American Horror Story Coming To Florida

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Another editorial favorite is FX’s American Horror Story. There is debate among the team as to which season was the best but what we can agree on is that it is between the second season and the third season. So imagine our excitement when the theme of the new season was revealed via Twitter and then imagine the extreme level of euphoria we experienced when the possibility that the new season might be coming to Florida.

For the readers who might be new to the magazine, or just not familiar, the magazine is based in South Florida.

According to EW, season four will be set in 1950s Jupiter with plenty of returning familiar faces. Jessica Lange will reprise her utterly-fabulous role as star, this time portraying a “German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.” At her side, a trusty gang signaling the continuation of Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy. Fan favorites Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare are also in talks to return.  Words can not express how reeked we are about Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett returning.


Pyrrha Game of Thrones Jewelry Collection

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As if we weren’t anxious enough about the approaching fourth season of Game of Thrones, recent reports confirm that there will now be a jewelry collection available inspired by the show and available on HBO stores. We are anxious are you?


The official Pyrrha for Game of Thrones collection launches April 4th and features unisex talisman necklaces and rings handcrafted from sterling silver and bronze. Each talisman features Pyrrha’’s unique interpretation of the sigils of the powerful houses of Westeros – Targaryen, Stark, Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister and Greyjoy. These wearable conversation pieces will allow devotees a fashionable way to incorporate their love of the show, and allegiance to their favorite house, into their daily lives.

The range will be available at the HBO Shop (, Pyrrha online ( and select Pyrrha retailers starting April 4th. Prices range from $98 – $900. (Talismans as shown retail for $226)

Zac Posen to Present Fall 2014 Collection at SHUZZ | ART | FASHION Show on March 22nd in Boca Raton

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shuzz-banner-960x50 copy

Zac Posen to Present Fall 2014 Collection at SHUZZ ART FASHION Show on March 22nd in Boca Raton, FL

When fashion and a worthy cause collide, we simply can’t hide our excitement. Philanthropists and fashion enthusiasts will be gathered together on March 22nd at the Signature Flight Support in Boca Raton to see Zac Posen’s Fall 2014 collection and to raise funds for The SHUZZ Fund, which is a non-profit organization that provides shoes to children in poverty-stricken areas. In the four years since its inception, SHUZZ Fund has donated tens of thousands of shoes to underprivileged children in the United States, Haiti, Japan, Guatemala, Nepal, Jamaica and Venezuela.

Now with their latest initiative to continue to raise funds for their noble cause,  The SHUZZ Fund has enlisted an all-star roster of sponsors.

“This event would not be possible without tremendous support from Zac Posen, Neiman Marcus and our long list of sponsors – including Celebrity Cruises, Mercedes-Benz, Signature Flight Support and many more,” said Rita Lombardo, Founder, SHUZZ Fund. “Myself, SHUZZ Event Chairs – Dr. Megan Jack, Sara Maynoldi and Luis Prieto, and the entire 2014 SHUZZ Committee are extremely proud of what the organization has been able to accomplish in its startup years and look forward to celebrating success while increasing our ability to continue making an impact during SHUZZ | ART | FASHION in March.”

With support from Neiman Marcus, the 2014 event is on track to raise more than $250,000, 100 percent of which will be given directly to relief efforts to donate shoes to children in impoverished communities internationally.

Tickets are currently available for General, Premium and VIP seating at the SHUZZ | ART | Fashion event and can be purchased by visiting Ticket prices range from $100 to $250 and seating is limited.
To get involved, please contact us:

Worthy Women Issue

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ang cover

The new issue of Worthy Magazine is posted and on our bookshelf. Readers will be able to order print copies at the end of the week. In the meantime, Happy Reading.

Feature Interviews- Beth Sobol, Alessandra Gold, Constance Jones, Lydia McLaughlin, Michelle DiMarco, Angela Simmons, Andre Soriano, Faith Marret and Lea Black.




A Worthy Toast to 2013


Egalite Bottle shot

We are just hours away from saying “farewell” to 2013 and” hello” to 2014. The staff is ready. We are toasting it up with Égalité a “worthy bubbly” with a wonderful cause.

The champagne promotes equality and gives back.

“Over the last year, tremendous gains have been made in the fight for LGBT equality in a number of areas,” said Darren Restivo, one of the principals of Biagio Cru & Estate Wines, the creator and importer of Égalité. “While we still have a long way to go, the holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate this progress and give back to the many charitable organizations that help LGBT youth conquer the challenges that remain.”

Overall, Égalité has contributed more than $20,000 (in product and direct donations) to LGBT nonprofit organizations since its January 2013 launch.

The name Égalité, which is French for “Equality,” is both a reflection of the wine’s origin and a celebration of Equality for the LGBT community in the United States and around the world. A Crémant from the Burgundy region of France, Égalité offers hints of peach and honey blossom on the palate, with a clean, dry finish found in only the finest Champagnes.

“Égalité is an exceptional, elegant wine perfect for special holiday celebrations with friends and family,” added Restivo.

