Get your glow on: 6 tips to make your skin and hair shine

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(BPT) – Face it, winter is brutal for your skin and hair. Between the harsh, cold wind outside and the dry, overheated air inside, it’s hard to look your best all winter long. On top of that, everyone tends to overindulge in unhealthy food and drinks during the winter months. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to enhance your looks while boosting your body’s natural ability to fight off the ill effects of winter.

Here are some tips to look your best – even when the weather does its worst.

Treat your skin with TLC

Gently cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin every day. Find products best suited for your skin type and be consistent about using them.

Thoroughly remove makeup before bed and use extra moisturizer overnight so you’ll wake up with a brighter, clearer complexion each morning.

Deep condition your hair

Just as you use a good moisturizer to help replenish and protect your skin every day, find hair conditioners or deep conditioning oils that can prevent your hair from drying out, frizzing or turning brittle. Look for products using natural ingredients, and that are designed for your hair type.

Hydrate well – from the inside out

If you want hair and skin that aren’t overly dried out, it’s not enough to just condition or moisturize them from the outside.

Staying well hydrated, by drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, will help your body maintain healthier, more beautiful skin and hair. You’ll also feel better, inside and out.

Lastly, avoid drinking too many beverages that are dehydrating – like tea and coffee, soda and alcoholic drinks.

Detox with a Green Smoothie Cleanse and Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

Both cleanses developed by JJ Smith help to remove toxins from your system, resulting in brighter eyes, lusher hair and glowing, beautiful skin.

The Green Smoothie Cleanse is a 10-day detox made up of green leafy veggies, fruit and water. Green smoothies are filling and healthy, aiding the body to lose weight, increase energy, reduce cravings and improve digestion.

Raw ingredients are more nutritious and loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, anti-inflammatory compounds and phytonutrients.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse involves consuming a six-day meal plan day alongside a daily dose of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can contain strains of good bacteria and enzymes essential for breaking down foods and acetic acid for various health benefits.

The Cleanse can help rid your body of toxins, jump-start your weight loss and improve gut health and skin health.

For even better results, supplement the cleanses with Liver Focus, which contains scientifically validated ingredients to accelerate your results. You can mix the supplement directly into water or take it alongside the cleanses. This powerful supplement helps to accelerate fat burning in the body, gives you brighter eyes and glowing skin and has a significant impact on liver health and weight loss.

Visit for your next steps.

Boost your vitamin intake

Many vitamins help keep your skin, hair and nails healthy and beautiful: Vitamins A, B, Biotin (B7), C and K, plus fish oil. These vitamins are found in a variety of foods such as fruits and veggies (especially dark leafy greens), fish, nuts and seeds. To be sure you’re getting enough of all these vitamins, you can also take vitamin supplements.

Protect your skin and hair from the elements

If you spend time outdoors, especially doing winter sports, keep your skin and hair covered. Exposing them to harsh wind, cold temps and winter glare can be damaging. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage – yes, even in the winter! Snow and ice reflect UV rays, making them even more damaging than being at the beach in the summer.

Taking care of your health and your beauty are really one and the same. Steps like these will make you feel good and look good, too.

Tips for eating healthier this summer

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Summer is possibly the easiest time to stick to a healthier lifestyle. It’s warm outside so we’re more likely to be active, plus there’s plenty of good, fresh produce available. With the recent focus on organic ingredients and the farm-to-table approach, home cooks and anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle are looking for ways to boost their health through better food choices.

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to eat healthier.

Grow your own vegetables, fruits or herbs

Summer is a great time to get into gardening. Even if you don’t have much of a yard or a lot of time, you can grow just one vegetable, or even herbs like basil or oregano, in a planter, indoors or out. Some neighborhoods even have communal garden spaces available. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are not that difficult to grow, depending on where you live, from berries and melons to lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans. Whatever you decide to grow, you’ll feel good knowing exactly where your food came from.

Use farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture

You can support your local, organic farmers by shopping at farmer’s markets or signing up for community-supported agriculture (CSA) in your area. The benefit to you is that the quality of the produce will be high, and you’ll have access to all kinds of fresh, organic ingredients for your cooking.

