2nd Time Around Grand Opening


Let’s face it: style is subjective, price is not. 


A big part of being a burgeoning lady bosses is dressing the part — it just comes with the territory!


Whether its chauffeuring the kids from one activity to another, or closing deals like the next female mogul, we like to envision ourselves draped in the covetable labels like Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.


But with financial obligations lording our wallets, to foot the bill for the latest power bag or designer pumps. Luckily, there is always one place where we can go to treat ourselves to a taste of the high life, stocked with designer duds priced within our means.


For over 35 years, 2nd Time Around has been the purveyor of gently used items from luxury brands at unimaginably-low fares.


But this isn’t your mother’s consignment shop. You won’t spend the day choking on heavy wafts of moth balls or the fetor of someone’s moldy attic; no sifting through endless articles of clothing so dastardly dated that it feels like a time warp.


Here, everything is current and fresh — modern style for the modern dresser.


Every piece brought to this high-end chain is carefully sourced and inspected by a team of stylists that are experts at spotting even the most undetectable flaw. Once they’ve finished, you get the benefit of high style without the cost.


With 40 boutiques in 12 states, and now three locations in South Florida, trendsetters can shop without breaking the bank.


The team at Worthy received an invite to the 2nd Time Around’s opening affair on December 14th at the Coconut Grove store. What better way to unwind than sipping cocktails and noshing on succulent vittles while pillaging rows of Chanel?


While we wait with baited breath for the big day, we took a sneak peek at the new store’s Instagram (2tacoconutgrove) for some precursory preparation and found some pieces that gave us a serious case of lust.


Check out our top six buys you must get at the 2nd Time Around’s Coconut Grove Boutique’s Grand Opening event.



WHAT: 2nd Time Around’s Grand Opening Party


December 14, 2016 from 6 – 8 p.m.


2nd Time Around Coconut Grove

3403 Main Hwy,

Coconut Grove, FL 33138





Brand-new pair of Gucci thigh high stretch suede boots in grey. Originally $2,450, now $799.




Balenciaga Motocross Giant 21 City. Originally $1,985, now $1,099.

Jimmy Choo Printed Fur Shoulder Bag. Originally $3,300, now $1,699.



Wrap yourself in the Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress. Originally 598, now $199.



Faux ostrich cocktail dress by Badgley Mischka. Originally $559, now $189.


Fun and funky Valentino Colorblock Rockstuds pumps. Originally $995, now $339.

Hennessy Announces Project Wild Rabbit Finalists


Leading international artists came together last night to recognize emerging artistic talent as the finalists of Hennessy’s Project Wild Rabbit were announced at The Market Gallery. Now in its fifth year, Project Wild Rabbit – a collaboration between Hennessy Cognac & Pratt Institute – enlisted a selection of Pratt graduate students from multiple creative disciplines to create original works of art inspired by their own Wild Rabbit (which represents the ever-evolving pursuit to push past the limits of one’s potential. It is what fuels those who “Never stop. Never settle.”).

 Hip hop artist and Hennessy Brand Ambassador Nas joined artist and judge Kadir Nelson as they selected Pratt graduate student Satareh Parvin as the first Project Wild Rabbit finalist.

Arian Beauregard, a second Project Wild Rabbit finalist was also decided by a consumer vote and honored last night. Both Satareh & Arian will receive seed money to jumpstart their careers.

Images by: Jesus Aranguren/Invision for Hennessy/AP Images.



Worthy is dedicated to providing sellers and buyers with that ultimate win-win. Every day they bring together buyers and sellers on their luxury auction marketplace while placing an emphasis on stellar service and fair pricing. We knew we were obsessed when we saw one of their most recent campaign that just ended. The “I am worthy” campaign challenged their worthy customers to finish the statement that we ask all of our readers and Worthy Features. 

Currently the company is providing a scholarship opportunity for worthy women. The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship 2016 offers multiple scholarships of up to $2,500 per recipient targeting women 30 and over pursuing a new career.

 Applicants must be enrolled at, or accepted to a Professional Studies Program at an accredited college or university in the United States for the 2016-2017 school year. Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Subject & Content Relevancy to new career
Chosen a new career path
Submissions will be evaluated based on applicant essays, which require candidates to offer a meaningful and thoughtful response to a pre-determined essay question. For more information on Worthy’s 2016-2017 Scholarship program, or to apply for the scholarship, please contact us at Scholarships@worthy.com or download the application here. Deadline for submissions is December 12, 2016.


We had a chance to get more details about the scholarship.

“To have the ability to provide financial support to help women restart after life changing events and assist them as they find new opportunities is at the heart of what Worthy is all about,” said Marketing & PR Director, Judy Herbst. “This is the start of a wonderful annual program and another great way Worthy is helping our customers.”

