Supreme & Van’s Campbell Soup Collection


American skater brand, Supreme, has collaborated with fellow American-based skater brand, Vans, to create a collection that pays homage to Andy Warhol’s iconic depiction of the Campbells soup logo. Prices for the Sk8-Hi, Era and Half Cab have been announced in Japan at ¥12,600 JPY (approximately $153 USD) and ¥10,500 JPY (approximately $128 USD). More details to come.

Kerry Washington In ABC’s Scandal


SCANDAL is one of the most highly anticipated network shows in the new Primetime line-ups. As the competition for ratings heats up, ABC has decided to wager it’s success on a dramatic thriller, starring Kerri Washington and a cast comprised almost entirely of minorities. Scandal is set in Washington D.C. Kerri Washington leads the cast as, Olivia Pope, the President’s former communication’s director and the founder of a highly coveted crisis management firm. D.C.’s most vaunted power brokers turn to her to repair their reputations when the tumult of scandal undermines their elite status. Intricate drama ensues as each episode unfolds into an exciting thriller.

Scandal is a rare exercise in diversity with a storyline that centers around a full cast of minority principal actors. Columbus Short (of Stomp The Yard), plays a skilled litigator. Guillermo Diaz is the firms crackerjack hacking expert and Darby Stanchfield is the firms top investigator. Katie Lowes plays an inexperienced neophyte that quickly becomes acquainted with the real world of crisis care. Veteran actor Tony Goldwyn plays President Grant and Kerri Washington’s forbidden love interest. The husband, father and President presents a compelling and complex love story, wrought with scintillating but forbidden affection.   Jeff Perry, plays Cyrus Greene, the noble true believer and aid to President Grant. He is the President’s moral compass and uses political cunning to temper the intimate instincts of Pope and Grant. Rounding out the cast is the Peruvian born, Stephen Finch, as a brilliant defense attorney. Scandal is also produced by Shona Rhimes, the African American creative genius behind Grey’s Anatomy. For fans of the hospital drama, Scandal will not disappoint. It bares all of the markings of a Shonda Rhimes creation. Sexual tension and intricate plot lines conspire to create a compelling drama that is likely to enhance Rhimes’s reputation for television excellence. In a Primetime line-up that often fails to produce any meaningful roles for minorities, it is worth noting that ABC has bet the farm on a cast with 2 African Americans, two Hispanics and two (technically three) women! But Scandal isn’t depending on ethnic or gender solidarity for its audience. It is a genuinely compelling, slickly produced and well funded production. Time will tell if viewers consider Scandal, Worthy of their time!

Who Is Mia Love?


Utah's next Congresswoman, possibly.


Mia Love is exciting the world of politics. As a political figure, Love defies multiple demographic expectations. She is a staunch Republican, running for Congress as her party stands accused of declaring a “war on women” and contraception. She is a stunningly successful but demonstrably traditional, wife, mother, and dynamic leader. As a two term City Council-woman and now Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah’s rapidly growing boon town, she is not a political neophyte. But she is running for congress against an established political powerhouse yet by all indications she seems to be holding her own. Love made national news when she filed to run for congress because her victory in this race would make Love the first African American Female ever elected to Congress in the GOP. The potential for that distinction, along with her record of managing one of Utah’s most successful cities earned her an endorsement from ShePAC, a fundraising org, that formed after the GOP was accused of adopting policies that could harm women. As the daughter of Haitian immigrants, Love isn’t typical of the GOP’s voter base. However, Mia Love is one of a small but growing number of African Americans that seem to be bucking traditional political ties with the Democratic Party. As a candidate for congress, Mia Love’s message has been largely positive. She has emphasized her love of country and freedom and the need to rein in government expansion. Mia Love might be unconventional demographically for the GOP, but she is a staunch, unapologetic and doctrinaire conservative. She is also a fierce critic of President Obama. She has pitched herself as a candidate that can go where more traditional candidates cannot, expressing ideas that they may be unable or unwilling to profess. She has sold her candidacy by assuring voters that she will “Stand Up and Stand Out”; and that she will “Cut Through The Clutter and Change the Culture of Entitlement”. In a party that is often charged with being anti-woman, anti-black and anti-minority, Love challenges many of the  presumptions about “who” the republican party represents. Love has the cosmetics of a very traditional wife and mother. She emphasizes her role as a mother and wife. She teaches aerobics classes-a fact her campaign has emphasized by organizing a 5K charity run as a campaign event. Yet despite her emphasis on traditional familial roles and her penchant for values that can be described as vintage Americana, she is clearly ambitious, active and independent. But not everyone is in love with Mia. Some are questioning the sincerity of her conservatism. They suggest that, in the past Love has embraced tax hikes and deficit spending in order to transform her town, Saratoga Springs into a boon town. Some more traditional African Americans might also take issue with her unrelenting criticism of President Obama and her disdain for the Congressional Black Caucus. Regardless of the caveats, Mia Love is someone to watch.

