OBAMA’S PRIVATE SECTOR VICTORY: Private Company SPACEX Docks With Space-station


The President’s critics are fond of calling him a Marxist and Socialist. They claim that he is hostile to business and hostile to the private sector and yet, for a man with communist tendencies, President Obama seems to be racking up significant Private Sector victories. The stock market has broken several records and many companies are seeing record profits. His latest Private Sector Trophy is the success of SPACE-X, a privately held, American Space Company. Today, Space X became the first private company in history to successfully launch a rocket into orbit and follow that monumental achievement with the successful docking of a cargo vessel with the International Space Station. To Date, only a handful of nations have achieved what this private firm has accomplished.

Much like Healthcare reform, or Cap and Trade, a private space industry was once the vision of Republicans. But once President Obama signed onto their idea, the Republicans seem to have abandoned their old position. They have lambasted the President for allowing the Shuttle to retire, forgetting their own years of hostility toward the program.

Today, marks an incredible achievement. The future of American Space Flight will be in Private Sector companies that provide consumers and the government with shuttle flights, to and from orbit. Space Tourism is an obvious, next step for other companies. Space X however, endeavors to be a cargo company. They have already inked contracts with NASA, to ferry supplies to the Space Station. The Capsule of the DRAGON ROCKET, docked with the Space Station, this morning, somewhere above New Zealand. When Nasa astronaught, Donald Pettit, opened the Dragon Capsule he noted that “The small inside smells like a brand new car”. The brilliantly white capsule was immaculate, he noted. The California based company and it’s Dragon Rockets are now our rental car into space. And it would have been impossible without significant government support. President Obama has caught significant flack for his “Investments” in America’s future. Republicans have been quick to point out the failures. This however, is a success of epic proportions. It remains to be seen, if they will give him any credit.



Urban Memorial Weekend celebrants beware! According to an internal email, directly from the Police Union, Police officers have been given a hard quota of arrests to fill for the weekend. According to the email, which came from a member of the police union, offended by the order, Police are ordered to arrest at least 2000 weekenders. Police Chief, Raymond Martinez is denying that the order ever existed but Representative Fredericka Wilson and Commissioner Barbara Jordan are not accepting his denial. They claim to have personally seen the email and believe that the order is an attempt to damage the viability of Urban Weekend in Miami Beach. The ACLU has stated that the order raises serious constitutional concerns.

Those heading to Miami Beach should as always obey any and all laws and respect police officers. Party goers should be especially careful and avoid unfortunate encounters with Law Enforcement. If interactions do occur, remember to be respectful, calm and compliant.

WRESTLING IN SENEGAL: New York Times Covers African Martial Art


In Senegal, one sport reins supreme. Wrestling, of the African variety is not merely heritage, it is the nation’s great past time. The New York Times has posted an excellent video and accompanying article on the West African Tradition of Wrestling. While the sport may be obscure, the African tradition of Laamb Wrestling has ancient roots. While it was once practiced in humble settings and competitions were held for the honor of villages, it has evolved into a sport that fills stadiums. Corporations, compete for broadcast and sponsorship rights and the sports gladiators are fantastically wealthy, by Senegal’s standards. In a recent championship bout between the reining YEKINI and his challenger BALLA GAYE 2, each man received $300,000. The events are as authentic as the once small village bouts. The ceremonies open with traditional dances, drumming and warding off of black magic, with rituals that can take hours to perform. The bouts are a true sight to behold. Enjoy the a video of the championship bout between YEKINI and BALLA GAYE 2, below. YEKINI had reined as champion, for 20 years. The match is followed by a bio pic on the victor, BALLA GAYE 2, and a link to the original New York Times Story.



If you are in the market for a new web browsing experience, Yahoo would like you to consider using it’s Axis, web browser. While many consumers may have thought of Yahoo as a dead or dying company the engineers at the former king of search engines, is hoping to bring consumer back into their universe of products with it’s new browser.

The Axis is, undoubtedly beautiful and sleek. It links your iPhone, Desktop and iPad to facilitate seamless browsing on all three. It utilizes a graphical listing of sites as opposed to static links. And it works within other browsers. You can still use, Chrome or Internet Explorer and add Axis as an add on feature to the bottom of your browser. Most of this is entirely academic. The best way to understand Yahoo’s latest creation is simply to view it and then decide if it has a place in your life. Check out the product demo below:




Former President George W. Bush is writing a book on economics and growth strategies. While it may seem that such a headline should be followed by-an- LMFAO or at least an LOL-it won’t be. George W is entirely serious about this endeavor. Apparently, he feels that he has something to contribute, in advising future leaders on the proper approach to cultivating a successful economy. Those familiar with the Bush Economy will be dissappointed. The book will not be a meaculpa or an apologetic tome. And Bush will not encourage the nation to learn from his mistakes.

During his Presidency, many observers noted W’s stunning lack of introspection. He seemed to lack the ability to reflect on his actions or mistakes and acknowledge that they even existed. According to early reports, the former President’s how to guide, for growing the economy will not acknowledge the failure of his own policies. For those that have forgotten the former President’s record on economics or for those for whom the hilarity of George W. Bush, penning a text on how to grow an economy, is a joke missed, consider the analysis of Pat Garofalo from the Center For American Progress. He noted that:

Under his watch, “growth in investment, GDP, and employment all posted their worst performance of any post-war expansion,” while “overall monthly job growth was the worst of any cycle since at least February 1945, and household income growth was negative for the first cycle since tracking began in 1967.” As the Economic Policy Institute found, “between the end of the 2001 recession (2001Q4) and the peak of that expansion (2007Q4), the U.S. economy experienced the worst economic expansion of the post-war era”.

