Jazz in the Gardens Food Preview.



Six of the most popular festival chefs from Jazz in the Gardens served up their greatest hits last week. More than 100 people were in attendance to sneak a peek at what Jazz in the Gardens has to offer this year. We are happy to report that on March 15 and 16, 50 festival chefs will be at Food Village for the 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens and if the preview that media insiders were provided is any indication of what is to come, we are sure you won’t be disappointed. This year’s food lineup rivals the stage performers: LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Trey Songz, Kelly Rowland, Mint Condition, Anthony Hamilton, Stanley Clarke, Rachelle Farrell and Boney James.


“There isn’t a better place to eat in South Florida than right here. It’s nice to be able to try a little bit of everything, I can’t decide what I like best. The BBQ is amazing, Chef Winston’s seafood rice is incredible, Keith Reed’s conch salad is the best I’ve ever had, the jerk chicken at the Kingston Delight is the best in South Florida, CuzN Tim’s seafood is super fresh and seriously, the Fruitzen Delite Italian ice is the best I’ve ever had,” said Melissa Dunn, Tamarac.

Reed & Sons Catering (Conch salad and seafood): Keith Reed, 305-391-3623
Kingston Delight (Jamaican Cuisine): Donovan Thompson, 305-975-0595
CuzN Tim’s Seafood Shack (Seafood): Tim Stewart, 754-246-9375
Catering Concepts & Concessions (Caribbean cuisine), Chef Winston Williams, 561-704-5217, http://www.cateringcc.com
Fruitzen Delite (Frozen Desserts), Michael Coley, 954-268-0774, http://www.fruitzendelite.com
Randy’s BBQ & Catering, Randy Mosley, 786-227-1388

For tickets and more information, visit http://www.jazzinthegardens.com.



L’OREAL Paris Presents New Cosmetic Products In Miami

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The Perez Art Museum served as the host for a night filled with cocktails, hors d’oeuvre, art and beauty. L’Oréal Paris unveiled an extensive new line of cosmetic products ranging from beauty, skin care and haircare as well. Recognizing the diversity that comprises the vibrant and beautiful city of Miami, L’Oréal Paris selected Gaby Espino to be the host for the evening.



Gaby Espino

Gaby Espino

Guests had the opportunity to mingle with some of Miami’s finest such as:

Candela Ferro, Host for Telemundo’s “Al Rojo Vivo”
Lily Estefan, Host for Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca”
Pamela Silva Conde, Co-anchor for Unvision’s “Primer Impacto”
Lourdes Stefan, Host for Univision’s “Sal y Pimienta”
Adriana de Moura
Alexia Echevarria
Amaris Jones
Carol Iacovelli
Carolina Arellano
Elizabeth Gutierrez (wife of William Levy)
Jenine Howard
Mark Strickland
Perla Machaen
Tomi Rose
Yolanda Berkowitz

Candela Ferro, Marysol Patton,  Lily Estefan, Gaby Espino, Alexia Echevarria, Elizabeth-1

Candela Ferro, Marysol Patton, Lily Estefan, Gaby Espino, Alexia Echevarria, Elizabeth

Alen Hamdan, Lili Estefan, & Alexia Echevarria-1

Alen Hamdan, Lili Estefan, & Alexia Echevarria

The beauty department was supplied with samples of the new products and will be writing a review of the products keep an eye out. For candid shots of the evening, make sure you are following Worthy Magazine on Instagram and Facebook.

Macy’s Celebrates Black Style For Black History Month

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IMG_4850The crowd that occupied the center of Macy’s Shopping Store in Aventura consisted of women and a few men of all ages. The DJ for the day alternated between sultry classics like Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit and John Legend. Lite bites, which were provided by Chef Irie, were passed around as guests lined up for a glass of white wine from Esterlina Vineyards (one of the few black-owned wineries in Northern California.) It was clear that the guests were at Macy’s for a unique celebration. The Senior Vice President of Diversity Strategies, Bill Hawthorne, explained that every year Macy’s makes an effort to uniquely celebrate Black History Month. This year, the department store decided to honor the  history of Black style and its present-day influence in the fashion world.

As everyone was seated,Local 10 News anchor Neki Mohan  introduced CEO of Ankra Miami Evelyn Onyejuruwa, singer and actress Demetria McKinney  and style expert Constance White to the audience. The collection of women discussed what Black style meant to them.


“It’s freedom,” Constance White said. “Freedom to accept yourself for who you are.”

The group of women discussed how the use of vibrant colors, intricate patterns and textures have been dominating the fashion industry for the past year and how the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


“African prints are a big trend,” Onyejuruwa said.

The panel of women applauded Macy’s department store for being one of the few stores that carries Black designers and emphasized the importance of exposure and awareness of Black Desginers.

