Petit Bistro Miami Beach



If you are on the prowl for a chic and cozy bistro, you have to stop by Petit Bistro. The elegant bistro is a feast for the senses in every regard. From the classic fashion portraits that adorn the walls, to the whimsical and petite furniture your eyes will never get bored while the menu tantalizes and pleases your palate.

About the restaurant: “(Petit) miami is the last restaurant opened in the heart of south miami beach sunset harbour district by Luca Guelfi and Simona Miele, the creators of some of the most succesfull restaurants in Italy such as That’s Amore, Light, Plateau, Rouge, Out Off, Gioia 69, in Caribe, Big Sur and in Spain  Bananas, Rigatoni and Puesta del Sol.
(petit) miami is a sophisticated bistro that welcomes its guests in a refined style of French Provence. The colors are light, the tables and wainscoting around the room are made in white pickled wood, antique mirrors and blackboards with menu and daily specials hanging on the walls and there’s a corner for sausages and hams with a red Berkel slicer. The whole place is lit by a thousand candles and accompanied by a background of pleasant music. The atmosphere is that of a friends’ house and the hall has room for 65 people and a dehor for 70 people.”

We have a few worthy approved picks on the menu that we are sure won’t let you down.

Take a quick look at out visit to the petit Bistro and get ready for our full review in the next issue of Worthy.



cpetit from Worthy Magazine on Vimeo.

Worthy Feature Jennifer Lee Segale of Garden Apothecary



In preparation for our upcoming issue, which is the beauty issue, we figured we would sit down with some amazing entrepreneurs from here to California to talk about the latest in trust-worthy luxury skin care. Up first is the founder of Garden Apothecary. Jennifer Lee Segale offers organic and handmade products for the most indulgent body care regiment. We got a chance to speak with the the lady with the chic green thumb who also has a background in botany and all we have to say is what a worthy woman and business feature.  One look at her organic skin care treats and we promise we think you will fall in love. We have our eye on a few of her products.


Please tell me more about Garden Apothecary what separates you from other organic products that are out there?

My professional background in botany makes Garden Apothecary stand tall above other organic bath and beauty products. We not only create unique, organic products – but we use whole botanicals from sustainable farms, as well as herbs that we grow. For example, our Vanilla + Balsam sugar scrub contains an entire vanilla bean (Vanilla plantifolia) in the jar. You are not just getting fragrance from essential oils, you are getting the healing properties from the botanicals within the product.What prompted you to create your own products?

Our skin is our largest organ, and I wanted to create a line that honored my relationship with plants, while making sure it was healthy for my body.

Could you discuss your botany background a little more?

My botany work started out with dry-farming on the California coast. From there I worked with florals and started a landscape design company (that I still run today, Wildflower Farms). Most recently I’ve developed a complete obsession with cacao and a few other Central American grown plants. For the past 4 or so years I’ve been traveling down to Belize about twice a year and studying them with local farmers, herbalists and bush-medicine healers. I also study vanilla, cardamom and California natives. Thought the landscaping business, I cultivate heirlooms and organic succulents, herbs and perennials like lavender and roses.
What has been the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome so far?



What is your favorite product?
My favorite product is our Lime Peel + Neroli flower perfume. It’s a roll-on and super convenient to travel with. The scent is spicy and very heavy on the citrus. If I’m feeling claustrophobic or anxious, I put some on my wrists. Our Peppermint Face + Body mist works the same way and is great to toss in your purse if you have along day of driving ahead of you.


How long does it take for you to make a single product?
Every product is different so I can’t give one time amount. We make everything by hand and in small batches (rarely more then 50 at a time).

How many people do you oversee and how do you keep balanced?
Between my landscape design company and Garden Apothecary (online and in our shop in Half Moon Bay, Ca), I’m working with a lot of people – and I’m not a “people person.”-  I keep everything flowing with a ton of detailed communication and I try to anticipate the needs of my employees. Wine also helps.
We ask every feature to finish this sentence: “I am worthy because ______.”

I am worthy because… I think I would just have to adjust the sentence to, “I aworthy”. No justification needed.


Where would you like to see your brand in the next few years.

Of course I’d love to see an increase in sales and an abundant company – but mainly, I   want to see people get nourished, grounded and connect with my products. It’s fun to watch people light up at seeing the real plants in each of our lovely products.

            What advice would you give to someone pursuing their dreams? What     would your call to action be?
Get to know your subject. If you are pursuing your dreams, be sure to observe and study your desired subject inside and out, really connect and ground into what you are doing… The rest will fall into place. My old horticulture professor had a sign in his office that read, Study Nature Not Books. That was my call to action over 14 years ago.

All images are courtesy of Blink PR.

Make sure you check out the site and if you try any of the products let us know your thoughts and tell us if you think they are #Worthyapproved


Friends or Networking Buddies?

