Silva Tcherassi Unveils Spring/Summer 2013 Collection



Ocean House hosted Silva Tcherassi’s poolside fashion show for her Spring/Summer 2013 collection. This collection makes use of fluid and light materials, which were created especially for Tcherassi by traditional Italian companies. The talented designer is said to have taken her cues for textures from Frida Khalo and drawn influence for her color selections from Fernando Botero, for her past collections. Frida is a personal favorite for us as well. We appreciate the artistry of Tcherassi’s work.


All photos courtesy of World Red Eye

The Hoxton An Urban Beach House Grand Opening

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The recipe for an epic evening is simple, according to the The Hoxton An Urban Beach House in the heart of Miami’s social scene. Signature cocktails, and uniquely crafted dishes offered up in a Hampton’s inspired metropolis fit in seamlessly with the pulse of Brickell. The grand opening provided a constant stream of live music, hors d’œuvres and cocktails. The mayor even made an appearance to the new hot spot. If the flavorful samples that were offered up during the evening are a reflection of the restuarant’s regular menu, we would love to have more.

Photographer for the evening: Joseph Adams

A Worthy Image: Shakira’s Virtual Baby Shower For UNICEF

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One of our favorite singers has released images of herself with her topless boyfriend, Gerad Pique accompanying her. According to recent reports, the images were released in conjunction with the couple’s “Virtual Baby Shower,” hosted by UNICEF.

The virtual shower is a new initiative allowing fans to donate to UNICEF by purchasing “Inspired Gifts” to help less-privileged children.

“Every expectant parent around the world shares all the same hopes and dreams for their children that we do,” Shakira said in a statement. “Yet many don’t share the same opportunities. Together we know we can change that.”

Photo from E! News Online

We love noble causes. What do you think of the image of Shakira’s growing belly?

The Fusion Issue

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Youtube sensation Ahmir covers the latest issue of Worthy Magazine. The Fusion Issue will be a combination of our music issue and health issue. This issue will have exclusive interviews with the creators of the online show “The Couple,” a health feature with emerging physical fitness authority Tissili Brandi, the increasingly popular electronic music group A Tribe Called Red, and  up- and-coming Miami based songstress Miss Joelle Ashley not to mention an amazing feature with the founder of an online vegan bakery, which is aptly called “The Vakery,” Que Brandon. Those will be just a few of the features that we will be in this upcoming issue. We can’t wait for you to check it out.

In Golden Globe News: Quentin Tarantino uses N-word Backstage

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Photo: Getty Images

The always controversial and equally appreciated, Quentin Tarantino caused quite a stir at the  Globes with his use of the N-word back stage to justify his choice to not soften his storytelling approach with his award-winning film “Django Unchained.”

According to both The Hollywood Reporter and E! Online, “Tarantino engaged the conversation by using the N-word, to the silence and awkward whistling of onlookers.”

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous, because no one can actually say with a straight face that we use the word more than it was used in 1858 in Mississippi. So since they can’t say that, what they’re basically [saying] is I should lie,” Tarantino said regarding the racially-charged language spoken in his award-winning film. “I should pretty it up. I should lie, and I don’t lie when it comes to my characters and the stories I tell.”


Rihanna covers Complex Magazine Seven Times

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Rihanna lives on the covers of magazines and we love her for it. The latest magazine to be graced with singers beauty and body is Complex magazine. They loved her look so much they put her on there seven times-in honor of her seventh album: “Unapologetic.”

When asked about how she’s handling her relationship with Chris Brown, RiRi tells the mag:

    “I held back before. I didn’t show a lot of myself. I was very guarded. I needed to be open and free and fearless. Basically say, ‘F**k it.’ What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll hate me? They’ve done that before.”

As for her current writing style, she adds:

    “I was tired of angry love songs. Love doesn’t always have to be about breakups, and ‘We’re never going to be together again.’ It could be sweet. It could be, ‘Hell yeah! We’re diamonds!’”


We must admit that we are loving the album. “Pour it up”  may be our favorite track and “Numb” is the perfect fashion show song. We anticipate hearing it at some of the highly anticipated fashion shows down in our neck of the woods, Miami.

Beyonce: “Life is But A Dream” HBO Documentary

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For a while, we were beginning to think that it was just us, but Beyonce’s documentary has confirmed our suspicions that the songstress and actress has carefully mastered the art of sharing just enough to keep us asking for more. A newly-released teaser for Beyonce’s self-directed documentary showed us that entertainer does struggle with the inner debate of how much to reveal about herself. However in this highly anticipated documentary, Beyonce seems to let the world in-in a vulnerable manner. Check out the teaser and let us know what you think. We will be watching. Do you plan on watching?