Are You Over Forty and Perhaps feeling a little pessimistic about the prospect of maintaining your beauty? Jada Pinkett Smith wants you to know that it is very possible, to be over forty and still look delicious! On Saturday, the Better Half of Black  Hollywood’s Dynamic Duo, tweeted a picture of her own body, as proof of what is possible. In the picture Pinkett is emerging from the water of a sun-soaked beach. Her tanned frame is masterfully chiseled and reminds women of the importance of physical fitness. She attached the following message to her tweet: “To my Forty and over crew! Don’t believe the hype…we DO get better with age!”




The internet has been abuzz with the rumor that Ice Cube was producing a new “Friday” Movie. The Original is a cultural classic in the black community. “IT’S FRIDAY AND YOU AIN’T GOT ISH TO DO”-was the often repeated signature phrase of Chris Tucker-who moved from relative comedic obscurity to the “Kevin Hart” of his day, by playing the role of “SMOKEY”- the quintessentially lazy pothead.  The new sequel, for the classic will reunite the old cast to give fans the closure they have been clamoring for. Despite recent internet memes, this Rumor has been around since 2010, with very little tangible progress towards the promise of a new “Friday” Film. TODAY, We have actual confirmation that the film is indeed moving forward and that the film’s last holdout, Chris Tucker, has finally agreed to reprise his signature role as SMOKEY! The rest of the cast was onboard with the project in the early outset, Tucker however only recently acquiesced to Ice Cube’s overtures.

This Time The Internet Rumor’s were True!

(While This Could Have Been Reported Sooner, Our Editor’s Pesky Insistence on things like “Journalistic Standards” and “Confirmation” precluded WORTHY from reporting Rumors. YOU WILL THANK US, WHEN THE RUMOR’S ARE PROVEN FALSE IN OTHER STORIES)

Mercedes-Benz Swim Week 2013


When thinking about the finest in resort wear and swimsuits, the city of Miami almost instantly comes to mind. It seems as if Miami has become the perceived mecca for exotic bronzed-beauties and barely-there bikinis. However, the projected trend for next year’s bathing suits are taking flight with innovative ideas instead of leaving little to the imagination. This year’s peek into the future sprinkled the runway with vibrant, colorful neons and earth-toned odes to old glamor.

“I am seeing a lot of vintage one-piece cuts, high waisted cuts and halter tops and that really compliments pear-shaped women,” said model Jazzma Kendrick when discussing the upcoming swimsuit season.

The 22-year-old model made a splash at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim — held at the Raleigh Hotel. Vibrant colors were the stars of every show. Orange, turquoise and yellow were the show-stopping colors in practically every show. Kendrick says she feels these hues compliment women of color very well. Just three months ago the model signed with a modeling agency and appeared in three of the most notable designer’s fashion shows during the week. But her favorite gig, she says, was being featured in the Mercedes Benz Presents Vitamin A Show. Very few designers are selected to be a “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer. Amahlia Stevens for Vitamin A was the chosen designer for the year, which made Kendrick’s inclusion all the more impressive to the model.

“Vitamin A was my favorite line,” Kendrick said. “I absolutely loved the tropical colors and the suit designs were amazing. And being the finale girl in Red Carter was unreal.”

The designer made it a point to include several different stories of color in her anticipated show. Tropical oranges, greens and turquoise filled the runway- all were colors that the designer said she felt complimented any complexion.

“It was very important to me that colors of the suits complimented all complexions,” Stevens said. The designer said that she drew inspiration from a lot of the places that she had visited and that it took her quite some time to develop her line. However she was more than happy to rise to the honor of being this year’s “Mercedes-Benz Presents” designer.

“I was extremely honored when I found out,” the designer said. “But I knew I had a great story to tell.” The designer expressed her pleasure with the collection and explained how it was a labor of love. “This is my passion and I think it shows in the collection.”

Among the impressive designers was Vanessa Simmons. She designed a presentation of her new swim line Rose by Vanessa Jean. The collection offered something for women of all sizes, which was Simmons’ goal.

“I wanted to offer a variety of colors and styles,” Simmons said. “I wanted to make sure I caught all the different sizes that women come in and I am happy that people are liking it.”


Ju’lia Samuels



Original article by Ju’lia Samuels also available at The Miami Times 


ROMNEY DITCHES DOG WHISTLE: Fully Racist Attack On Obama


Mitt Romney is currently abroad touring the globe, in an attempt to enhance his stature as a Presidential hopeful. The trip mimics President Obama’s trip as a candidate. But when President Obama went to Europe, he conveyed our nation’s solidarity with Europe and the World. When Mitt Romney arrived in London, his team launched into a bigoted tirade against President Obama. Many have observed that in America, the right has hinted at racist themes and utilized “Dog Whistle” politics and coded language designed to convey racist themes without explicitly saying them. In Europe, Mr. Romney and his campaign have ditched the dog whistles and opted to appeal for European support, solely on the basis of his race. As soon as Team Romney touched down, they declared that “WE ARE A PART OF AN ANGLO-SAXON HERITAGE, AND HE (Romney) FEELS THAT THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP IS SPECIAL. THE WHITE HOUSE (President Obama) DOESN’T FULLY APPRECIATE THE SHARED HISTORY WE HAVE”.

