn’t the unforgettably awful, Battlefield Earth.

In slamming this film, I think critics had two goals-two statements they wanted to make.The first was to continue an unrelenting assault against M. Night Shalaman who has disappointed them in every effort since the Sixth Sense. This disappointment seems to color every review of every movie he directs. Apparently, after making the nearly revolutionary Sixth Sense, Shalaman was supposed to blow our minds away in every film. This—-misunderstanding–shows the disconnect between critics and movie fans. I don’t go to the movies expecting to have my mind blown every time. I go to enjoy myself. Films cannot all, uniformly be expected to be revolutionary, if they were the term “revolutionary” would lose it’s meaning. As a fan of film, I simply go to have a good time. Perhaps that means I am less finicky than critics but if their reviews are intended to inform my choices–shouldn’t their reviews be a reflection of my tastes (and the broader audiences). What use are critics if their reviews and their tastes are no longer a predictor of what the audience will find enjoyable. Put simply, there are many films that I love and I am more than happy to pay for-that critics hate. AFTER EARTH is one of these films. It’s quite good, in fact and as AFTER EARTH is the number 1 film overseas, I think the world audience agrees with me.

The Second goal of critics was to state emphatically their opposition to Jaden Smith and any hope that he may harbor of following in his father’s blockbuster-and race defying mainstream appeal. Perhaps they are offended by the overt nepotism of After Earth which is quite nearly a Smith Family project-enlisting Will Smith’s other children as producers on the epic. But it is more than likely, that critics are simply delighting in kicking the little rich kid that seems to have it all made (for him). I have been shocked by how personal some of the critiques of the film seem to be and how many of them focus on tearing down Jaden Smith’s performance. No matter how disinterested one is in the plot of the film—NO ONE can claim that Jaden Smith performs poorly in this film. His performance is nothing short of wonderful. He is clearly on his way to becoming a fantastic actor—-but not if the critics have anything to say about it.

On Jaden Smith, ABC Radio Brisbane says: “If you’re going to engage the audience, you need someone who is strong and charismatic. Jaden Smith is not that.

The Scotsman’s Alistair Harkness: “Clearly a vanity project, Smith perhaps imagines this plot device will signify to the world that he’s ready to pass the action hero mantle on to his son, but it takes more than nepotism to make a movie star.”

To Put It simply, They are Wrong. And You should go see After Earth. Join the rest of the world in telling the critics to get some perspective, put down their necks and lose their snobbish attitudes and just try to have fun at the movies, like most fans of film.

CeCe Frey Performs At SoLita Italian Restaurant In Delray

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Photo credit: Andrew Kutno

Photo Credit: Andrew Kutno

The Velvet Room at SoLita Italian Restaurant in Delray Beach continued to provide a steady rhythmic pulse to the heart of downtown Delray nightlife with an exclusive performance from X Factor contestant, CeCe Frey, Friday night. The blonde songstress took to the intimate stage of The Velvet Room to perform a total of four cover songs. Sporting her signature leopard print on the side of her face and a sultry long black maxi skirt and midriff top from Nasty Gal, Frey wowed the crowd with her raw talent. We were happy to catch up with the artist after her show-stopping performance that wowed the audience and owners of SoLita.

“She actually did the first part of the first song she performed a cappella ,” Stephen Dapuzzo, owner of SoLita said.  “It was amazing. I was very happy with the performance and I think the crowd was as well.”

Photo Credit: Ju'lia Samuels

The recently added Velvet Room proved to be the perfect venue for an intimate performance, which is exactly what Dapuzzo was hoping for.

“Our goal is to give the audience a unique experience when they see performances in the Velvet Room,” Dapuzzo said. “We want it to feel a little different from a concert. I think the intimate setting allows you to see a different side of the artist.”

Susan Dapuzzo and CeCe Frey at SoLita Italian Restaurant_ The Velvet Room Photo credit: Andre Kutno

Stephen Dapuzzo owner of SoLita Italian Restaurant_The Velvet Room and CeCe Frey Photo credit: Andrew Kutno

CeCe about her signature look

We were happy to see the singer with her signature leopard print make-up and we were equally as eager to hear about the origins of her signature aesthetic. Frey told Worthy Magazine that the signature leopard print that we know and love was actually something she incorporated while she was a member of a music group.