Shop organic

Buy your cooking ingredients from companies certified as organic by the leading third-party organic certifier, Quality Assurance International (QAI). For example, Simply Organic offers a wide variety of delicious organic spices, seasonings, sauces, cooking mixes and packets for making marinades and dips that are all certified organic products.

Cook healthier

When you’re preparing meals, using fresh, organic ingredients means that you’re providing the best quality, healthful food for yourself and your family. Cooking food with plenty of nutritional content, like high-quality proteins, fresh vegetables, fruit and legumes, along with organic spices and flavorings, will ensure that every meal you make contributes to the overall health of your family. Look for recipes that are not only delicious, but that use lots of nutrition-packed ingredients.

Try making these Spicy Guacamole Stuffed Potato Skins for your next party.

1/2 teaspoon Simply Organic Black Pepper Medium Grind
Simply Organic Spicy Guacamole Mix Sauce 4.0 fl. oz.
8 medium-sized yellow potatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
2 ripe avocados
1/2 cup quartered grape tomatoes
1/2 cup sour cream
1/4 cup green onions, sliced
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Wash potatoes to remove dirt from skins. Cut potatoes in half. Using a melon baller or small cookie scoop, remove center flesh from potatoes.
Place potato halves on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil and rub oil over flesh and skin of each one. Sprinkle with salt, coating the flesh and skins. Sprinkle on pepper.
Bake, flesh-side down, for 30 minutes or until potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork.
In a medium bowl, mash avocados. Add guacamole mix sauce and stir to combine.
Let potatoes cool for 5 minutes, then fill each skin with guacamole (about 1 teaspoon per potato). Top with tomatoes, sour cream, green onions and cilantro (if desired). Serve warm. Makes 16 servings.

Whether by growing some of your own food or becoming more selective about the sources of your food, everything you cook and eat will be more nutritious. By putting extra thought into the quality of ingredients you use in your cooking, you can ensure that you and your family will be eating healthier not just this summer, but throughout the year.

Karl Largefeld’s Final Project

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In yet another convincing argument for the greatness of YouTube, a beautiful ‘Behind the Scenes’ video created by Jason Momoa (On the Roam) dropped an interesting detail about the signature pink Fendi suit boldly paired with Lisa Bonet’s pink and purple dress for the Oscars. The two looks for the award ceremony and the Vanity Fair after party might have been the last looks personally handled by the creative genius, Karl Largerfeld. While Jason’s Fendi scrunchie was the scene stealer of the moment, this detail creates a new level of appreciation for the customization and attention to detail in both of our celeb crushs’ looks. You have to take a look at the video!

Worthy Approved Art Basel Event: The Muse Experience

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On December 8, 2018 1PM-6PM,  The Muse Experience will convert SeaFair Mega Yacht into a floating art installation designed to celebrate the supreme power of female creativity. The art installation will be showcasing a collection of artwork from both influential and emerging female artists. The featured artists, or the “muses,” will consist of internationally acclaimed artists such as Sarah Bahbah, Stepanie Bascone, Ashley Martelle, Kaylin Garcia, Tanaya Henry, Sukesha Ray, and Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmit.

muse 2 event

While ‘The Muses Experience’ may be open to those who RSVP during the day, a private invitation-only gallery cruise will take place during the evening. The cruise will culminate in the commencement of the first annual “Doyenne Award.” In French, a doyenne is a woman who is the most respected or prominent in a particular field.


For more information:


Worthy Agenda: Yakuza Anniversary Party

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user 2017

Fall in love with food again. No longer does one have to sacrifice quality or comfort. Introducing Yakuza – where taste, quality and comfort are all fused. Take a modern restaurant, add some flare to the menu, mix in some corky cocktails and VOILA! You have a tasty Japanese sushi – Thai fusion restaurant like no other.

Yakuza – modern Japanese and Thai, launched a successful opening on March 10th, 2016. Adding tradition to modern creations, owners (husband and wife) Jay and Mini Areechot execute a unique menu, paired with tastefully chosen cocktails and exceptional customer service that is second to none.