The right has long suggested that President Obama doesn’t love America, as they love America. They have even said that he is foreign in his mindset and approach to governing. The “otherness” of President Obama has even been used to question his patriotism, and good will towards America. But the Right has stopped short of ever simply saying, he is not of “our” race. They have never explicitly declared, that Obama isn’t white-or that this fact precluded him from truly being American. But in his first address to Europe Romney has stated plainly that Obama isn’t an Anglo Saxon and that this fact prevents him from fully “Appreciating” the relationship America has with Europe.

It is worth noting that when asked by the “TELEGRAPH” about how policy toward Britain would change from Obama should Romney win the election, Romney’s team was unable to respond with a single significant difference. Mitt Romney has just made the entire basis of his appeal to Europe for his candidacy on the fact that he is white and President Obama is black.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Mr. Romney’s team is factually wrong. President Obama is in fact half-African American. The President’s family is in fact both English and Irish. Which makes the attack the Romney team launched both Racist and factually wrong.




They thought it was a part of the show; when the movie goers saw an armed gun man, wearing a gas mask-looking very much like the villain in the Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, it was not a publicity stunt. James Holden, a 24 year old, wielding gas cans and a shot gun, strolled down the isle of the Movie Premier of the Dark Knight Rises-shooting and killing, at Random. Atleast 12 people were killed, including a 3 month old toddler. The gunmen acted alone and police are currently investigating the shooters residence which is reportedly booby trapped with explosives.

Our Prayers go out to the victims and their families in Aurora, Colorado. Despite the fact that the optics of the gunman’s presentation are strikingly similar to the villain in the Dark Knight Rises, we cannot draw any connection or conclude that he was inspired by the film. We would however, like to encourage Worthy Readers, going to see the Dark Knight Rises, to be careful, alert and aware.

The President has declared a National Day of Mourning in remembrance of the tragedy.

AFRICAN HISTORY LOST FOREVER: Militants Destroy Historic Sites


One of Africa’s most celebrated historic sites is being destroyed by religious extremists in Mali, West Africa. Many consider Africa to have been a land devoid of history and literacy. This mythology was conjured by early colonialists, desperate to justify their abduction of Africans and their lands. Standing tall, in defiance of those lies, was the great African University near Timbuktu. Timbuktu once housed some of the largest book collections and libraries on earth. 2/3 of the entire world’s gold supply traversed the deserts of Africa and passed through Timbuktu. The Djinguereber Mosque, is built in a uniquely African style with Adobe. It has stood for nearly 700 years. At one time, 25,000 students at a time would study mathematics, religion, advanced astronomy, medicine, dentistry, poetry and rhetoric. It may seem difficult to believe but African Scholars were once revered for their intellect and the University at Timbuktu was a world wide hub of intellectual thought. And now, that incredible legacy, which defied french domination and colonialism is in the process of being destroyed by Militants in West Africa’s, Mali. The militants are angered by the long history of prominence of the Sufi sect of Islam-which is a unique, mystical form of islam that incorporates music, dancing and has always found a friendly reception among Africans that seemed uniquely attracted to the less restrictive and dogmatic form of islam. They have recently decided to literally bulldoze ancient shrines, tombs and mosques dedicated to Sufi Saints and ancient African royalty. The gun men, held tourists and the remaining residents at bay with gun fire as they destroyed what remains of Ancient Africa’s intellectual heritage.

Africa has experienced several phases of destruction to the ruins that prove its long history of grand empires and intellectual history. The last involved Egypt, which built the Aswan Dam, which flooded the rich archeological sites of Ancient Nubian Kush. Nubia was once one of the world’s largest empires. Fields of Nubian Built pyramids were destroyed and the descendants of Nubian culture were relocated as the flood waters washed over their homes.

If the militants succeed, the remnants of Africa’s most enduring, literate cultures will be obliterated from record.



The GOP has leveled a stunning array of attacks against the current President of the United States. Some of these attacks have bordered on racist. There was at first, the birther conspiracy; the idea that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Then there was the idea that the President was a secret Muslim. Despite all of the acrimony caused by these attacks, none of these arguments are as dangerous as a recent attack from the RNC-(Republican National Committee)- Chairman.

