In an appearance on MSNBC, Lois Romano, The Senior Political Reporter for Politico referred to the President’s struggle to close Guantanamo Bay, as Obama’s “Political Tar-Baby”. The use of the term Tar-Baby is particularly offensive to some in minority communities but it is also a peculiar choice for a Senior Political Writer.

The term Tar-Baby can be used to describe “a Sticky Situation” or a problem that can become even more intractable the more one attempts to solve it. However, the term is also a racial pejorative that should have been particularly familiar to the Politico Writer. Former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney found himself in a very “sticky situation” when he used  the term “Tar- Baby” to refer to an infrastructure project run amok. Former Press Secretary Tony Snow received quite a cold shoulder from the media when he referred to the seizure of phone records during the Iraq war as a “Tar-Baby”.  In fact, the current Secretary of State-John Kerry was once overwhelmed with criticism for his use of the term.

It is peculiar (to put it mildly) that a Senior Political Writer would consciously choose to use a word with such a sordid and well known history in politics. Anyone with a career in politics would be thoroughly familiar with the controversy that surrounds this word and the emotions it provokes in minority communities. There are many words in the english language that originate and are defined with offense in mind-but overtime lose their offensive meaning or character. While Snow, Romney or even Kerry may have argued that they were unaware of or perhaps forgot the meaning that “Tar Baby” has held in American history the Senior Political Writer for the Politico would be hard pressed to argue the same. After all she spent her career watching high level political officials walk into the rhetorical buzz saw.

For African Americans Tar-Baby is a horrific pejorative that was once used to vividly promote the notion of Black skin as ugly and the African American mind as slow. The term will forever be synonymous with the N-word, ignorance and insult. The Senior Political Writer for The Politico should know this. In fairness to Romano, the meaning she intended is obvious. There is no reason to suggest that Ms. Romano is a racist, however her choice of words were quite poor considering the lofty post she holds.


A Worthy Look

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Accessories Director Milove Frederic shares some of her weekly looks with Worthy readers to provide you with insight into this season’s trends.

I call this look “Resort Chic” because it has all the key accents of a summer ensemble. The fedora, light sandals and a thin linen blouse- all just scream summertime to me. When creating the perfect summer look, the goal is to look effortless, comfortable but still chic. Light weight linens, sheer midriffs and eye-catching sandals are a few of the must-have elements for the ideal summer look.

Resort Chic ensemble: Top: Marshals, Pants: Thrifted, Handbag: Michael Kors, Shoes and Accessories: Fashion Footwear.

– Milove Frederic

Billboard Music Awards 2013 Style

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There were certainly a lot of different looks on the red carpet for this year’s Billboard awards. However these ladies were at the top of our list of favorite looks.

JLO killed in this number

Taylor Swift certainly looked 22 and fab!

We are loving the new Miley. She wowed us in this number

Kelly Rowland doesn't need much to catch our eyes. She showed yet again how less can be so much more.

Selena Gomez was pure perfection.

Kanye West News New Video and New Album

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We can’t get enough of Kanye and this past week the artist has done an amazing job keeping his music in the headlines. His anticipated album, which is entitled “Yeezus,” has a scheduled release date of June 18th. The artist recently his album cover artwork. We are digging the old school aesthetic. Let us know what you think.

The artist also provided a unique presentation for his new music video ” New Slaves.” The video premiered through out the world on 66 different buildings. In all honesty, we are loving the song. Let us know what you think.


SOFLO Worthy Eats



Being based in South Florida is any cuisine enthusiast’s dream. South Florida is a melting pot of cultures and restaurants throughout SoFlo are taking advantage. From traditional soul food with unique and organic twists to wonderfully Parisian pastries, your palate will be satisfied. Here are a few of our favorite places that you should check out for a little bit of weekend fun.


The Riverside Market

The quest for the perfect pizza can be an endless journey. Luckily, we have stumbled upon a local gem worthy of our affection and hard earned money. Everything from ingredients to the atmosphere are intended to provoke dialogue. Our favorite dish: BBQ chicken pizza.

The Cheese Course

Homemade pesto, bagets, fruit, grapes, blue cheese and salads galore- what more could you ask for? That is exactly how we felt when we nestled into this wonderfully warm and delicious restaurant on a rainy day in Boca Raton.  This place can do no wrong. You won’t regret anything that you order.

Organic soul food anyone? Yardbird provides the perfect blend of home grown organic ingredients and savory comfort food. From the fried green tomatoes to french toast, there hasn’t been a dish that we’ve met that we didn’t like.

Sorris which is located in the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek is quickly becoming one of our favorite italian restaurants. They won our heart with this maine lobster black ravioli.