For more information about the amazing opportunity, please stop by worthy.com 




The concept for Party in a Cinch was born when founder Sarah Cannon was planning a baby shower for a friend. Everything she found at local party stores were cheesy and cheap. Being a professional event planner, her friends and family expected nothing short of perfection, so the less than stellar options just wouldn’t do. That is that day that Sarah decided to start designing party boxes for busy people who wanted to host quality parties at affordable prices. Though it started as a hobby, Sarah quickly noticed she was filling a need in the market and soon her business came to life. 

Making the transition from a steady paycheck and full-time job, to taking a leap of faith and starting your own business can be terrifying. Sarah shares, “Knowing when was the right time to leave my day job was probably the toughest decision I had to make.” Also in the beginning, she took on a lot of tasks that were completely out of her wheelhouse, therefore wasting a lost of time. But every challenge made her stronger and every minor setback was a lesson learned.


A great idea is a catalyst to any business but it isn’t enough to create a successful one that will last. “To become and remain successful you have to learn that life as an entrepreneur is a constant ebb and flow. The sooner you get on board with the reality that in the beginning you won’t have normal hours, and will have as many ups as you do downs, the sooner you can learn to remain confident during the down times and take just enough time to celebrate the good times, but then immediately get back to building,” Sarah adds.


Party in a Cinch was a simple idea that started in Sarah’s head that soon after became a business. So to her, everything is a milestone to celebrate. She elaborates, “This all started with an idea, so I think any success I have had is a big success, from seeing my vision in my head come to life with the finished product to the first time someone purchased one of the party boxes, to the time someone went out of their way to email me about how she used a box for her sister’s bridal shower and how much of a life saver it was. It all means a lot to me.”  

 Party in a Cinch delivers themed party boxes directly to your door. You can browse all available options and easily choose your box online. The party boxes are carefully curated for you by top event planners and are delivered to your doorstep in a few days. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to go. Party in a Cinch does all the work, and you take all the credit. 


Each box includes décor, satin linens, satin napkins, premium plates and high-qualty flatware, appetizer and drink recipes, and a party tip sheet. Boxes retail between $99 and $119, depending on the style. They also offer the newest trend on the party scene, 35-inch confetti balloons for $17 each. 

 The best part is that for every party box purchased, a birthday is given to a child in need who otherwise would not get to celebrate their special day! Buy a party and give a party – to the little ones who will value it the most. 


The company is rapidly growing and is becoming the new way for people to produce superior parties, while keeping them cost effective. This has allowed Party in a Cinch to become the one-stop resource for anyone hosting a party. For more information or to purchase your own box, visit http://www.partyinacinch.com.




More than a seasonal fashion trend, slow fashion is a movement that has been steadily gaining momentum in the fashion industry that has such a high-demand to fulfill that it is contributing to the depletion of fossil fuels used in textile & garment production and transportation. Fresh water reservoirs are also diminishing due to cotton crop irrigation. The industry is said to also be introducing manmade pesticides and synthetic fibres, which increase their persistent and damaging presence in nature.

Slow Fashion represents all things “eco”, “ethical” and “green” in one unified movement manifested in one-of-a-kind pieces that seemingly also guarantee versatility. Here are just a few designers that we feel are noteworthy.


The label was founded in 2006 as a cooperation of four designers rooted in a network of artists, musicians and film-makers in Vienna. Since 2008 Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner work focusing explicitely on fashion. Heading for an avant-garde casual wear “House of the very island’s” combines effortless wearability with conceptual patternmaking and explicit silhouettes. A key aspect is the use of organic and fair trade materials.

“From the beginning we intended to make clothes that we would like to wear and would be comfortable with for more than one season,.”


“Beira is a unisex clothing brand from Brasil founded in 2015. Beira’s priority is to offer their users an opportunity to see clothes form inside out and to empower them to give different meanings to the clothing. Their collections are not defined by seasons, instead each new piece is a part of the first collection continuance. Beira’s intention is to tell a story with unique language and value time through a continuous creative process.”


The materials are carefully selected and are uniquely composed. Refined detailing and manufacturing lead to contemporary pieces with a life long value. The resulting collections appear as a contradictory mix of appealing elegance,feminine strength and a delicate sensitivity with the aim to express: `Do what you love and live now´.



H&M celebrated the launch of the Fashion Loves Art collaboration with Alex Katz on Wednesday, November 30th, at the Miami Beach EDITION. An intimate dinner honoring the renowned artist was hosted by Co-Founder & Co-Editor in Chief of Paper Magazine Kim Hastreiter, supermodel Karolina Kurkova, gallerists Thaddaeus Ropac and Gavin Brown, and artist Hope Atherton. The dinner was followed by an after party for over 350 VIP guests of the art and fashion world and featured a special performance by Nelly Furtado. Notable attendees included Heron Preston, RJ King, Chloe Wise, and London Zhiloh, among others.
All images courtesy of BFA.com