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photo credit: Shandi-lee via photopin

So you are an entrepreneur. Networking is crucial to your success. You attend a few mixers, events and possibly volunteer and somewhere in the midst of your constant planning, events and cocktails you meet other entrepreneurs who mirror your zeal and work ethic. Are you long lost soul mates (BFF’s) or are you simply networking buddies?

Hopefully after reading this article, you will have more of an idea. 

Worthy Definitions:  Just so we are all the same page these are the definitions that we are working with for this article. 

BFF’s- Maybe not besties but we are loosely using this terms to describe a person you feel like you can trust. You can talk business and personal life with them. They are supportive beyond a point of it being convenient and beneficial for themselves.

Networking buddy: This is someone who you can talk to for hours about business but after the engaging dialogue about brand recognition ends there is very little to discuss. Their network however is very useful to you. This is still someone you can enjoy a nice cocktail with and causally discuss your company with. But when you need a break they may not be the best person for you to call.


So you are attending your monthly young business professionals mixer. The drinks are complimentary. The hors d’oeuvres are heavenly and you just made a connection with a fellow entrepreneur. You gab over how you don’t want “True Blood” to end and how “American Horror Story” with steady of stream of “Scandal” will sustain you but never complete you. You notice the immediate connection and vow to keep in touch. There is something different about this vow. It’s not the standard chemically euphoric exchange of business cards and promises brought to you in part by a utopian atmosphere sustained by cocktails and a chic atmosphere.

You meet again hesitant about whether or not the chemistry will be there but to your relief and surprise, it is. You begin hanging out almost every weekend. Then there is the standard exchange that can only come after hanging out at least three times.

“It is so hard to find another woman who is on the same entrepreneurial track with the same level of commitment. It’s embarrassing to admit but I don’t have a lot of female friends.”

In that instant, you believe you are bound to each other fueled by a common purpose and ultimate goal. But then the most unexpected thing comes out of nowhere. It’s called life. It is in those moments that you know who your friends actually are. Friendship is about so much more than a great conversation. We don’t mean to sound like guys, but friendship is about action. You will know who your real friends are by how willing they are to match their actions with their words. So here a few signs to help you figure out the nature of your relationship

Signs that you are networking buddies

1. You have a huge upcoming project that you need help organizing and your buddy is right there helping you with your guest list and finding a way to have their company be on board. When it comes to the to-do lists, budgeting and running errands not so much. (Please note that this could also be because she has her own projects and growing to do list) This instance is not a deal breaker.

2. You are determined to make the most out of next month. So it is time to make a vision board. Your networking buddy is there with champagne. Together you ladies construct the most epic vision board ever. Once the champagne runs dry there is an uncomfortable silence. You ladies exchange your goodbye’s.

3. Whenever you need to talk business even at 3 a.m. your networking buddy is there. But when the conversation takes a different turn for the personal issues, something comes up and she has to go.

Signs that you have a friend

1. You need to talk business and personal obstacles. You can’t afford the usual restaurant that you and buddy love. You call your friend anyway and they take care of the bill and listen to your problems and offers some really great advice that you will not use. Or if you are both running short on field trip funds you hang out at one of your places, launch the Netflix and nibble on a few snacks. You share your problems and offer encouragement and accountability to one another.

2. You have an event that you are trying to plan. You have no clue what you are doing but you are determined to succeed. Your friend is there to assist in the planning, list making (both guest lists and to-do lists) and makes it a priority to attend and promote your event.

3. You are growing and your expenses at the moment seem to be greater than you profit. The financial difference is very small but you just don’t have it. Your friend who is doing a little better makes your union even more serious and makes a small investment in you and even introduces you to their network to help you. If this happens, congratulations you have an entrepreneur wife. This is an amazing luxury not something to expect from all of your friends. Everyone has their own expenses too.

The main indication of whether or not you are dealing with a friend or a networking buddy is whether they are willing to be there for you even when it is not convenient for them. The contribution does not need to always or ever need to be monetary.  The greatest sacrifice is time and effort. Are they trying to make you better person professionally and personally?  Are they a positive encouraging voice in your entrepreneurial journey and your life?

The best advice our magazine has ever gotten from a networking buddy is that you can always make your money back, but you can never get your time back. Once you spend it, it’s gone.

Hopefully this short list helps. 













The iWatch is coming and the speculation it has provoked has been epic. The Internet has been flooded with blogs and articles speculating on the devices possible features. Would be product designers have even developed fully animated videos showing off their own iWatch concepts. We, at Worthy have even posted several articles on our own predictions, many of which seem poised to come to fruition. We have decided that there is no reason to quit while we are ahead. Buried in the fine print of our predictions in the print edition of Worthy, was an easily overlooked but far reaching prognostication. The iWatch Will Work on Non-Apple Devices.