Drake, Nas and Young Jeezy Featured on Nicki Minaj’s Latest Record ‘Champion’


Nicki Minaj fans will be excited to know that another sneak peek to Nicki’s upcoming sophomore album, Roman Reloaded  has been released. The latest single features Nas, Young Jeezy and Drake and is arguably one of the most highly anticipated records on the album. Have a listen to the track and let us know what you think before the album drops April 3rd.

Click here to listen

Lilo By Matiko


Solestruck has done it again. Their mantra of “Riding the world of ugly shoes one pair at a time,” has ushered in the perfect summer. Perforated holes make Lilo the perfect light and airy shoe for the summer. With 1’2″ heel and leather upper lining this chic number was made for comfort and style. It is definitely going on our  list of must-have items. 114 USD.




The Men Behind INKDLIFE Clothing


Interview by: Pasha Gray

INKDLIFE Clothing was started in 2010 out of Brooklyn, New York. The brand was created by founders TAT and SWAGG, two heavily tattooed individuals raised out of Brooklyn NY. The inspiration behind the brand was created by their sole love for tattoos. INKDLIFE clothing started with one T-Shirt that stated “Ink or Die,” this T-Shirt was revealed at the 2011 Urban Ink convention in NY and the response was BIG. INKDLIFE clothing is inspired by  the tattoo lifestyle with slogans such as “Ink My Whole Body”, “Scarred For Life”, and “Fly Ink” just to name a few. The unique thing about INKDLIFE clothing is our CUSTOMERS CAN RELATE TO OUR BRAND. Our slogan is simple “INKDLIFE Clothing where Fashion and Ink collide.” “It’s not just a brand it’s a Lifestyle.”


Tell me about INKDLIFE clothing.

 Swagg: INKDLIFE clothing is a brand that was inspired by the tattoo lifestyle that we both live.

  How did INKDLIFE clothing come about?

Tat: It’s simple Swagg and I have a found love for ink and fashion, so we just combined the two and created InkdLife clothing “Where fashion and Ink collide” “It’s not just a brand its a lifestyle”.

 I honestly never heard of anything clothing wise that catered to people with tattoos because for so long tattoos have been this forbidden thing “sinful” and now it’s becoming more acceptable but how will you overcome the adversity that still exists?

Tat: We will overcome the adversity that exist due to the fact that this INKDLIFE that we live is a worldwide thing, People have become more open minded when it comes to tattoos. You can find beautiful art work on doctors, cops, lawyers, and just your average everyday person.

I have to ask the annoying question how many tattoos do you both have?

Swagg: That’s funny that you ask us that because we really don’t know, we both started getting ink at a young age. To be honest we both could have at least $40,000 worth of ink combined. Yeah we live this INKDLIFE for real.

 What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

Tat: The first clothing was a T-shirt that stated “Ink or Die” which we showcased at the Urban Ink convention and the response was big.

What is the general process you go through to design a piece?

Swagg: Really we just try to be very creative and different.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

Swagg: We get our design inspiration from the current tattoo slang’s that are used now such as “ink my whole body”, “fly ink”, “kiss my ink” etc.

What kind of looks are you creating to cater to the ladies and of course the fellas?

Swagg: We are going for a real sexy look for the females, Tattoos on a female canvas is a very sexy thing. So we would like our brand to make our ladies feel sexy when they are wearing our garments. For our fellas, we are going for that clean look. Nice fitted garments still on the sexy side, all original pieces.

What matters to you the most as a designer?

Swagg: What matters to us the most is being different, we are in a lane of our own. Our line is nothing like what’s out there rite now.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Tat: This is a hard one. Our fashion sense is so broad is hard to just name a few.

What does fashion mean to you?

Tat & Swagg: Fashion means creativity and self- expression

Where do you see INKDLIFE clothing in 5 years?

Tat: Hopefully worldwide in some major stores such as Macys, Saks 5th, etc that would be a dream come true for us.

Where can the readers find your clothing line at?

Tat: The readers can find our line at


Does The World Need A Superman?



Tim Tebow (Superman) is OUT, as the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. After selling millions of dollars worth of jerseys, tickets and air time for the football franchise, the Broncos, sent the faithful quarterback packing! After, rescuing the Broncos from obscurity and bringing countless new fans into the Broncos fold, they dismissed the fan favorite after signing Peyton Manning. The trade set off explosions in the sports world and for most of the day, sports fans were confused and disoriented by contradictory rumors. After the dust settled, Tim Tebow found himself in a New York Jets uniform. The trade has a roster of quarterbacks in the throws of a dramatic football Soap Opera. Tim Tebow is cast as the wholesome good guy, while the current team starter is the wild and crazy, bad boy with a penitent for fast women and the fast life. Sanchez is also rumored to have a serious streak of jealousy. Sanchez is known to be territorial, about his role as a starter. He does not enjoy sharing snaps and practice time with his current back up Drew Stanton. And Stanton is now rumored to want out of the Jets franchise, in fear that his role as backup is in peril. According to ESPN, he has bluntly asked to be traded.


