Dwayne Wade’s stylist shares secrets to her success


Barnett for a style panel

The editor-in-chief of Worthy magazine had the opportunity to sit down and interview the woman responsible for the style behind the man who is known as Miami royalty.


Calyann Barnett is the stylist who single-handedly elevated Dwayne Wade’s style. However there is more to Barnett than Dwayne Wade.

Barnett’s work can be seen on the cover of B.O.B latest album as well. The stylist has worked with countless stars, creating her own galaxy of style. Barnett has worked with everyone from Michael Vick, Shaggy, Tyrese and Keyshia Cole. Her resume of work even branches all the way out to coveted magazine editorial spreads.

 The winning equation

“It all comes down to integrity You must always consider what your client wants but stay true to your style as well,” Barnett said. “What has contributed to my success is doing what feels real to me. I am always myself.”

Barnett describes her style as being a reflection of her culture and surroundings.

“I draw inspiration from my surroundings: New York, Miami, Los Angeles as well as caribbean colors and textures,” Barnett said. “I would describe my style as very eclectic, kind of all over the place- an effortless mess.”

There is no denying that Barnett’s groundbreaking work with Dwayne Wade has catapulted the stylist’s name into the limelight and resulted in a new outlook on athlete’s style.

“Designer’s are realizing how involved athletes are becoming in fashion,” Barnett said. “They are changing their silhouettes and patterns to consider them. You are seeing a lot more tailored suits and longer sleeves.”

While the stylistic pairing of Wade and Barnett seems like a match made in heaven, it is a rapport that was not easily earned.

“He was a little stand-offish at first,” Barnett said. “But he started trusting my opinion and now he even puts in his own suggestions.”

In the end the formula for success is simple. According to Barnett, it’s all about staying true to one’s self and and knowing when to be persistent.

“I push a lot. He (Wade) knows if I push, it’s because I believe in it.”

-Ju’lia Samuels


Original article by Ju’lia Samuels for The Miami Times

Selective trends: Are some things off limits?

























In a recent post from Fashion Bomb Daily, an interesting concept came up in the comments portion of the post, are there just some fashion statements that are off limits to certain ethnic groups?

Dolce and Gabbana recently presented a flawless collection at New York Fashion week filled with patterns and textures that dreams are made of.

The area of concern however, is centered around the earrings that were also in the show but seemingly went unnoticed.

Interestingly, the earrings once given the second glance, provided that one can get past the immediate assumption the accessory appears to be mammy inspired do not seem to look offensive.

Comments on the Fashion Bomb Daily actually stated that the earrings had they been in another location, or a local store perhaps, would’ve been sure purchase.

The issue then became are the earrings simply offensive because they are being worn by a model who is not Black? So the question is slowly coming to the forefront of discussion, are some things just off limits to certain ethnic groups? Is one thing more acceptable than the other, depending on your ethnic background?

Grand Opening Welcomes High-End European Salon Ton Vangard


Tön Vangard celebrated the Grand Opening of its

South Florida location, a stylish new venue that will offer clients high-end hair styling, body esthetic services, artistic ink and a beverage bar all under one roof, on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, from to 9 p.m.

Guests enjoyed a sneak peek at the salon’s classic 70s-inspired atmosphere while indulging in light bites, Sweet & Tipsy alcohol-infused cupcakes and 42 BELOW Vodka cocktails. The evening also included an art exposition with artist Vitaly Rusakov from the Montresso Foundation of Marrakech, Morocco. The featured “Marilyn Monroe / JFK / Ché Guevara” collection combined political satire with the Pop Art.

Tön Vangard is a high-end salon, incorporating [Hair] [Ink] [Body] and [Drink] in a format that offers the most talented stylists, spa estheticians and body artists under one roof. The Tön Vangard goal is to create an edgy, alternative atmosphere with an exceptional collection of art and profoundly modern interior spaces that allow the client to feel like a rock star or celebrity. The menu of services starts at $20. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. For additional information, please visit www.tonvangard.com.

 A refreshing venture

The emergence of a salon like Vangard is a concept that can be welcomed with open arms.  After a quick chat with one of the salon owners, Anthony Lordi, during the opening night, it became clear that the salon’s sole desire is to create an atmosphere that cultivates creativity and produces quality results for its clients every time. Lordi promised that every trip to his salon would be packed with rhythmic music that bounces off the walls, vibrant and hypnotic artwork and genuine hair care treatments.  Ton Vangard will certainly be a place South Florida residents can go to let their hair down, relax and have some fun.

Conde Nast Names First-Ever Black Editor-in-Chief, Keija Minor

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According to recent reports, Condé Nast has named it’s first editor-in-chief for one its publications in its 103-year-old history. Some are calling the move for the former Uptown magazine editor a step in the right direction and inspiring given the industry’s often racially divided disposition. What are your thoughts about Minor’s move up at Brides magazine?



Worthy magazine interviews SAV

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SAV, a new Atlanta hip-hop artist, who released his debut mixtape, DROP DEAD, on August 8th 2012.

The originality of his lyrics is punctuated by intelligently interlacedhistorical references to pieces including Harlem Renaissance poet, LangstonHughes’ “A Dream Deferred”, which SAV refers to in his song “Cats and Hounds.” Similar to poetry, SAV’s music alludes to a bigger picture than the words actually represent.

“He’s a wordsmith with the ability to accurately capture the emotion of an instrumental at a level of lyrical prowess that few can exhibit,” said The GM, who produced SAV’s track“Up in the Sky.”

The up-and-coming artist describes his music in two simple words, “It’s dope.” He continues, “My music has a lot of value to it,” which listeners will find evident when they press the play button on the mixtape’s first track “The Adoration.” SAV draws some of his musical inspiration from André 3000, who he deems to be his favorite rapper.

SAV has made an effort to ensure a perfect release ofDROP DEAD, which took two years to produce. In conjunction, SAV will release the music video for “Confu-Zang Wu-Tang” which was filmed in Chinatown, New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

“SAV works to make good songs. He refuses to abuse a hot beat by throwing a bunch of random unfocused bars on it with a catchy hook; as a southern gentleman, it’s not in his nature,” said The GM.

G-Dragon Ambush 2012 “Screw It” Collection

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Koreanpop star, G-Dragon, has collaborated with Tokyo-based jewelry brand Ambush to create a special series of accessories in celebration of the artist’s birthday and approaching album entitled “One of a Kind.” The collection will include a limited number  of 88 pieces which will consist of  pins, rings, hats, belts and necklaces. According to recent reports, only eight pieces will be made for the more elaborate and decorative hexagonal neck piece — a gesture that ties in with G-Dragon’s lucky number. Releasing will be at select AMBUSH locations. Thoughts? Worthy or not?