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Jesse Waters

Bill O’Reilly’s protege, Jesse Watters is under-fire for sexual comments he made during a recent segment of “THE FIVE”, a popular show in Fox’s Prime-time line-up. O’Reilly himself was dismissed from his lucrative perch at Fox News for sexually harassing his co-workers with comments like “Hot Chocolate” and allegedly tying on-air-time for guest spots to a willingness to provide him with sexual favors. During Tuesday’s episode of “The Five”, the Fox News panel discussed Ivanka Trump’s recent appearance at a Women’s forum that featured Germany’s Angela Merkel. Trump was booed at the forum when she suggested that her father was a great defender of families and women’s issues. While Jesse Watters initially seemed to be defending Ivanka Trump, his comments soon turned toward vulgarity. At the conclusion of his laudatory remarks, Watters added that he “liked the way she [Ivanka Trump] was speaking into that microphone”. The comments were immediately interpreted as sexual and Watters demeanor on camera seemed to confirm this impression. Watters responded to the eruption on twitter by denying that the comments possessed any overt sexual intent and added that he was actually praising the smooth intonation in Ivanka Trump’s speaking voice. The consensus on twitter did not accept the Fox host’s claim of innocence. Determine for yourself with the video and leave comments below.