At first, this prediction seems at odds with Apple’s reputation for not playing well with other tech platforms. However, this is a shortsighted perspective. Whereas, other publications see the iWatch as a portal for the iPhone 6, we (and a few others) think of the iWatch as a portal into Apple’s cashless payment system. The long term goal for Apple is to conquer the world of cashless payments. It would be uncharacteristically shortsighted of Apple to make enrollment in their cashless system dependent on adoption of the iPhone. By offering the iWatch as a stand alone device Apple gives Android’s fan base exposure to it’s ecosystem and exposure alone should convert some of the errant. But more importantly Android users of the iWatch will “give” Apple health data which can be commoditized and it will expand the universe of Apple’s cashless payment system. If Apple recruits Android’s hoards into it’s army, the war for dominance in the cashless payment sphere will be over before it starts!




Apple, the innovator of the iPhone is set to announce the latest iteration of it’s miraculous device- the iPhone 6, on September 9. The rumor mill says that Apple MAY also introduce its upcoming smartwatch as well. True to form Samsung is racing to the finish line to release its…..5th smartwatch five days earlier, on September 4th. The Gear Solo will be Samsung’s most useful watch and it may incorporate many of the features that tech enthusiasts are hoping to see in Apple’s device.

The Gear Solo is rumored to be a fully functioning cell phone, wrapped around your wrist. It is difficult to predict how the tech world will receive the device as many were skeptical of the idea of a full phone on the wrist, when Samsung announced it’s development. However, as Apple’s device approaches the Internet has been buzzing about the possibilities. As the conceptual uses for a truly “smart” watch excite the blogging masses, Samsung’s watch/phone may find a warmer welcome.

It is worth noting that the rumored Samsung device is much more like the Apple device we’ve predicted in the pages of Worthy Magazine. If Samsung wants to ensure success, it should include a stylish bluetooth ear bud for call privacy, an NFC chip for cashless shopping and they should find a way to allow developers of home automation devices to use the Gear Solo as a proximity operated remote control for their devices. Despite the clumsy fashion Samsung has developed it’s smartwatches, they could still stumble into a compelling device that competes with the speculative concepts of Apple’s iWatch.

The Woman Behind Kalla

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Designer Addie Flynn headshot -lr



Could you please discuss the gourmet treats that can accompany the arrangement? 

The chocolates are absolutely gorgeous, almost too pretty to eat! We partnered with Christopher Elbow, an amazing chocolatier who really looks at chocolate as an art form. The flavors are exclusive to Kalla, and the designs on each chocolate mirror the relationships you will find within our floral assortment. We also have wine from the Napa Valley for those who really like to indulge. The Hill Family Estate is another terrific partner who shares the same passion for wine as we do for flowers.


Congratulations on your recent opening in Chicago. What do you think has contributed to the success of Kalla?

Thank you! It’s been very exciting. I think the product is amazing and anyone who receives it loves it. So the product and experience are driving our success. The brand is aesthetically very different than anything else in the marketplace. People are drawn in by the look, and stay because of the experience.


What is your favorite flower?

Vanda orchids. They are very hard to come by, but we will be introducing them into our assortment this fall.


Where do you get inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. I love mixing and matching prints and patterns. I love the fashion industry. Flowers, like fashion, evolve each season, so I love infusing it into our assortment.


What is the process like for making a Kalla arrangement?

We handpicked unique varieties from our favorite farms and source them direct from the grower. We wait until they are at the perfect blooms stage and handcraft each arrangement using the best flowers from the batch. The finishing touch is always our special hydration lily that allows the recipient to easily water their arrangement.


Finish this sentence: “I am worthy _____.”

Because I helped create a brand that people absolutely love.


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The most conventional concept for the iWatch

The most conventional concept for the iWatch

The iWatch is coming but what will you do with it and how will it change your life. The current crop of smart-watches have been slammed for their lack of functionality. Most simply relay notifications from your phone, displaying email notifications and texts. We believe that the iWatch will do soo much more!

It is worth pointing out that we made a series of predictions that went against the conventional wisdom of the tech community, in the print edition of Worthy, and thus far our prognostications are proving to be spot on.

Disney World Uses Magic Bands for Access to Hotel Rooms, Payment at Restaurants and Even As Tickets for Park Admission

Disney World Uses Magic Bands for Access to Hotel Rooms, Payment at Restaurants and Even As Tickets for Park Admission

How will you use the iWatch? We think it is going to revolutionize your life. In this admittedly lengthy post, we’d like to explain how we think it will change the way you live. We believe that Apple wants to duplicate the Magic Bands of Disney World which act as your room key, your e-wallet at restaurants, & your admission tickets. Read  more about our truly WORTHY iWATCH!