Tebow, is one of the most famous athletes in America. He has mysteriously also become one of the most controversial. In a sport with famous athletes that have publicly engaged in drug use, domestic violence, rape and brawls, Tim Tebow has garnered more negative attention for his public displays of faith, than any of those players. His tendency to “take a knee” in prayer, on the field and thank god for touchdown plays has roused more anger from some fans then the felonious behaviors of his fellow players. He is known for the time he spends with sick children. It seems strange, in a popular culture that often lacks good role models for our youth, that a sport, played by millions of children, would turn its nose up, at a player that (at the very least attempts to) stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. The cheese and irony aside, it seems strange that a player finds it difficult to obtain a job, due in part to being too positive.

But, there are legitimate business concerns associated with selecting Tebow. He is not considered to be a particularly skilled QB. His success has been described as miraculous and inexplicable. His throws are wobbly; his passes are often slow. He has a relatively weak arm for a pro-athlete. But then again, the same criticisms have dogged Tebow, since high-school. He has since won the Heisman, college championships, and stunning wins at the pro-level. His achievements are a mixed blessing for teams. Some have described him as a quarterback you can hire, but not fire. Tebow is a hero and fan favorite. When TEBOW-MANIA takes over a franchise, his avid fans could demand to see their superhero on the field. If the post didn’t work out, as a result of personalities, or play style, teams could feel pressured to retain the QB despite the poor fit. These concerns are rumored to be behind the failure of two Florida teams, to hire the homeless QB (the Miami Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars). Both teams were in the market for quarterbacks. Despite the potential profit windfall both teams passed on the prayerful player.


Newsworthy or Not: Black actors in Hunger Games cause uproar


It should not come as a surprise that the film Hunger Games racked in $155 million dollars over the weekend. What has come as a slight surprise is the uproar that seemed to take place over the film’s choice to cast black actors in key roles of the film. Loyal readers took to Twitter to express their sentiments about the film. While the opinions of others can be respected and even appreciated when a character does not appear  in a film as the reader imagined , the tweets became alarming when a member of tweeted suggested that the death of a character favorite named Rue somehow lost value because the actress playing her is white.

Should this even matter? We see characters change all the time when a book comes to film. The interesting thing to consider is that the book Hunger Games is written by a woman and features a solid female lead. When considering those details, it becomes interesting that readers of such a groundbreaking book could be so archaic and naive in their beliefs about race as it pertains to film.

The debate is continuing to grow as other social network users argue such tweets and ignorance should not merit media coverage. What do you say? Is this development newsworthy?

Your Hired! Now give us your password!!


As the nation’s economy continues to mend, employers are beginning to ad workers to their payrolls. The Great Recession began in 2007; for some the malaise over America has lasted five years. It is no longer uncommon to find hardworking, well educated workers that have been out of market for greater than two years. Sensing the desperation of millions of Americans, some employers are demanding unprecedented concessions of privacy from employees. An increasing number of employers are demanding that potential employees hand over the password to their Facebook accounts. Employees, desperate for income, often feel that they have no choice but to relinquish control of their personal social media accounts. And this trend seems to be growing as employers are anxious to protect their brands from the inappropriate, off-clock shenanigans of employees. Some employees are even reporting interviewers that demand to be signed into social media accounts, during the interview process. While it is understandable that employers would want to be sure that they were hiring sober and responsible individuals, the tactic of raiding the photo albums, time line and record of status updates, for new hires is raising concerns. Some are asking, if we really want to enter a world in which, off duty hours and activity can be monitored by employers. In a political climate in which we are constantly reminded of the threat of government intrusion, it seems ironic that we find ourselves confronting a prospect that is worse than BIG BROTHER! The evolution of these trends forces us to ponder if the job application of the future, will have a space requiring potential hires to disclose twitter, Facebook, and google+ passwords and handles.

This leaves us wondering if YOU, Worthy Readers, would hand over access to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumbler accounts, in order to land a job?

Letters From Birmingham


Everyone’s favorite American Idol Winner-Ruben Studdard is set to release his fifth album! The Album is titled, Letters From Birmingham. The recently divorced balladeer had fresh and raw emotions to share on his new album and the 13 track CD is filled with his emotional memories. While the album can’t be called a cathartic release it is powerful and fans should be pleased. Release date is set for March 13th 2012!

Check for the incredible first single and video “June 28th” as Ruben delivers his true to life soul story!