Trustworthy: Why You Should Treat Yourself To Spa Week

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Spa Week is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. This time around the week is focusing on treatments that treat technology related stress and injuries. What would be the incentive to put the iPad down? We would have to say that it is $100-$500 treatments that will be priced at $50. As important as it may seem to be plugged in for work, it is just as important to take care of yourself. So if you were holding out for the perfect moment to treat yourself, April 11th to the 17th would be the perfect time. 

 Spa Week has teamed up with spas across the country to deliver healing and therapeutic treatments to combat the effects of technology. Massage LuXe in Davie, (4969 Volunteer Road Davie, Florida) offers a renewing microdermabrasion treatment ( with Lamina Lift Mask and 15 minute HydroLuXe dry water massage session) that will expel any evidence of a stressful lifestyle. The spa’s seaweed based skin-care products by Repêchage offers a blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and anti-oxidants that makes it ideal for detoxifying, oxygenating, re-balancing, hydrating, anti-aging, and renewing benefits. This specific treatment (microdermabrasion)  is our trustworthy pick for Spa Week at Massage LuXe.  

More About Technology Geared Treatments During Spa Week

 Long hours hunched over a computer can create a myriad of problems. Haven Spa in New York City offers a unique Geek Massage (Reg. $100, Spa Week $50) that was created to address and relieve the ailments that are created from hours of computer usage. Having your phone connected to your face all day and texting leads to clogged pores and wrinkles from squinting your eyes. Holistic Touch in Virginia offers Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (Reg. $130, Spa Week $50). With this natural face-lift you will notice a great improvement in skin tightness, clarity and evenness of tone. Lines will show improvement and meditation exercises are taught during the session to help break the habits of expression that contribute to these. Anxiety brought on by our fast paced lifestyle can be healed through the power of water. The Elizabeth Adams Salon in Illinois touts their Spa Oceana Stress Relief Treatment (Reg. $100, Spa Week $50)- a water-based stress-relief body treatment. Long day at the office? KUR Skin Lab in New York City has created an Office Relief Massage (Reg. $125, Spa Week $50). This massage treatment with guided meditation will help heal you mentally by alleviating subconscious tension along with physical and mental strain. As we sit for hours a day, tight muscles and tense necks often occur. Red Door Spas nationwide are offering a De-Stress Body Treatment (Reg. $255, Spa Week $50) including exfoliation, an aromatherapeutic body wrap and a relaxing scalp massage to melt stress away and rebalance your spirit.

 In order to receive exclusive information on participating spa and wellness locations and their $50 services, spa-goers should register on as early as possible. The complete list of treatments, available on March 21st, will allow consumers to begin booking their desired services. It is recommended that spa-goers sign up and book in advance on to ensure they reserve their top treatment choices. Visitors to also have the opportunity to spread the gift of wellness by conveniently purchasing the Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week®. Accepted at over 8,000 spas and wellness locations across North America, Spa & Wellness Gift Cards may be used during Spa Week or any time of the year without expiration. Recipients will have the freedom to choose from thousands of locations and services, all while knowing that you have their long-term health, balance and happiness in mind.
Spa Week was created and founded by Cheryl Reid, who hails from successful careers within the luxury spa industry and publishing spheres. Joining Spa Week for the Spring 2016 Event, sponsors include Exclusive Destination Sponsor: Sandals; Exclusive Cosmetics Sponsor: Hynt Beauty; Exclusive Apparel Sponsor: Yummie by Heather Thomson; and Exclusive Trade Association Partner: International Spa Association (ISPA). The event is co-sponsored by Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) and a portion of the proceeds from the Spring and Fall Events is donated to

Make sure you register for Spa Week. Trust us, you deserve it. 

Why every woman should know about Ane Amour

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Ane Amour apparel collection features versatile designs that bring an 80’s ‘Sex and the City’ touch to the modern businesswoman. Crafted and designed in New York City, these bold fabrics make classic suits not look like suits. Sophisticated, wild, unique, and delicate are a few the different ways to describe the collection. With precision cuts, curves and details around every corner of each garment, the clothes are anything but ordinary. 
Creative director and designer, Iyala Anne, carefully selects each material with inspirations from nature, music and various cultures. With her parents blessing to follow her dreams, the New York native traveled to India, South and Central America, and Indonesia, keeping a creative mind open through her eventful life. Although traveling is an ideal way to collect ideas, she declares that the diverse population in NYC opened her eyes and imagination to many ideas to feed off of. “I am passionate about supporting the rich fashion history of fashion in NYC and hope to be a part of keeping it alive,” she adds.
Iyala grew up believing that fashion design is a sculpture for the body and was inspired when studying magazines like WWD to create art. The designer even said that there were times that people would ask her where she got what she had on when in reality they were her own designs. Using different materials like silks, cotton, rayon, velvets, satins, brocades and creating something out of them makes her a true artist in the end.
Along with being a fashion designer, Iyala is a singer/songwriter currently releasing her first album, a passionate ballet student and yoga teacher. It’s safe to say she is the graceful rock star all women aspire to be. “I wanted to provide women with a sense of confidence and ability to express themselves through a brand that incorporates artistic depth and knowledge, while conveying a meaning and relatable experiences behind the image,” Iyala says.
Now, the one thing that should be done this year is this: get dressed up for work, and feel great doing it. Ane Amour can be dressed up or dressed down from day to night, to make every day a little more sensational. 
The collection is available online at