We Believe Apple is Readying A Dizzying Array of it's own Magic Bands

We Believe Apple is Readying A Dizzying Array of it’s own Magic Bands

Apple Wants to Turn the whole world into Disneyland! The iWatch will have many of the same functions as Magic Bands, granting access to homes, activating your car, & payment at stores will occur via iWatch.We imagine a curved band that utilizes much of the curved surface for displaying websites music & media.


magic band paying

You will never need to carry your wallet, cash or credit cards again. The iWatch will  enable a universal payment system, that will revolutionize the way you shop. Imagine never waiting in lines at a checkout counter! Further proving our supositions, reports surfaced this week that Apple will indeed focus the iPhone 6 on electronic bill payments as an e-wallet.



Smart programs will deliver contextually relevant information to your watch and provide you with options to act on. Using technologies like iBeacon, important information will come to your wrist and present you with options. When your shopping, instead of searching for price tags or tacky clearance signs, the price of an object will flash on your wrist when you pick it up. You will buy without standing in line. Video billboards will recognize your iWatch and display ads based on your interests and buying history, as in the movie Minority Report. Imagine a smart program that considers your recent social media posts, like a recent engagement and alerts you to a nearby sample sale for wedding dresses while your out shopping. Confusing buildings like hospitals, might house internal smart programs that make navigating their confusing wings easier. Smart boards will recognize your watch and the destination you indicated at their checkin counter- as “turn here” directions flash on your wrist or on video boards helping you locate the wing you seek. In museums, the watch might enhance artistic viewing by playing informative audio linked to the paintings you are viewing as soon as you come near. In restaurants, you might order via iWatch. Through the iWatch, useful information will stream to your wrist and interact with other devices. The possibilities are endless.



Proximity sensors will activate your home devices when you’re near. Doors will open automatically. In your home, lights will turn on automatically when you enter a room, and dim when you exit. Your tv will turn on when you plop on your couch. You’ll change channels by swiping your wrist. When your lasagna is done, you will turn the oven off with a tap of your wrist. If any of this sounds far fetched, you should understand that all of this is possible now. Home automation devices using your iphone are anything but new. But, form facilitates function and a watch is more convenient then clutching your phone like a remote, as you traverse from room to room. The iWatch will combine apps with proximity sensors to magically activate technology when you approach. The iWatch will become the universal remote you never put down.

FITNESS: The Time of Your Life

iwatch likely

In our print edition we suggested that the iWatch will show you “THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE”. Shortly after, Apple patents showed that the company is leaning towards, iTime instead of iWatch. This may be because the iWatch will be packed with sensors tracking every conceivable metric of your life. Sleep times, blood sugar, sweat, body temp, and exercise data will stream to Apple’s Health Kit app. With the iWatch, long distance personal trainers will follow your workout in real time, pushing you when necessary. Your workouts will be logged without any effort on your part. The weights you used, run times and calories burned will be logged. The info will go to trusted partners. You may get insurance discounts for confirmed daily workouts and your doctor adds the metrics data to your med file.

When we began to imagine the iWatch, we based our ideas on developments within Apple Inc. We assessed new software releases, like Healthfit, and tech like iBeacon which is designed for stores to push information wirelessly to IOS devices. We considered  their move to partner with automakers and design their console displays. We considered the evolution of mobile tech and where developments were likely to lead. This week, approved patents for apple confirmed many of our suspicions. Apple’s new device will in-fact be chocked full of sensors. Patents suggest it will create a “personal wireless environment” that interacts with iPod, iPads and iPhones. Accelerometers, GPS and haptic sensors will round out the devices functionality.


Apple has always been a company that eclipses the competition by imagining new uses for existing technology. It is the form, style and ease of use that makes Apple’s devices magical. If we combine Apple’s ecosystem, broad app support and penchant for creativity, the iWatch we’ve reported is the inevitable device that results. It becomes obvious that Apple intends to turn the whole world into Disney Land-and the iWatch will be Apple’s Magic Band!

iwatch pattent

Apple’s Pattent Included this artwork of a possible device. It hosts a removable media player at it’s center

But, we will have to wait and see!

And The Best iWatch Concept Is……


trans iwatch

The iWatch is coming and it’s impending arrival has the internet buzzing with excitement. Graphic artists and animation enthusiasts have flooded the net with their own iWatch concepts. We are all excited about the iWatch. We have even written a piece about the incredible features we believe Apple will build into the device. Our ideas are very different from most of the Tech press but they are also based on our research of Apple Inc. It is likely that we won’t see the iWatch until September (and possibly as late as October). Until then we will have to titilate ourselves with the iWatch Mockups on the web. We’ve selected some of the very best and we will leave it up to you to decide which you like best.