Who can conquer the Apple Watch? Pebble, Sony, Microsoft, Casio, and Tag Heuer all have new editions planned or recent editions released as responses to the Apple Watch. But there is one company that could make a truly compelling competitor to the Apple Watch. The company best positioned for combat with Apple is AMAZON! The online-store has released a failed smartphone which may have tainted it’s appetite for the mobile space but the company has also released an incredible new offering that is getting rave reviews from the only people that really matter: it’ USERS!
The Amazon Echo is essentially a bluetooth speaker that is tied to a smart-virtual assistant. Think Siri-for your house. You can ask it questions, order it to compile lists, ask it to read the news- etc. When it was announced, the world of tech journalists collectively chuckled! They laughed at Amazon’s echo as if the company spray-painted a pringles can and put it on the market. It was the products early adopters that proved how useful the echo could be. Now you can order echo to turn on your home’s lights and it seems poised to become the living embodiment of IRON MAN’s Jarvis!

Despite it’s potential, Echo has one limitation, the speaker is stationary. You must be in the same room as JARVIS (I mean Echo) to use it. You can’t use it in other rooms without carrying around a Remote Control that sinks with Echo (which is clearly not an elegant solution). There are no satellite speakers for use in other rooms and once you leave your house Echo doesn’t exist. But what if Amazon released a smartwatch with a simple app that allowed you to interface with JARVIS- (I mean Echo) in other rooms or even away from home. A Wifi-enabled smartwatch seems like an obvious solution. Rumors have suggested for a long-time that Amazon wanted to release a free iphone competitor or something close to free that could be offered with Prime Memberships. A Free phone was never realized but at less than a quarter of the size, and only $83.70 to make, the Apple Watch or hopefully AMAZON WATCH could be cheaper to manufacture and bundle with prime memberships than the FIRE TABLET (currently offered with Prime Memberships). Most importantly, Echo would go everywhere it’s users go, giving Amazon the kind of access you would need to a user’s life to build the world’s first truly brilliant- smart assistant (JARVIS).


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Concept For Samsung's New Gear A Smartwatch

Concept For Samsung’s New Gear A Smartwatch

The Tech World is anticipating the release of Samsung’s latest smartwatch at the company’s upcoming event-Samsung Unpacked on August 15th. Thus far, Samsung has released a confused offering of 6 different iterations for it’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch line. The next version of the watch has been code-named The Orbis because the device will be round and Samsung is betting that “Roundness” will be the killer feature that drives customers to buy into the smartwatch category. There are however, many other features that would be more compelling than the shape of the device.

If Samsung wants to catch-up to the Apple Watch it should at least match the functionality of the Apple Watch which despite being marketed as a fitness device is a remote control for smart devices.

Samsung is a uniquely integrated company that produces products in every category ranging from Televisions, Refrigerators, and Computers to Coffee Makers. Whereas Apple and other smartwatch makers must rely on third parties to develop apps that link smart devices to their respective watches, Samsung can create the smart-home ecosystem internally. If Samsung wants to blow the competition away–it should (but probably won’t) demonstrate a watch that not only serves up notifications and masters mobile payments but also activates the coffee machine downstairs, unlocks doors, turns the lights on and off, streams footage from home security cameras, hosts a truly smart assistant and flaunts an “always on” display that perpetually shows the time. Whereas Apple has had a slow roll out of these features, leaving consumers to stumble upon them and piece them together, Samsung can release them all at once as an integrated whole.

Rumors have suggested that Samsung will offer three versions of the device. If this is true those versions should center around offering consumers a wifi/bluetooth version that extends the functionality of their smartphones (which should not be limited to Samsung Phones) and a standalone version that serves as an independent cell phone with it’s own cellular connection. Some consumers, like myself would relish ditching the 5.5 inch phablets in our pockets.

Sleek Edges could extend battery life and ad style to the smartwatch

Sleek Edges could extend battery life and ad style to the smartwatch

Lastly, the design of all smartwatches, including Apple’s watch has truly been lacking. Samsung could leapfrog the competition with a great design. The rumors about The Orbis have suggested that Samsung is duplicating Apple’s “Digital Crown” by creating a rotating bezel that will allow users to navigate the device’s operating system. A superior design, served up by the internet via enthusiastic fans extends the company’s Edge-concept to the Smartwatch. The result is a sleek and unique device that could boost battery life by displaying time and notifications on the side of the device without draining battery life to power the entire screen. This would answer a primary complaint of Apple Watch users.

Most of what we have suggested probably won’t be offered by Samsung. The company is unwisely banking on “Round” as a killer feature when functionality should be their focus. Smartwatches remain a tough sell for consumers. Smartwatches are not a “NEED” and changing the shape of the device will not persuade consumers otherwise. Samsung has yet another chance to get it right…….but they probably won’t!

The APPLE WATCH Explained



Yesterday, in the city of Cupertino California, Apple demoed it’s latest creation- The Apple Watch but it has left many in the tech world a bit confused.

The watch tethers to iPhones (5S,5C, 6 and 6 plus) to receive calls and messages, serve as a digital wallet (goodbye cash), play music, and monitor heart, pulse and steps taken through an elegant circular array of light-based sensors.

The new Apple Watch is segmented into bourgeois classes of affordability, from the low end stainless steel baseline of $349 to an ultra-lux high end- 18 karat gold option. The Apple Watch, Apple Sport and Apple Edition represent separate collections and all have their own families of interchangeable gorgeous bands for an unparalleled degree of customization.


Despite it’s premium design, many of the critics are skeptical about the device. How is it better than Apple’s smart-watch competitors? What does it do? Is Apple really charging $349 for a gimmicky device that simply displays notifications from your phone? Apple did answer these questions but they concealed the answers in developer-jargon for those that needed to know.


Tim Cook noted, that he uses his watch to control his Apple TV. Their software engineer pointed out that a development company is working on an app that controls smart locks, smart lighting systems and thermostats for the home with the watch. Cook and Co. meandered slowly through a garden of distractions obscuring the devices most important feature— it’s App Store!

The release of the watch’s SDK- software development kit means that “W” hotels worldwide will use the Apple Watch as a room key. Other hotels will follow suit.


If we just consider Apple’s -already done deals- we begin to see the watch’s potential. The next time you go to McDonalds, Starbucks, Whole Foods, A Restaurant through an Open Table reservation, or take a flight- your watch will be used to pay and guide the experience. Your bill for most services will likely be paid with Apple Pay (a service that manages your credit cards and cashless payments).

Tim Cook may have buried the lead but he made the potential of the watch as a control platform for other devices perfectly clear for those that know the parseltongue of developers. The Apple Watch is the perfect universal remote.

Tim Cook’s most important point was to note that the watch does so much, they didn’t have time to go over it all at the event.

So why not boast? Why not demo all of your tricks? Its because while the Apple Watch will be revolutionary it isn’t light years ahead of it’s competition. The Apple Watch won’t be ready until 2015 and Android Wear is just one software update away – and a few key partnerships behind- catching