Bogarts– This place won our hearts the first night we met. Jewel Figueras was our ticket into this media preview of the restaurant and we were so thankful to sample the dishes. The winner of the evening was the sweet potato stuffed ravioli served with chicken. It was the perfect savory sweet dish.

Bloom is the ideal place to go for the perfect cocktail or the perfect small bite. The quirky and chic decor is sure to spark a perfectly engaging conversation. Sadly our favorite cocktail is not actually on the menu. It’s called the Honeycomber. But we can’t help but to ask for it whenever we go to the restaurant. It is made with honey flavored vodka, lime juice, honey and cucumbers. Marketing genius Donnet Bruce had the custom cocktail created for one her exclusive classes.

Roho Kitchen– Friend to Worthy Magazine the fabulous Jewel Figueras served as our guide into all things fabulous (again) the night we unearthed Roho Kitchen. The owner of Roho Kitchen, Chef Jorge, specializes in multicultural cuisine. Every dish that we sampled was packed with flavor. Our plates were wiped clean before we could realize what happened. It is literally impossible to pick a favorite dish from that evening. However, the mushroom risotto literally had us in a daze.

You will be able to read more about our favorite spots in the next issue of Worthy Magazine.



When a good cause and fashion collide, the perfect formula for success has been created. Worthy Magazine is anxious to experience this amazing event at SoLita Italian restaurant, which promises to deliver a wonderful fashion show and party under the downtown stars.

The show will feature over 40 male and female models strutting down a 100 seat extended runway showing off the most chic and sultry fashions of the summer season from the hottest boutiques from Miami to Palm Beach.  Proceeds from VIP Seating, which includes a fabulous swag bag, will help Victor Concepcion, LLS Man of the Year Candidate, raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of South Florida.  The event will include a trunk show provided by each vendor with a portion of proceeds going to LLS as well.  There will be an extravagant live and silent auction and 50/50 raffle in addition to a bachelorette/bachelor model auction where the models will be going on a date with the highest bidder.


Master of Ceremonies will be ESPN Radio’s own Josh Cohen and DJ Adam Lipson will be spinning tunes throughout the night.


Event sponsors include Chic Devotion, Zamora Swimwear, Edmund James Salon, Guy La Ferrera, Live In, and Roxy LuLu.

Music Monday Beyonce and Andre 3000 Get Mixed Reviews

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It is always a tall order to cover a song of a legend. However, Andre 3000 and Beyonce did not shy away from the challenge with their latest collaboration for The Great Gatsby soundtrack. The single “Back to Black,” was originally performed by Amy Winehouse. The song has been receiving mixed reviews. We think that it is because fans of the talented Amy Winehouse are comparing it to the late singer’s original track. Instead of seeing the track for what it is, which is a song for a movie that has a distinct look and sound. For those reasons, we have to admit that we love this song and we hope you guys will give it a chance.

Rihanna Accused Of Cyber Bullying

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It was like any other Saturday at first on Instagram. Making the standard rounds on our timeline we caught a picture posted by Rihanna (badgalriri) of an Instagram user: ms_kasharna1 that caught our attention with a side-by-side picture of a young woman and a black goat. The caption underneath read:

“Can you spot the 3 things that are different in these pics? Chile, it’s time to privatize that account!”

The immediate assumption was that this was maybe the singer having fun with a friend. But after reading the comments of fans expressing their disappointment with the “bad gal,” it became clear that the picture was not ill-thought joke. Rihanna responded to the comments saying

“That is what you get when you mess with my family.”

What prompted the incident was the instagram user’s comments on Rihanna’s cousin’s Ella’s (OG_Ella) page. The user’s comment read:

ms_kasharna1: “I swear everyone in Rihanna’s family looks like they’re retarded… Must be the drugs and alcohol!”

Rihanna’s cousin actually responded to the girls comments and screen shot her response.

Rihanna’s cousin posted additional pictures  from the user’s personal profile, a total of four pictures, which has since been privatized. There were claims that the young woman’s Instagram followers increased by 500 users. Rihanna and Ella later deleted all photos related to the young woman. The Instagram user actually changed her profile name and profile picture to a graphic that reads: “Stop Cyber Bullying.”


Being that bullying is such a sensitive issue,we will not take a strong stance on this situation. Both parties experienced an exchange of hurtful words. From the user’s decision to accuse someone who is NOT a public figure of looking like someone who has mental disability which is not an issue to make jokes out of. To the cousin’s rebuttal of the user looking like a man and a goat. It was all done on powerful social medium that can really cause an exchange of pictures and information to spread like wild fire.


Something unique to note is that most of Rihanna’s fans (who call themselves the Rihanna Navy) also deleted their pictures that they had posted of the young woman. What are your thoughts? Was this cyber-bullying or would you have responded the same way if someone had done something like that to your family member?