Kelly On the Cover Of Cosmo UK

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Looking quite motivating and sexy on the Cover of the UK Cosmopolitan, Kelly Rowland opens up about everything to the magazine. She even gets quite candid about her breast implants, openly saying that she was tired of having “little nuggets for boobs”. 

The decision was 10 years in the making, so I’m comfortable talking about it

Beyonce’s Complex Cover

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The undisputed heavy weight champion of performance and song adorns the cover of Complex magazine, with the lyrics to her latest anthem surrounding her. The shoot was a fashion junky’s dream come true. King B always looks good. Here are a few pictures from the spread. 
All Photos are from Complex

Complex magazine had us drooling at all the psychedelic pictures of Beyonce. We couldn’t get enough. So what are your thoughts will you be picking up the latest issue of Complex magazine?

Singer Maad Moiselle Graces the Cover of Ghubar Magazine

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According to a report from Beauty is Diverse, singer Maad Moiselle will be gracing the cover Ghubar Magazine, a fresh and innovative online magazine that has something to say. The issue will explore how the sheer talent and creativity Maad Moiselle exudes is manifested into her music, personal style and choreography. Oh yes, she can dance. The editor-in-chief recently spoke about the upcoming issue and she had a lot to say.

Taking a microscopic approach, we wanted to see MAAD*MOISELLE in the “raw” and piece-by-piece explore the very core of what makes this woman every bit of who she is – a mix of singer, stylist, dancer, model – and what she thought she never could be – a brooding guest fashion editor. “With two editorials expressing the duality living inside the artist : a powerful presence and the serenity of the greatest, I feel confident to say the final product came out great,” Sarah Diouf, Editor-in-chief of Ghubar magazine said.

To say that we are excited to get the chance to click through the summer issue of Ghubar would be putting it lightly. We really can’t wait.

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 Check out one of Maad Moiselle’s recent performances in Frankfurt Germany.

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