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A Worthy Trip: Dubai
Alisa Valentin

We gaze at videos of desert safaris and beautiful skyscrapers from the Instagram posts of celebrities like Tyrese. Pitbull makes mention of performing in this mystical land for a beautiful princess in his song “Give Me Everything.”

This magical middle eastern place is indeed Dubai, one of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates. Travel Noire, “the ultimate source for Black travel,” published an Instagram post on Christmas Day in 2014 for flights on Ethiad airlines from Abu Dhabi to JFK for a little under $170. Yes, you read correctly, $170. I had the opportunity to take advantage of the deal along with some of my fellow travel-obsessed alumni from the University of Florida.

Dubai is located about 90 minutes away from Abu Dhabi. After a lengthy flight with some very rambunctious toddlers, we were able to take a free shuttle to get us to the famous city we have heard so much about in the past.

After satisfying our hunger with chicken shawarma near our hotel we slept off our jetlag for a few hours. Then…the adventures began. I recommend getting a two-day pass Big Bus Tours: Sightseeing Bus | Hop-on Hop-off in order to get around Dubai. This will save you money on taxis and you can navigate the city with ease.

There are malls all over Duabi. Lots of malls. Almost too many malls. Those are great places to shop, but the real gem of Dubai are the souks. A souk is an open-air marketplace where vendors sell everything from clothing to souvenirs to spices. You must haggle in the souks. Haggle like your life depends on it in order to get the cheapest price. Also, if your ministry is not math, you should carry your smart phone in order to do quick conversions from American dollars to Dirhams.

The highlight of my trip was the desert safari. This adventure included dune bashing in the desert, a camel ride, a fantastic dinner, and entertainment from belly dancers and other performers. You can also make great use of your stay in Dubai by visiting the the Jumeirah Mosque, The Palm, and of course laying out on the beaches in the Arabian sun. It is also important to note that if you decide to go out to a club in Dubai, come dressed to impress.

Overall, my visit to Dubai was fantastic. Thanks to one of my friends, we were also able to spend time with some residents, who gave us a lot of insight about the area. I think it is safe to say that after our short stay in the area, we will definitely be making a trip back to Dubai before long.

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Apple has a talent for creating buzz around it’s products. The company also has a preference for premium pricing and this tendency was on full display when Apple announced that the most expensive variant of it’s new Smartwatch will cost an astonishing $10,000 as a starting price. This price tag has been described as audacious by some and absurd by most. The popular Technology website TECH-CRUNCH expressed it’s dismay over the Watch’s pricetag with an article titled: THE GOLD APPLE WATCH IS FOR DOUCHEBAGS. We however think that this price makes perfect sense.

Apple’s pricing schemes have always been polarizing, segmenting the world of technology into those who long for affordability and the uncompromising -who crave superior design, lux finishes and flawless performance (which they associate with higher price points). Despite the divisions between the two camps, there seems to be unanimous confusion at the $10,000-$17,000 asking price for the Gold Apple Watch. Estimates from Tech-Crunch suggest that the watch will contain, at most $1,800 in gold and Fox Business estimates at most $2,320 for the watch’s 2 oz of gold.  So Why is the Gold Apple Watch worth $10,000?

The answer is simple. The Apple Watch is the ONLY Watch in the world that everyone will recognize on-sight. The watch itself offers the wealthy the kind of prestige, adulation and jealousy that they have longed for. The wealthy spend outrageous sums on cars, clothes and watches because they want the recognition of everyone else. They want people to know how much they spent on that Rolex , handbag or Bentley. The value of these purchases isn’t in the material they are constructed from, its in the recognition of the brand and the awareness surrounding their cost. When You See a Handbag with MK, you know it is a Michael Kors. When you see a huge H on and purse you know its an Hermes. And yet, no one really knows you are wearing a Rolex unless you tell them or they get close enough to read the name on the watch face. Even more expensive watches are even less recognizable which means that Apple can offer these consumers something no other brand in the world can: Instant Recognition! Even at a distance, everyone will know what the Gold Apple Watch looks like -and they can recognize the incredibly wealthy person that purchased it.

Overnight, Apple became the most famous Watch Maker in the world and arguably the best buy. They can’t offer you an heirloom to pass down or even more Gold in your watch then the other luxury makers but they can offer you more recognition, more jealousy, and more fawning eyes from random strangers than any other watch maker in the world!


Trina for Body of Royalty

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Body of Royalty I am Worthy from Worthy Magazine on Vimeo.

Confident, provactive and royal, insert Miami’s own queen of rap here, Trina has signed on to be the face of Body of Royalty’s mink lashes. Bringing life to the brands alluring mantra for their luxury products: “Be confident. Be provactive. Be royalty.

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

Photographer: Fernandos Vargas

“We just felt like Trina embodied what our brand represents. She is glamourous but she is also raw. She represents Body of Royalty very well,” Jermelle Pitts told Worthy Magazine.

Body of Royalty embodies so much more than luxurious mink lashes. The hands-on duo are also responsible for creating signature lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and mascara. Bold palettes and eye-catching colors reaffirm the brands intentions to conjure up the inner queens in all women.”

“We come from very strong women, we have strong sisters and we really wanted to create something that reflects that strength and confidence,” Pitts said.

“We refer to our customers as “Beauty Queens.” We want everyone to feel like royalty, Joseph Chargois said.

Confidence according to Trina

I think that true confidence is all about how you carry yourself, Trina said. “Edgy makeup and getting dressed up really allows that inner confidence and sexiness to just ooze out.”

When asked about what stood out to her about the brand Trina was true to her tell like it is form.

“I love whimsical and over the top lashes. I am actually a bottom lash fanatic and I just feel like the lashes are so luxurious and whispy.”