The truly concerning aspect of this story is that Mitt Romney, the current Republican Nominee for President, is vowing to enact policies very similar to George W. Bush. The reality is that in the minds of many on the right, the jury is still out on W’s  policies, which is why Bush’s book will likely find an enthusiastic audience. And why Mitt Romney, barely hesitates to propose the same, failed policies.

For Those Looking For A Great Laugh, George W. Bush’s new book will be out this summer.




American Idol has crowned its latest winner. Phillip Phillps, the indy-styled rocker, was the victor of last night’s talent competition. Phillip Phillips, is certainly very talented and he appeals to the teeny boppers that vote via text. Throughout the show, Phillip expressed his desire to define himself as unique. He emphasized his resistance to the cookie cutter-mold making of the American Idol show. We wish him continued success and good health. And we wish Jessica Sanchez a prosperous future as well.

The Upside for Jessica Sanchez, is that she is the superior vocalist and runner-up. We have no doubt that she will go on to significant fame and fortune. In her final performance, Jessica nearly stole the show with an incredible duet. The music industry is going to rave over this young, 16  year old.




Arsenio Hall is the Newest Celebrity Apprentice. Hall was once one of late night TV’s most successful talk show hosts. He brought urban cool to the mainstream, in well tailored suits. His comedy was edgy, controversial, and Hip Hop. Arsenio Hall, represented a brand of humor that was smooth, cool and rooted in African American culture. From his high top fade, to his signature bark to hype up his audience, Arsenio brought black culture into millions of homes, at a time when Late Night TV failed to represent diversity, in any meaningful way. Many African American acts gained exposure and notoriety by stopping through The Arsenio Hall Show. Even President Clinton, altered his electoral fate by playing Saxophone on Arsenio’s nationally syndicated TV Show. There was nothing like Hall on Late Night TV at the time, and arguably, there hasn’t been an African American as successful, since.

Donald Trump, the creator of Celebrity Apprentice, declared that “Arsenio Hall clearly demonstrated that he has what it takes to be a winner”. Arsenio was competing for his favorite charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation. Upon winning, the former late night host gave audiences a taste of his trademark chant; “WOOF WOOF WOOF”! In all, Hall earned $250,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation. He added that “Working With Mr. Trump and his incredible staff on “The Celebrity Apprentice” has been an honor. And last but never least-I want to congratulate my lil’ brother Clay because tonight WE are both truly winners! Reality’s Batman and Robin! I will always treasure that friendship.”

Aresenio is the first African American to win the show. We are just hoping it’s enough to get the undisputed KING of Late Night, a new TV show.

DONNA SUMMER: Disco Legend Dead at 63


The legendary disco queen, Donna Summer has lost her battle with cancer at the age of 63. Summer began her career, as many future pop stars, by singing in her church choir. She formed small singing groups as a teenager and went on to earn Grammy Awards in dance, rock and R&B. Her first album was “Lady of the Night” and “Love To Love You Baby” resulted in world wide acclaim. Her most famous song, “Last Dance” earned her a first Grammy Award. Summer’s still holds the record for most consecutive double albums to hit number one on the Bill Board charts. She was the first woman to have four number one singles in a 12 month period. Her last album was released in 2008.

THEY HOPE HE FAILS: Are Republicans Trying to Destroy The Economy

Editorial, Featured

Speaker of The House John Boener has indicated that he will, once again use the deadline to increase the nation’s debt ceiling as leverage to coax concessions out of President Obama and the Democrats. The Speaker is eager to see progress on paying down the nations’s debt through measures that Democrats have opposed.

The Debt Ceiling, refers to a cap on the nation’s ability to borrow money. However, it is not a reference to future debt or spending. Raising the current Debt Ceiling pays debts already accrued by the nation. In other words, it pays for the spending the congress has already authorized. The failure to raise the Debt Ceiling is much like running out of a restaurant, after ordering and consuming a meal. The refusal to raise the Debt Ceiling is a signal to the markets that America is not going to honor her debts.

The Republicans have already tried this maneuver. The result was a stock market crash and it inspired credit rating agencies to issue a downgrade of the nation’s (former) triple A Credit rating. The move by Boener has many asking if the Republicans have committed themselves to a strategy to intentionally crash the nation’s economy, ahead of the November elections.

Early, in President Obama’s Presidency, many republicans openly stated that they “Hope The President Fails” in his efforts to restore the economy, which they deemed to be akin to socialism. Some have suggested that the GOP may have moved from Hoping Obama Fails, to proactive action to Ensure That He Fails.




In a public media that is often reticent to praise President Obama, it is rare for public figures to give full throated endorsements of the embattled President. David Letterman, let rip on the President’s critics. He expressed exasperated frustration at those who refuse to give President Obama credit for his achievements. At what point the late night comedian emotes, “What More Do We Want From This Man”. He praises the President’s brilliance and judgement and makes it clear, where his loyalties lie.