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The media, including established outlets like CNN have blasted Hamilton-the musical for it’s recent casting call requesting NON-WHITE actors. Hamilton is a hip hop based musical that casts black and Latino actors to play the roles of founding fathers in a retelling of the nation’s history. The internet has been set ablaze with cries of reverse racism and a stoking of white grievance as this explicit call for blacks and Latinos ONLY clearly discriminates against whites. While most major media outlets could not get enough of stoking the notion that whites are being disadvantaged by Hamilton, WORTHY MAGAZINE decided to be real journalists and conduct actual research. What we “discovered” was that MOST casting calls specifically in TV and Movies specify the race of the actors REQUIRED! And more shockingly, MOST of the casting calls available to the public REQUIRE WHITE ACTORS. The listings generally specify Caucasian actors and represent a difference between Broadway and Hollywood. In specifying a need for actors of color Hamilton was not engaged in some egregious and unprecedented act of discrimination. They were in fact simply abiding by the best practices of the acting industry and these practices have NEVER warranted attention from the major media outlets. While these practices have been a source of concern for minority actors, the broader public has never been concerned for the minority actors specifically uninvited by most of the available casting calls. It is also worth noting that merely stating an openness to all ethnicity as Broadways shows are accustomed does not make it so. Further, according to some actors we interviewed there is quite nearly a separate casting season in Hollywood for African American actors who are added into scripts often as an after thought. The incredible hypocrisy of outrage over one of the few minority lead Broadway shows being maligned for requesting minority actors when the vast majority of Hollywood castings specifically discriminate against minority actors is a continuation of the sense of privilege and entitlement that recoils when the discrimination that is persistently practiced against others is visited upon the majority. Furthermore, a brief review of Broadway’s top shows will suggest that the “openness” to “all ethnicities” is largely rhetorical as minority actors seem to be concentrated in shows thematically and culturally targeted as such, while most shows are overwhelmingly homogeneous in their non-minority makeup. If we are to be outraged by Hamilton’s casting call, why are we not offended by Hollywood’s common practice or by the circumstantial apparent practices of Broadway’s largely homogeneous casts. We have traditionally given the acting industry great latitude in preferring races and many have expressed annoyance when minorities demand access to greater roles, why then has the cast of Hamilton been attacked for inverting the practice. We have screen shot a few publicly available Casting Calls! It should be noted that these are not obscure productions. One of the castings we have posted are for NBC, a major network!

IMG_0465 IMG_0464



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Tesla, the Apple of Electric Cars has given technology enthusiasts the first look at it’s long awaited Model 3. The Model 3 comes on the heels of the release of Tesla’s model X and Model S Sedan. The Model 3 is the fulfillment of the company’s founding mission, to create a high quality-long range vehicle that was affordable for the masses. After numerous setbacks, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk jokingly described the Model 3 as the fourth piece in the trilogy of Tesla’s Master Plan. The Tesla Roadstar, Model S and Model X were all vital steps responsible for funding the development and manufacturing of the Model 3. After teasing the audience Musk rolled out several versions of the car, each sporting the signature Tesla console ripped from the future to create an interior that is as much space ship as it is a car. Musk described a rear seat window that is created out of a single pane of glass to create a spacious rear seating that will allow the Model 3 to comfortably fit 5. At a base price of 35,000 Musk bragged that even the base model is a fantastic vehicle. Before even showing the model 3, Tesla had sold 115,000 vehicles in the last 24 hours. Those enthusiastic buyers will receive a baseline car that at minimum achieves 0-60 in 6 seconds, with higher end models even faster. “At Tesla We Don’t Make Slow Cars” Musk noted. The range for the Model 3 is at-least 215 miles per charge. Take a first look at the Model 3 with Worthy Magazine.

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