“It was a Hip-Hop group,” Frey said. “We sang and rapped and we had one song called “Animals” that we use to perform. That is how I got the idea for the leopard print. I actually did a lot of debating about wearing it for my audition for X Factor because it was going to be a new chapter in my life.”

Needless to say, we are happy that she did. It was one of the many things that made Frey stand out.

CeCe on her signature sound

While Frey has built a massive following just from musical covers of chart-topping hits, fans are anxiously awaiting her first single and album.

” I am working on that now,” Frey said. “I go to the studio three-to-four times a week.” However, when it cam discussing the details of her signature sound, the singer was a little shy.

“I think people heard me do so many different genres that it leaves a lot of room for creativity so I don’t want to give it all away- just yet,” Frey said. “But people can still expect the same ‘CeCe’ edge and sass.”

How many of you are as excited as we are?


Kanye West previewed Yeezus at Design Miami/ Basel


This is why we love Kanye West despite all the mistakes the artist may make. Just after midnight, artist Kanye West gave an impromptu listening party for his upcoming album Yeezus at Design Miami/ Basel in the Herzog and de Meuron-designed Hall 1 Sud at Basel’s Messeplatz.

West said in an interview with The New York Times that the biggest inspiration for this new record was the pioneering and revered modern architect Le Corbusier, whose work is being shown at Galerie Patrick Seguin.

More than 2000 guests from the design, art, fashion and architecture communities crowded around an intimate stage set in the center of the Event Hall sparsely adorned with several sculptural chairs by Ric Owens, being shown by Design Miami/ Basel exhibitor Salon 94.

West suprised the audience by performing one track from the album a cappella for the urging crowd, which included Simon De Pury; Jeannie Rohatyn; Hans Ulrich Obrist; Rodman Primack; Soumaya and Fernando Romero; brothers Nicki and Simon Haas; Maria Baibakova; Jacques Lacoste; Rene Kamm, CEO of MCH Group; and Design Miami/ founder Craig Robins.

Photo credit: Seth Browarnik for Design Miami/ Basel


Forever 21 Grand Opening In Sunrise

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Forever 21 has proven itself to be the premier location for all fashion enthusiasts. The store provides the unique luxury of allowing fashionistas to create their own look. It is a store that has managed to capture the hearts of every type of girl from the preppy chic girl to the flirty hippie. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Forever 21 reaffirmed their place in our hearts when they came to Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise, Florida.

The new store, which opened this past Saturday, is a 60,000 square foot piece of heaven complete with 36 dressing rooms, wonderfully organized themed rooms (We are obsessed with the summer room, which features colorful images of Frida Kahlo) and a men’s section with a line from 21Men that offers fresh and fast fashion items for the fellas.

We are not joking when we say that we saw something for everyone. Not to mention the shoe section of the store, which had us at a loss for words.

Forever 21 global marketing director, Linda Chang, shared her excitement about the newly renovated location.

“Our remodeled location in Sawgrass Mills Mall will continue to serve shoppers in the Sunrise area. We have diligently worked to remodel the overall store layout and concepts to ensure a better shopping environment for all our customers,” Chang said. This location is certainly Worthy approved.

Worthy Scene- 2nd Annual Dress To Impress For LLS Fashion Show At Solita Italian Restaurant In Delray

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There is just something about a good cause and great style meeting a chic, long black runway that captivates our attention and makes our hearts smile. This past Thursday was one of those magical nights filled with amazing people, tantalizing South Florida style and delicious cuisine. SoLita Italian restaurant in Delray facilitated the festivities. We had the opportunity to dine and pine for the tropical creations that sashayed down the runway. The Event sponsors included Chic Devotion, Zamora Swimwear, Edmund James Salon, Guy La Ferrera, Live In, and Roxy LuLu. The vendors for the evening showcased their summer collections while ESPN Radio’s own Josh Cohen and DJ Adam Lipson kept the crowd momentum high.

VIP Seating, which included a fabulous swag bag helped Victor Concepcion, LLS Man of the Year Candidate, raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of South Florida.

The recently added Velvet Room cultivated the ideal elements of comfort and style with its plush seats, ornate wall fixtures and sleek bar. Everything about the night and the venue can be described as “WORTHY APPROVED.”