“We are pleased at amount of support we’ve received from the community and couldn’t be happier sharing this anniversary with everyone.” – Mini Areechot

Yakuza - Seafood Pic

Yakuza only uses the freshest ingredients – a quality over quantity approach that many restaurants have long forgotten. On the menu, you’ll take notice of some fascinating creations like, Yuzu Jelly and Sake-Soy. Their specialty plates also include high quality proteins such as: Filet Penang, Cornish Hen Green Curry, and the mouthwatering Egg Crepe Lobster Pad Thai.

Their reviews are stellar! Pulling in local fishermen who enjoy the 9-fish option (used in their high-profile sushi) that no other local restaurant provides. “A customer can experience world class service, yet feel as if they are at home.” Says co-owner Mini Areechot.

Yakuza which translates to “Japanese Mafia” in Japanese, was inspired by a local Japanese restaurant in Chicago the two visited during their earlier entrepreneurial days. Satisfied with their moniker, the two-incorporated ambience, customer service and flavorful Japanese/Thai cuisines that gave way to a beautiful business venture that specializes in quality over quantity.

Today Yakuza Celebrates its 1-year Anniversary.

Experience live music, creative food options and sip on a complimentary cocktail as Pompano Beach’s only fusion Japanese-Thai restaurant turns one.



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Lion Country Safari warmly welcomed a few of South Florida’s well-known bloggers for a VIP tour of the property and its wild residents. The bloggers were escorted in a one-of-a-kind 27-foot mouse limo (the latest limo is one of three limos) from Truly Nolen. The driver for the event, Jack Martin, has visited over 20 states since last March making people aware of the company.


Both companies came together to showcase the magic that is beyond the gates of Lion Country Safari. As a family owned company, Truly Nolen, has developed a reputation for getting involved in  their local communities through events, school presentations, buying lunch for neighborhood cookouts.


More information on Truly Nolen

Founded in 1938, Tucson, Arizona-based Truly Nolen of America is the largest family-owned pest control company in the United States. Truly Nolen has over 80 branch offices in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. The company also has independently owned and operated franchises in an ever-growing number of territories including Kentucky, Georgia, New Jersey, Canada, Puerto Rico and over 60 countries. Truly Nolen, To learn more about



More about Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari, Florida opened in 1967, in rural Western Palm Beach County.
At the time it was the first drive-through safari park in the country and introduced a new concept to animal lovers, “The Cageless Zoo.” The opening generated enormous interest on the part of residents, visitors to South Florida, and the media. The park developed into a popular and successful attraction.Today, Lion Country Safari is home to over 900 animals in the drive-through preserve and in the Safari World exhibit area. Among the more notable species on display at the park are lions, white rhino, chimpanzees, zebra, and giraffe  



