Ran Enda, The new queen of vegan and ethical haute couture

Editor's Journal
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After showcasing her work during New York Fashion Week, fashion designer, Ran Enda, expands to Los Angeles to raise awareness in the industry with her highly conscious collection.
Ran Enda is a Japanese fashion designer based in New York. Born and raised in southern Japan, she graduated from FIT in Manhattan. She designed for Top brands such as Ralph Lauren and DVF. After a 12-year journey in the fast fashion realm, Ran decided to fulfill her vision for a cruelty-free fashion movement and launched ENDA in 2015.
“There is no doubt the current fashion business activity is creating negative impact on the environment. Enda is committed to offer 100% vegan and ethical clothing and accessories.”
Why vegan and ethical? Because these are two independent efforts. Just how vegan food is not necessarily always healthy, it is one approach to create products that are vegan (free from animal and its by-product) and another to produce them in an ethical way. It is an extremely challenging process but it represents the core values of the brand.
ENDA represents a new frontier for a way of creating high fashion. The luxury collection has a strong social and environmental activism woven into its fabric. Each piece is produced with respect for the animals, the planet and humankind. Every purchase contributes in keeping animals away from violence and exploitation, in recycling natural resources and creating less landfill and in providing healthy and safe labor condition.
Ran Enda is committed to offering long-lasting designs that allows conscious individuals to wear their values. ENDA’s faux skin and fur pieces are carefully selected and designed to match the luxuriousness of real ones, providing better choices without compromising the animals and the planet.
About The Brand: ENDA is a NY-based fashion brand founded in 2015 by Japanese designer Ran Enda. The brand takes a “break from routine” approach found in Japanese art by freeing itself from trends, expressing simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity and originality. Colors and prints are some of the key elements used to express ENDA’s brand aesthetics, highlighting its unique designs.