Celestine Rae Discusses Balancing Romantic Roles With Her Romantic Life


Photo Credit: Christine Jean Chambers

The voice that greets me when I answer my phone is peacefully melodic. She literally sings her greetings as she mentions her upcoming audition that she woke up running lines for. It’s an inviting tone that she maintains throughout the entire interview that makes it easy for me to ask questions that I am usually afraid to ask most talent that I interview. 

On the cusp of the release, October 4th, of her latest role in  “A Brother’s Honor,”  Celestine Rae speaks of her character “Shana Bradford” with an infatuation that most actresses exude after literally transforming into their character for a little while.  

“I love Shana. She is a quick-witted woman. I love that she is so willing to say what is on her mind.”

 The romantic film, which is based on Brenda Jackson’s romantic novel will be available on Passionflix which is a streaming platform that is turning your favorite romantic novels into movies and series. It will be the first POC lead romantic film for Passionflix. We will see “Shana” stepping in to save a struggling family business that is also dealing with the potential loss of their beloved grandfather. In her role as a focused business savy woman, love still seems to blossom in the midst of business and tragedy. Discussing her latest role offered the most natural opening to a question that I think most people find themselves wondering when watching romantic films that feature our favorite actors who are usually married or involved with someone. How do actors balance their romantic roles with their romantic personal lives?

“That’s a great question,” Celestine said before quietly giggling.  “I think it’s about balance. Make sure you get back to reality quick and spend time with your significant other. You also need to make sure you have a romantic partner who understands your profession. But I am grateful that I have never had any issues with that.” 

Take a look at the trailer for Celestine’s upcoming role. There will be more to read about the actress in our upcoming issue of Worthy Magazine. 





Restaurants with a View: Bo’s Beach and Shooters


By: Aurora Dominguez

Worthy Magazine recently had a chance to visit two Fort Lauderdale restaurants with a view. Below are our thoughts on them.

Bo’s Beach

Diners, rejoice! Fort Lauderdale Beach is now home to Bo’s Beach, a new two-story, casual restaurant and bar operated by former Miami Dolphins Player Kim Bokamper & PDKN Restaurant Group, of which Bokamper is one of four partners. Offering fresh local seafood, a signature wood-fired oven, refreshing cocktails and ocean-inspired classics; Bo’s Beach boasts direct ocean views and tropical breezes. The restaurant features amazing cocktails…we had a frozen margarita and a mojito…as well as delicious oysters which you have to visit to try and amazing fish tacos and a waffle enveloped burger that is just as good for dinner as it would’ve been for breakfast. Make sure to check out this spot, where sea breezes, the service and the environment, as well as their pizza, make you fall in love.


Shooters Waterfront has launched a new menu and a new rose. Located at 3033 NE 32nd Ave., Shooters is known for its high quality, yet affordable cuisine and exquisite views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Start your dine with a Shooters Rosé, for $8 a glass and $30 a bottle. Sourced from Vranket Estates in the southern region of Camargue, France, and with a beautiful wooden pink color complemented by subtle notes of small red fruits, Shooters Rosé is perfect for moments of relaxed elegance. Shooters Rosé pairs well with the restaurant’s new food offerings, which include additions to the Raw Bar and Starters menu such as Guacamole and Taro Root Chips, creamy guacamole paired with taro root chips crisped to perfection, and Sautéed Prince Edwards Mussels, prepared with white wine, butter, garlic, shallots and crostini. New entrees include Grilled Lollipop Lamb Chops, tender lamb chops served with mint chimichurri pesto and goat cheese crumbles; Grilled Soy-Ginger Glazed Salmon, fresh salmon cooked in a warm soy, ginger glaze and served with saffron quinoa and kale ribbons; Roasted Bone-in Beef Short Rib, short rib cooked just right and served with creamy mashed potatoes and delicate heirloom carrots drizzled in a port wine demi-glace sauce. This adventure in dining will surely have you wanting to come back for seconds as you take in delicious bites with a view.

‘Generation S’ PSA Calls Everyone to Help Raise Awareness of the Impact of Sickle Cell Disease


(BPT) – Despite being one of the most common genetic disorders in the world, patients with sickle cell disease frequently live their lives in the shadows – their voices going unheard, their condition may often go undertreated or ignored. A new public service announcement (PSA) campaign featuring Grammy®-nominated singer, film and Broadway star, Jordin Sparks, and five people touched by the disease, invites the public to get involved and help patients through understanding and support.

Last year, Sparks helped launch “Generation S” – a national sickle cell disease storytelling project sponsored by Novartis that encourages people touched by the disease to break their silence about the true impact of sickle cell disease. Since then, more than 750 stories about experiencing life with sickle cell disease have been submitted to JoinGenS.com.

Although sickle cell disease affects roughly 100,000 Americans, it has gone unseen by many. The general public may not understand the impact and burden of sickle cell disease. The stigma associated with the disease has left many patients under-treated and lost in the health care system.

Despite their challenges, the PSA highlights the resiliency of people touched by sickle cell disease, who are fighting the disease and starting foundations in honor of family members.

Here are some ways to join Jordin Sparks and the storytellers to help educate those who may interact with people living with sickle cell disease at work or in their personal lives:

Stay informed – What is sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder that affects the shape of red blood cells and makes blood cells stickier than usual. This can cause blockages in blood vessels and when the blood flow slows or gets blocked, there can be more health risks over time, like organ damage and organ failure and other long-term health complications.

It also can impact family and friends of those carrying the disease in profound ways. While one patient describes her condition as feeling like “shattered glass moving through my veins,” others share stories of watching loved ones struggle for years without being able to ease their suffering.

Communicate and interact

By sharing the PSA, you can help the public understand the burden and impact of the condition and the real life stories of those living with sickle cell disease.

The PSA is supported by Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), Sickle Cell 101, Sick Cells, the Sickle Cell Community Consortium (SCCC) and Bold Lips for Sickle Cell – all partners to Novartis’s “Generation S.” Interact with the community and view additional stories featured in the “Generation S” mosaic on the JoinGenS.com website.

Share your story

For Jordin Sparks, sickle cell disease is personal. She lost her young stepsister to the disease in 2018.

“Many people still don’t know the impact sickle cell disease has on people living with it, and their families and friends,” Sparks said. “I hope this PSA will help change our mindset regarding sickle cell and I am proud to lend my voice to shine a light on these stories.”

To learn more and share your story, visit http://www.JoinGenS.com.