Trustworthy: Jorg Gray

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Jorg Gray is a watchmaker that has garnered recent attention for its Presidential Collection of watches which have become popular as the preferred time­piece of President Obama and his Secret Service detail. Upon receiving the JG6500­83, the President’s reason for choosing this watch were apparent. The JG­6500 is a simply gorgeous work of art with Japanese Chronograph movements, aviator styled embellishments, a sapphire crystal lens, stainless steel casing and an Italian crocodile leather strap. The Jorg Gray 6500 commands a stately presence while offering silent reassurance of it’s durability. The Rose Gold variant of the watch would make an excellent compliment to any suit at a state affair and stand firm under rugged conditions. As a reviewer, there is an obvious elephant in the room whenever a traditional watch is discussed. The Jorg Gray is obviously a luxury watch but some believe that we live in the era of the smart­watch. Consumers would not be faulted for comparing any watch to their favorite smart­watch brand. Smart­watches offer alerts and notifications. You can take calls, start cars, open hotel room doors and summon uber on smart­watches so why should consumers want a watch that “Only” tells the time? Some watch makers have expressed fear and trepidation at the comparison between smart­watches and “real watches”. The Jorg Gray 6500 has convinced me that watchmakers like Jorg Gray have very little to worry about. From the moment I was presented with the Jorg Gray, I instantly remembered why there is no comparison between smartwatches and “Real Watches”. I recall fellow reviewers gushing over the plain white box their Apple Watches arrived in but when I received my Bi­Fold case for the JG 6500, I remembered what truly elegant packaging was all about. The black case is accented with silver trim and it opens with a slight bit of resistance, communicating that it’s contents were meant to be guarded. Once opened, the case (it is inadequate to call it a box) reveals the watch in all of its glory.The watch is presented like a fine piece of jewelery and it immediately dawned on me that this watch was of an heirloom quality. The crocodile leather band is stunning and caught my eye immediately. When I held the watch for the first time, I was impressed by the perfectly balanced heft of the device. The watch face measures 41mm and it’s thickness is 13.6mm. The watch feels sturdy but not heavy. At first, the watch feels substantial but eventually it’s heft seems to evaporate. The device fades into the wrist becoming the unobtrusive presence that watches should be for serious consumers. The watch boasts many of the tricks demanded by modernity but it shines as an elegant, understated example of timeless craftsmanship. The Rose Gold­J6500­83 has a transparent undercarriage that offers its owner a peek into the watch’s internal engineering and the sight is admittedly glorious. In the two weeks I spent with the JG 6500­83, I have once again fallen in love with the beauty of a watch. A great watch does not draw attention to itself. It doesn’t buzz and vibrate with busy notifications or flash like a neon sign on the Las Vegas strip. In comparing smartwatches to this “real watch” it became apparent to me that all of those “features” in certain settings become gaudy, intrusive and in­elegant. A “Real Watch’s” beauty is reserved for those that the wearer brings in closely. It is a finer­detail or a punctuation point for a wardrobe. It is versatile and equally appropriate for meetings or social gatherings. For those I allowed to see the watch, it provokes an audible “Wow” but for those I choose to keep at bay, it never begs for attention. The essence of luxury is choice­­­a choice in where I can wear the device, a choice in how many outfits it can compliment and a choice in whom I allow into my personal space to enjoy it with me. The comparison between smart­watches and luxury watches is so inappropriate that it borders on the grotesque. The simple difference is in quality. It is in the way that one feels when this masculine, expertly crafted time piece serves as an accent that completes your presentation in personal and professional settings. Smartwatches have their place, in gyms and other functions but they cannot be compared to watches like the JG 6500, Presidential Timepiece. Why should consumers settle for smartwatches that appear reminiscent of “real watches” when they could simply obtain a “real watch”? I highly recommend the JG 6500­83 as a Worthy Purchase and at $895 it is an affordable luxury Worthy of the World’s Leader.

– Andre Samuels

Five Financial New Years Resolutions

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With a new year comes a new opportunity to start fresh and begin 2016 on the right foot. Many people chose to make a new year’s resolution which may include eating healthy, losing weight, etc. But what about another habit that will benefit us all in the long run?: Planning for the financial future.

We sat down with Joe Eppy, Founder and President of The Eppy Group, a leading financial financial firm committed to protecting their clients and community and he shed light on some Financial New Years Resolutions we should all be adding to our list!

Set Measurable Goals. Set specific goals with measurable results. Instead of saying I want to save money or pay of debt, say I want to save $5000 this year or I want to pay off 80% of my debt.

Budget. To be able to better manage your finances you need to plan ahead. Don’t spend more than what you make and most importantly, remember to save. There are several apps that can help you stick within your monthly budget to keep your finances on track.

Review Your Credit. You get one free credit report per year and the best part is you don’t have to pull all three credit bureaus at the same time. Unless you are making a big purchase such as a home or car, you can spread it out throughout the year to monitor any changes.

Monthly self-evalutation. Sit down at the end of each month and go over bank / credit card statements. Look for areas of improvement, and also measure success on meeting goals.

Educate Yourself. Select and meet with a financial advisor you trust. Many people feel they don’t make enough to have a financial advisor, that is simply not true and the value they bring to the table will exponentially benefit your long term game plan. Googling and reading blogs just simply doesn’t cut it when you’re financial future is at stake.

There are a lot of things in life you can’t control. Luckily, your finances doesn’t need to be one of them. Set some goals, write them and make 2016 the best year yet!