“We need to celebrate our contributions to the fashion world,” Mckinney said. “But  a lot of the time we don’t always hear about them. A lot of people don’t know that a Black woman designed Jackie O’s wedding dress. Her name was Ann Lowe. Those are things that we need to know.”


By the conclusion of the event, which also included a fashion presentation in addition to a musical performance by McKinney, audience members walked away with a preview copy of Constance White’s new book, Constance White presents the Queens & Kings of Style, and McKinney’s new single Work With Me with a purchase of $50 or more.

Hawthorne shared his feelings about the event’s success with Worthy Magazine.

“I was very pleased with the turnout,” Hawthorne said. “It was our goal to discuss culture and to teach the audience something that they didn’t know already.”


This Is Not A Toy Exhibit Guest Curator Pharrell Williams

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Design Exchange (DX), Canada’s Design Museum, presented a series of firsts with its playful, unprecedented exhibition This Is Not A Toy, guest curated by music and fashion mogul Pharrell Williams. This is the first major original programming produced by DX and the first foray into museum curation for cultural connector,  Pharrell Williams. Not to mention that this is  the first time coveted artists, Brooklyn’s KAWS and Japan’s Takashi Murakami, have shown their work in a design museum. Dedicated to exploring the conceptual toy – a form made solely as an expression of an aesthetic or idea – as a fine art and design object, as well as a contemporary cultural signifier, This Is Not A Toy marks the first time these vibrant collectible sculptures, figures and paintings have collectively been on display in a museum setting.   Photography Credit: Arash Moallemi.

Lil Duval Talks Comedy and MTV 2

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Lil Duval, who is currently on his second season of his MTV 2 series, Ain’t That America, which dishes on the staples of American life by sharing viral videos accompanied by hilariously blunt and candid analysis by a celebrity panel, says that he is very grateful for the show’s success.

“It felt good to hear that the show was coming back for a second season,” the comedian told Worthy Magazine. “I enjoy hosting the show.”

For the witty and versatile comedian, the journey to success has always been a linear road paved with support from family members and inspiration.

“It’s always been a steady progression leading up to my success,” Duval said. “Since my first day on the stage, my family has always known that this (comedy) is what I should be doing and they have been very supportive.”

When discussing inspiration 

The best material, according to Duval, comes from real life.

“I get my inspiration from life in general.” Duval said. “I am an observer.”

The comedian also said that he is looking forward to continuing to make appearances on fellow MTV 2 shows, Guy Code and Guy Court.

New episodes of Ain’t That America air at 11 p.m. on Wednesday on MTV 2.

Lil Duval


Worthy Women Issue

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ang cover

The new issue of Worthy Magazine is posted and on our bookshelf. Readers will be able to order print copies at the end of the week. In the meantime, Happy Reading.

Feature Interviews- Beth Sobol, Alessandra Gold, Constance Jones, Lydia McLaughlin, Michelle DiMarco, Angela Simmons, Andre Soriano, Faith Marret and Lea Black.




Mama Joyce Sets The Record Straight About Alleged Master Plan

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This past Sunday on the The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans watched on as Mama Joyce fell from grace. An intricate plot twist made it appear as though there were no lines that Mama Joyce wouldn’t cross to keep her daughter, Kandi Burruss away from her fiancé, Todd Tucker.

Carmen, Kandi’s best friend and employee, informed Kandi that her mother was looking for help to set her fiancé up and was willing to pay for any photographic evidence of Todd’s alleged infidelity that followed the setup.

However, the accusations of a master plan to set Todd up are completely false, Mama Joyce tells Worthy Magazine. She also informed us that Kandi knew about her willingness to pay for pictures of Todd being unfaithful, despite her daughter’s tearful remarks on Sunday’s episode insisting that she never thought her mother would ‘do something like that.’

“I told Kandi that I would pay for pictures,” Mama Joyce said. “Kandi is the kind of person that if she doesn’t see pictures, she doesn’t believe it.”

Despite admitting that she was willing to pay for pictures, Mama Joyce insists that she was not orchestrating a setup followed by an incriminating photo op.

“I would never try to do something to hurt my daughter, I care about her and I want nothing but the best for her. That is all I have ever wanted.”

According to Mama Joyce, a mutual acquaintance, at the time, alleged that they had a consistent partying rapport with Todd and confirmed the ongoing rumors that Todd is intimate with other women.

“I told him that if he could get a picture of it while they were out, I would pay for that. But I am not trying to make Todd look bad. He does that on his own.”

There is one thing that Mama Joyce was adamant about being clear on.

“I don’t lie and I have never lied.”

While everything is still being played out for viewers, Mama Joyce informed us that she is on speaking terms with Kandi.

“She called me after the episode aired,” referring to this past Sunday.