For more information on Body of Royalty visit here

A Taste of Jazz in the Gardens



The highly anticipated Jazz in the Gardens is merely a few days away. Two days of music, fun and more importantly food. So what is on the menu for this year? Worthy Magazine  had the opportunity to sample a few of the culinary titans who will be at the festival, and we are happy to report that you will not be disappointed with this years lineup. Ticket holders will be able to pick from a total of 40 food vendors. There will be something for every palatte from barbecue to sea food salads and a bevy of tasty treats.

You have to try:

Randy’s Barbecue

The stand -out: It’s all about the honey mustard sauce.

It is the perfect combination of sweet, savory and spicy. The sauce pairs well with Randy’s ribs and chicken.    Michelle Fletcher assistant to Randy says that the details of the sauce will always be a mystery. “I have worked with him for two years now and he still won’t tell me what is in it.”

Healthy Lifestyle Cuisine

In the midst of all the fried foods and sweets, Healthy Living will be one of the tastiest and healthy alternatives in a sea of temptation.

The stand-out:

The sea food salad is a crowd pleaser and the lobster and waffles is an unexpected surprise. All of the recipes are the owner’s take on her mother’s recipes.

South Beach Burgers 

There is no denying that the art of crafting the perfect burger is a fleeting talent. The team behind South Beach Burgers does not disappoint with their signature burgers and bold and flavorful seasoning. This particular caterer was a favorite of the reporter for the evening.

Reed’s Catering has become a staple in the Jazz in the Gardens experience. The conch salad served in a fresh pineapple draws a crowd further than the eye cares to look. The crowd gathers to watch the intricate construction of the conch salad. Cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh conch are zested to perfection using oranges and limes and topped off with conch fritters. It is literally a festival in a pineapple.






Shuzz Fund hosts its annual fundraiser every spring in Boca Raton to raise money to donate shoes to children in impoverished communities all over the world. On April 2, 2015 at Mizner Park, the organization will host a runway show featuring chic designer Haute Hippie, along with live entertainment, auction and food and an open bar. Ticket prices start at $75- $200 for a very worthy cause.  You can order your tickets here


Akem and his Mother with Shuzz Board Members Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus Gold and Rita Lombardo

Akem and his Mother with Shuzz Board Members Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus Gold and Rita Lombardo



 Shuzz Medical Mission launched their Medical Relief Department in February and performed their first surgery on a four-year-old boy named Akem from Guyana. Akem and his Mother  travelled to the United States for Akem to receive world class medical treatment at Bethesda Hospital in Boynton Beach, FL. One of the Shuzz Board Members conducted the surgery.

Akem’s ailments included internal tibial torsion, bowlegged and metatarsus adductus. In order to ensure he is able to walk, play, run, etc. for the rest of his life, the Shuzz Fund coordinated a bilateral tibial osteotomies surgery for Akem. Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus Gold, Shuzz Board Member, diagnosed him a few months ago in Guyana and on Monday February 16th, she successfully completed his surgery at Bethesda Hospital.


For more information on the organization click here 

Will we see you for a night a fashion and a worthy cause? We hope so.

Taste-Worthy SOBEWFF Edition


sobe v2


The South Beach Food and Wine Festival has gone just as quickly as it came to Miami and to be honest our tastebuds are still in a daze. So what stood out to us?


Barilla interactive lunch:

Guests waited in the courtyard at The Biltmore’s country club while enjoying a glass of  Entwine’s chardonay.  After being ushered upstairs into the country club’s ballroom, guests were greeted by a sea of round tables with simple plate settings. The twist was that there was a small cooking station at every table and a chef standing next to each station.  As the guests took their seats, the term interactive lunch began to take on more of a literal meaning. Guests were given step-by-step instruction for two courses and were rewarded with a sweet and savory dessert.

For the first course Barilla Campanelle

Our EIC had the awesome opportunity to preppare the second course. However, it should be noted that the chefs took care of the prepparation for the guests.  Essentially ticket holders merely sauteed their delicous entrees.


New Product Alert:

One of the rewards of attending such a distinguished event is the privalege of walking away with an idea of the next culinary trend. While there were quite a few innovative recipies and spices that captured our attention, Barilla captured our attention and heart with their latest product Pronto Pasta. The new item is the perfect key ingredient for anyone who is on the go but still interested in having a healthy meal. Pronto Pasta can be preppared in the same pot as the intended ingredients for your pasta. For an editor on the go, this is a dream come true. No waiting for the water to boil and no draining required.


Dur Doux Pre Sale Launch

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Dur Doux, which translates to hard/soft, is edgy, elegant, easy to wear women’s wear. The label is built on the concept of wearability with an avant-garde sensibility. Dur Doux’s signature comprises of unexpected shapes, details and exceptional fabrications. The essence is strong, sensual and feminine with a powerful edge towards sophistication. A new interpretation for shape is born with the unique balance created by the play of hard and soft elements.

Najla Burt, creative director and designer,  is a graduate of Parsons The New School for Design. She graduated in May 2012 with a degree in Fashion Design. While attending Parsons, she worked in sales for designers such as Alexander Wang and Staff International USA which houses brands like Pierre Balmian, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela and Viktor & Rolf. This invaluable experience played a large role in the development and creation of her new fashion label, Dur Doux.

“BEAUTIFUL, CHIC, UNIQUE has been the feedback from New York and Los Angeles, where the DUR DOUX collections have been shown.

Be one of the first 100 people to make a presale purchase and receive 20% off.
This is your opportunity to own these luxury, elegant garments at prices below retail, exclusively through the Pre-sale.  To view the garments being featured in the March 1st Presale: http://www.durdoux.com