Égalité is 45-percent Pinot Noir, 30-percent Chardonnay, 20-percent Gamay and 5-percent Aligote. It has a suggested retail price of about $23.99 for a 750-ml. bottle and is available nationwide at restaurants, fine retail stores and through

To find out more about Égalité, including store locations, visit, or connect with Égalité on Facebook and Twitter with #toastequality

Global Spin Awards

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Shawn Prez, Kendrick Lamar

GSA’s Founder, Shawn Prez and Kendrick Lamar

The second annual Global Spin Awards honored music’s elite DJs, promoters and industry executives, at the New York Times Center in midtown Manhattan and was hosted by MYV’s own Sway Calloway.

Sway and Mack Wilds

Sway and Mack Wilds

Kendrick Lamar, DMC, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Swizz Beatz, Marley Marl, and Kid Capri  came out to support the award show, the only DJ-focused event in the music industry.

Tahiry Elle Varner

Tahiry and Elle Varner

Other attendees included: Big Daddy Kane, DJ Premier, Elle Varner, Mack Wilds, DJ Prostyle, Maino, Tahiry, etc.

Photo credit:

Jamel Martin and VDot Photography


MIA Plus Kenzo Plus i-D Equals One Worthy Video

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MIA’s videos never disappoint. There is always a level of creativity that often merits watching the video more than once. MIA’S latest video (Y.A.L.A) is the ideal coalescence of all things cool. Always true to MIA form, the artist does the perfect job of killing you kindly with style without being a slave to fashion. Kenzo provides their signature eye for MIA’s garments and the brand’s signature video aesthetic of rapid imagery and vibrant colors are prominently displayed throughout the video.  The video debuted on i-D’s site today. The magazine’s YouTube page described the video as a:

“Rainbow rave explosions with glow-in-the-dark Matangi goddess Maya. Let’s dance unto infinity with Y.A.L.A… You Always Live Again!”

We must agree that we love the description and the video.

Watch and tell us your thoughts.


Our Opinion Lily Allen isn’t racist. You are.

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lily allen

Lily Allen. What can we say? We have just added Ms. Allen to our growing list of Worthy Women of The Year for producing perhaps the most epic social commentary of the year. In her recent video, “It’s Hard Out Here (For A Bitch)” Lily satirizes the Pop and Hip Hop World, particularly for it’s exploitative visual presentations of women. In the video, Lily is on an operating table, receiving lipo (and presumably implants) as her body is critiqued by a caudrey of elderly white executives. She tries to help them understand that she has had two children (like many women) and then the camera flashes to a music video of a multicultural (albeit largely African American) assembly women, scantily clad and dancing provocatively. This, presumably is where the accusations of racism begin. Lily satirizes the absurd, stripper inspired dance routines that have become a mainstay in Hip Hop videos by hilarious parody. She fingers her own crotch and dances through a graphic of balloons that spell out that “Lily Allen Has A Baggy Pussy”. Those critical of the video are largely complaining about the visual images of black women pouring champaign on themselves, smacking and giggling their own asses and licking falic symbols like bananas. Lily Allen, they argue is obviously a racist!


We have one simple point/question. If the images of black women pouring champaign on themselves, and giggling their asses are disturbing for these protectorates of the black community, we (at Worthy Magazine) must ask where in the hell have these folks been for the last two decades of hip hop.


We won’t be coy here. The images in hip hop and pop music are not just deleterious to the African American community, they are debilitating. They have undermined the self image of African American women and the level of respect they enjoy both in the black community and outside of the black community. The term objectification is barely adequate when we consider the linty of songs that discuss black women as having little value beyond the sexual. Our little girls are now expected to hold in esteem female rap icons that flaunt their buttock implants to create an expectation that isn’t just unrealistic, it’s unhealthy.


We don’t actually believe that any of Lily Allen’s critics would take issue with any of our points. Any thinking person observing hip hop/pop imagery has become increasingly concerned about an industry that seems wholly fallacious. When broke artists are compelled to make endless anthems about money they don’t have, cars their labels lease for them and cribs that are rented, the industry itself can be seen as perverse. When musicians allude to date rape, drugging groupies, running trains and discuss sexuality with lyrics that are at minimum tinged with sexual violence- as images that depict black women are whores have become normative – reasonable people can conclude that perhaps, we have gone a bit too far. Again, we don’t think any one of Lily’s critics would take issue with our points. They take issue with the fact that these points came from a white woman.


The image of black women on their knees, twerking their asses, surrounding a Bentley isn’t new in music. In fact it’s so repetitive that it is trite. Where have these critics been when this same image is used in virtually every video of note. “I pray my dick gets big as the Eiffel Tower, so I can Fuck the World For 72 hours. God Damn I Got Bitches, Damn I got Bitches, Damn I got Bitches, wifey-girl friends and mistresses” is chanted with the professional precision from one of Hip Hops best M.C.’s as a gorgeous black queen is instructed to pop her ass vigorously next to Kendrick Lamar’s head. We are certain that images like this disturbed Lily Allen’s critics, yet they are angrier at her for a parody of them then they are at the actual images that inspired the satire. And why they are suddenly aroused to anger, is the most offensive of all. Her status as a white human being somehow means that she is unfit, or unallowed to poke fun at, or slam, through social commentary the denigration of black women? But if NAS wants to declare Gwenneth Paltrow “a real nigga” the twitter verse wont be calling for his head.