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When we sat down for a quick chat with the super busy Shalita Grant, we were pleased to hear that her answers to our questions were just as bold as her character on the hit series NCIS New Orleans, which has returned for a second season. In Season two we watch Shalita’s character, Sonja Percy, adapt to working as the newest agent alongside Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) and his top notch NCIS team. Our exclusive interview allowed us to see a side of the talented actress that you seldom get to experience with actresses of her caliber. If you don’t know Shalita, you will want to know her by the end of this interview, which you will be able to read more of in our upcoming issue. For now read a few fun facts that she shared with us that most of her fans don’t know about her yet.

1. “I don’t live with a television,” the actress said.

That explains her super awesome Instagram videos showing her 5:30 a.m. workouts. They really make us feel like we are failing at life.

2. “I have started working on my music. The sound is being fine tuned. It is more like a true blues sound.”

3. ” I am the oldest of nine children.”

4. “I love partying. Give me a beat and let me twerk.”

5. “I have spent my whole life trying to feel worthy. I am worthy because my unworthiness is not enough to make me stop trying. It is not strong enough.”

When we asked her for her best pitch about why you should be watching NCIS New Orleans Tuesday nights at 9 central time, it was a simple formula for her.

“If you love action, the first seven episodes have some crazy insane stunts, you should be watching. There is amazing team work. It is quirky and you gotta love Scott Bakula. Watch the show,” Shalita said.

We told you that you would love her. Shalita will also have a reoccurring role on the upcoming public television mini-series, “Mercy Street.”


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Concept For Samsung's New Gear A Smartwatch

Concept For Samsung’s New Gear A Smartwatch

The Tech World is anticipating the release of Samsung’s latest smartwatch at the company’s upcoming event-Samsung Unpacked on August 15th. Thus far, Samsung has released a confused offering of 6 different iterations for it’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch line. The next version of the watch has been code-named The Orbis because the device will be round and Samsung is betting that “Roundness” will be the killer feature that drives customers to buy into the smartwatch category. There are however, many other features that would be more compelling than the shape of the device.

If Samsung wants to catch-up to the Apple Watch it should at least match the functionality of the Apple Watch which despite being marketed as a fitness device is a remote control for smart devices.

Samsung is a uniquely integrated company that produces products in every category ranging from Televisions, Refrigerators, and Computers to Coffee Makers. Whereas Apple and other smartwatch makers must rely on third parties to develop apps that link smart devices to their respective watches, Samsung can create the smart-home ecosystem internally. If Samsung wants to blow the competition away–it should (but probably won’t) demonstrate a watch that not only serves up notifications and masters mobile payments but also activates the coffee machine downstairs, unlocks doors, turns the lights on and off, streams footage from home security cameras, hosts a truly smart assistant and flaunts an “always on” display that perpetually shows the time. Whereas Apple has had a slow roll out of these features, leaving consumers to stumble upon them and piece them together, Samsung can release them all at once as an integrated whole.

Rumors have suggested that Samsung will offer three versions of the device. If this is true those versions should center around offering consumers a wifi/bluetooth version that extends the functionality of their smartphones (which should not be limited to Samsung Phones) and a standalone version that serves as an independent cell phone with it’s own cellular connection. Some consumers, like myself would relish ditching the 5.5 inch phablets in our pockets.

Sleek Edges could extend battery life and ad style to the smartwatch

Sleek Edges could extend battery life and ad style to the smartwatch

Lastly, the design of all smartwatches, including Apple’s watch has truly been lacking. Samsung could leapfrog the competition with a great design. The rumors about The Orbis have suggested that Samsung is duplicating Apple’s “Digital Crown” by creating a rotating bezel that will allow users to navigate the device’s operating system. A superior design, served up by the internet via enthusiastic fans extends the company’s Edge-concept to the Smartwatch. The result is a sleek and unique device that could boost battery life by displaying time and notifications on the side of the device without draining battery life to power the entire screen. This would answer a primary complaint of Apple Watch users.

Most of what we have suggested probably won’t be offered by Samsung. The company is unwisely banking on “Round” as a killer feature when functionality should be their focus. Smartwatches remain a tough sell for consumers. Smartwatches are not a “NEED” and changing the shape of the device will not persuade consumers otherwise. Samsung has yet another chance to get it right…….but they probably won’t!