The RNC-Chairman Reince Priebus recently declared that Mitt Romney must be elected in order to “Save America”.”Our Way Of Life” is at stake, said the RNC Chairman. Now many may wonder why this attack is worse then the racially charged attacks of Rush Limbaugh or the unhinged accusations of Michelle Bachman. The answer is simple. Buried within this attack is an implicit call to violence. Priebus is not the first Republican to claim that America will not survive if Barack Obama is re-elected. The claim has become common place among republicans. Consider the implications of this charge, especially in the minds of voters that may not be entirely grounded (so to speak). If America is not going to survive if Obama is elected again, then what should be done-if he is re-elected?

The GOP has lost touch with a fundamental tenant of Democracy and life in America. As a rule, Your Political Party Must Lose-at times. And You Must Be Willing To Accept That Loss. You cannot or should not whip your supporters into such a frenzy that your followers cannot accept the loss. By suggesting that the entire American experiment will come to an end if Obama wins, he is raising the stakes on the election to such a degree, in the minds of his supporters, that-should they fail, his supporters will be unable to accept their defeat. When we consider the considerable GOP efforts to portray Obama as foreign and intrinsically un-American, we can see that they have dehumanized and delegitimized the President; making the prospect of violence even more probable. When these disturbing seeds finally bare fruit, we will see that the GOP’s most dangerous attack on the President, will have disturbing consequences for our nation.



Baby Blue Ivy hasn’t truly been seen since her birth photos were released. Most of the paparazzi have been greeted by a variety of full length blankets, draping the child when ever Baby Blue has been seen in public. But now photos have surfaced that are purported to be the young toddler. If you haven’t seen the growing Baby Blue, enjoy!



Mitt Romney’s candidacy for President has suffered significant blows this week as the Obama administration continued to press the Romney camp for disclosures of the candidates Taxes. The requests have dogged the Romney campaign, leading some to conclude that he was hiding his taxes out of fear that they might reveal unflattering information concerning his substantial wealth. Some have suggested that, in light of Romney’s current astonishingly low, 15% tax rate, that there may have been years in which Romney paid, absolutely no taxes.  Yesterday his campaign lashed out with a series of race based attacks on his opponent, President Obama. Early in the day, John Sununu, one of Mitt Romney’s surrogates, blasted the President for his past drug use. He even declared that he wished the President, “Would learn how to be an American”. The attacks were based on a line of attack developed by Rush Limbaugh. Romney himself, got in on the action by suggesting that the President’s administration bore a striking resemblance to the governments of foreign nations. Romney declared, “The course we’re on right now is foreign to us. It changes America”. 

The attacks build upon a steady theme of birtherism in the Republican Party and a basic mistrust of the President. Romney has shown no desire to distance himself from the King Of Birtherism, Donald Trump. He has recently held fund raisers with “The Donald” and effectively wrapped himself in the full embrace of those that are advocates of the theory. Obama, as a foreigner- or Obama-at minimum foreign in his mindset and approach to governance- has been the basis of many republican attacks. It is unlikely that there will be a Sista Soulja moment for Mitt Romney, in which he chastises his own supporters for these attacks. Mitt Romney has effectively sanctioned these attacks, by participating in them.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: And Receives Awful Reviews


Are you looking forward to seeing the Dark Knight Rises? Critics would like to throw cold water on your enthusiasm. The Dark Knight, they uniformly declare, is awful! They are doing all they can to halt the tide of movie goers lining up to see the film. The Dark Knight Rises, they argue, is an over worked piece of campy trash!

The Chicago Tribune warns fans of the previous, Heath Ledger driven film, “nothing in the new film, , meets or exceeds the crises of  The Dark Knight“. “What worked beautifully in “The Dark Knight” seems overworked and almost ridiculously grim in “The Dark Knight Rises”. Ultimately, they conclude that “The Dark Knight Rises,” makes “The Dark Knight” look like “Dora the Explorer” and is more of a 164-minute anxiety disorder than a movie”.

What we have noticed about the reviews of the Dark Knight is that they all uniformly confess that the movie is not dull. Their objections seem to center on the notion that the film is ham handed; that the Dark Knight Rises is tasteless in it’s use of exciting elements like explosions and violence. They seem to be arguing that the movie is simply overdone!

These are the kinds of reviews that one might want to ignore. Sometime’s reviewers are a bit snooty. They have a need to pan, perfectly enjoyable films to prove that they have selective visual palettes. We have all had the experience of going to see a film that the critics have panned. You are left in a total state of confusion, as you find yourself thoroughly enjoying a film that “the authorities” have dissed. You might even start asking yourself if there is something wrong with your taste level. It is fair to say that there is a big difference between the  attributes that critics look for in the films that they like and the traits that average movie goers look for in evaluating films.

The Dark Knight Rises may not be great cinema. It may not be an enduring work of epic- art but-from the reviews we’ve read-it should be exciting and appeal to the tastes of most viewers!