The real racist in this affair are in fact Allen’s critics, who cannot simply agree with the entirely valid points of a creative and socially responsible artist, because they don’t like the color of the person making the point.


We like the Allen video! We like the way she shows the elderly white male executives that drive the business that pays young blacks pennies on the millions of dollars in sales. We like that she shows that behind the cameras directing pops most sexual videos are often elderly men ordering beautiful black and white women to dump champagne on themselves and make their asses clap. We like that she shows that hip hops most denigrating images are not often the result of the creative expression of artists but rather of monetarily motivated geriatrics. We like the Allen Video! And we hope that it’s critics will reserve their fury for the industry that produces the images and not the satirist that lampoons them.

Here is what Lily Allen had to say about the accusations of her being racists.

“The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women within modern pop culture,” she wrote. “It has nothing to do with race, at all.” She said that she tried for weeks to get her own twerk moves down but couldn’t get it right, and so hired the best dancers for the job; and that the reason she was more clothed was insecurity about her figure (reminding fans that she did have two children recently).

“I’m not going to apologise because I think that would imply that I’m guilty of something, but I promise you this, in no way do I feel superior to anyone, except paedophiles, rapists murderers etc., and I would not only be surprised but deeply saddened if I thought anyone came away from that video feeling taken advantage of, or compromised in any way,” she wrote, before concluding with an invitation to “Ask the ladies yourselves @shalaeuroasia @monique_Lawz @ceodancers @TempleArtist @SelizaShowtime @melycrisp.”

Watch and tell us.


Three Reasons We Love Kerry Washington On Lucky

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We have noticed that people have had a lot to say about Kerry Washington’s latest cover. While the general consensus is that this is not her strongest cover, we love the statement that the cover makes and that alone makes it beautiful to us.  So we compiled three reasons as to why the public should not be so quick as to file this cover away in the “hated it” category.

It’s Different

Most covers and editorials capture just the beauty of Kerry. We have to applaud Lucky for capturing her quirky, vibrant and equally beautiful personality. We seldom see too many editorials that don’t photograph as her the elegant sex kitten. We love Kerry and Lucky for giving us something fresh.

Natural Beauty

Kerry is holding down the cover with what appears to be her own hair with no help from long, curled and tousled tresses. Most cover girls of all ethnic backgrounds have a little help from extensions. It says a lot about the actress’s natural beauty to be on the cover of a magazine rocking her own hair. We feel like it aligns with new Editor-in-Chief’s goal to make a statement with each issue. Using Eva Mendes for the American Style Issue was pure genius.

A little says a lot

We think Kerry is strikingly beautiful. It was refreshing to see her with a natural face of make-up. The make-up is bright and light and very reflective of the upcoming season. It paid homage to the everyday “face”  that most women wear.

Overall it just says a lot that we live in a culture that tells us to celebrate our natural beauty and the moment a cover surfaces that does just that we have nothing but negative things to say. The world knows how beautiful this woman is. Give her the chance to show different sides of her beauty.



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Himmarshee Public House does not disappoint with their inviting, comforting cuisine and decor.  Wrap-around booths, tall tables and marquee lights create the perfect portrait of a vibrant downtown evening and interestingly makes the marriage of comfort food in the big city a happy pairing. In so many ways, it is easy to feel like you have been provided with your own personal treasure in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Considering that South Florida is seeing a resurgence in Southern comfort food,  taking on a popular sect of cuisine requires a substantial amount of creativity and a lofty knowledge of flavor to be able to make a dish uniquely signature.

Himmarshee Public House seems to have the formula right. The new restaurant offers a bevy of choices that are sure appease the palate of any restauranteur, from the patron looking for an inviting atmosphere to watch a game for the evening,while hanging out with friends, to the avid local foodie.  Public House offers the typical ingredients needed to conjure the perfect meal with unique touches that make the dishes uniquely their own. If the spicy lamb ribs ($12) don’t catch your eye, then the lobster nachos, served with guacamole, jack cheese, habanero-mango salsa and cilantro, ($14) are sure to merit a second glance. Check out a few of our favorite dishes. The restaurant will be open to the public on Friday November 8th. We are happy to report that the restaurant is indeed Worthy Approved.


Bacon and corn fritters with bourbon-maple syrup and bacon aioli are enchantingly delicious


Lobster Nachos




Spicy Lamb Ribs abita “root beer” glaze, toasted sesame, scallion ($12)



Candied bacon duroc pork belly, house-cured, candied pecans, bourbon maple syrup ($9).


Street Tacos Chicken
roasted corn and black bean salsa, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, jalapeno lime crema


Buffalo Beu Cheese Dip
Pulled chicken, stilton bleu cheese, colby jack, house made chips

The Himmarshee Public House is located at 201 SW Second St. in Fort Lauderdale. The restaurant is poised to open to the public this Friday, November 8th.