The Curious Case of ‘Yeezy’


Image: Instagram post by YEEZY MAFIA

I have revised this opinion piece several times. You see, I haven’t written anything in quite some time. Not for lack of inspiration, but a lack of words for the way fashion is evolving so quickly. Back when I was a young, starry-eyed fashionista, nothing was more important than watching the runway shows. My friend Dominique and I would eagerly await whatever show we could find online. The moments are always a special thing for us. Two young and black creatives sharing in a love of something people from our hometown didn’t understand. Though we weren’t there, we were immersed in the atmosphere. Watching the shows gave us a window into a world we understood so clearly but hadn’t been invited into.

Gathered around a laptop or whatever device we could get our hands on, we’d fawn over that featured designer, moments before a show. We knew if we were watching Galliano at Dior to expect chiffons and silks in every color you could dream. Alber Elbaz (of Lanvin fame) would serve you a femme-fatale look worthy of any Bond woman. It was in these moments Dominique and I knew what shows would be worthy of our attention and which should fall by the way-side. Keep in mind that most of these houses are over a century old.

Not every collection is a slay. Nevertheless, the anticipation of something new, whether recycled or innovative, was explicit. Here I am after a self-imposed exile from fashion looking for that same stir of emotion I once couldn’t live without. In turning my eyes to the current barrage of offerings, one new contender stood out the most: “Yeezy”. I could talk about the atmosphere of the show and how kinetic the room was (for the record I wasn’t there darling but technology.) I could go on about the hype surrounding the show. I could do all those things but my attention is on the collection… This Yeezy Fall ‘20 RTW seems to follow a minimalist aesthetic the budding designer seems to take with all of his collections. Now in that aspect there is no need to panic. Many designers (including one of my faves Jil Sanders) find themselves with a concept and run it into the ground. Even before the first model came down the runway, I had my reservations.

 Creativity is something Mr. West has in spades. His early music, amassed all of us from different walks of ‘The Culture.’ Kanye West is hands down the reason men in fashion push the envelope when it comes to style. Much like Rihanna, he created fashion moments garnered around his different album releases. He went from “Preparatory Cool” with his first two albums, an 80’s vibe with “808’s and Heartbreak” then full on luxe with “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Here we are now in his era of minimalism and I’m wondering where exactly is the off-ramp? All of what came down the runway looked incomplete. Models sashayed down the catwalk in some kind of lop-sided muslin sports bras tank top mash up. There were puffer coats in what appears to be some wash reminiscent of faded clothes from your local Goodwill. That’s no shade at thrifting because we all do it. With the puffer coats however, the shapes are irregular and settle oddly against the frame. If that was the intention, bravo…you are now a disproportionate snow man. For some reason, Ye decided women want to release their inner Yeti and wear it outwardly as a trouser. The answer is “No.”  Even if you do decide you HAVE to have these pants, if you could tell me a place you’d actually want to be seen in them then maybe I could reconsider. Strangely enough there weren’t many clothing layers for this to be a Fall show. Ten of the nineteen looks had no sleeves or anything in the way of covering. What sleeves we did get were on a white judo top which isn’t bad but the overall look gave me “Hospital Scrub Realness”. Speaking of hospital, the star of the show were what appears to be hospital beds disguised as a slippers. Past season seem to have an affinity for highly coveted footwear and currently these Serta memory foam slippers are staying course…. I do understand that maybe I just don’t get it. I don’t profess to know everything fashion oriented. Maybe there is a new wave that I don’t see yet. Maybe this will be the look five years from now and I’ll eat my words. Maybe I am absolutely wrong about all this. But currently in this year of 2020, on this late night that I write this, it’s a hard “No” from me. It’s not to say I don’t think there could ever be a collection of Yeezy that doesn’t blow me away. Kanye is still finding his footing. Here we are seven collections in and I’m still waiting on the point. I’d like to add that I don’t want to hear about how it sells out. If you are producing limited quantities and sending them to select stores, of course they will sell out…. In this era of 24/7 celebrity, Yeezy makes sense. It is a world curated for him and by him. It is a world where he can’t be wrong simply because he is the creator. His shows are used to keep hype around his brand and his wife, not for fashion consumers. I think about those days with Dominique and how palpable these shows were even from a computer screen. I think about the butterflies I could feel i my stomach and the excitement that left my mouth once a look made its way. Here I am looking for something to move me; something I can feel. If this is the “future of fashion” as Mr. West touts, I’ll stay in my self-imposed exile.

Eye to I: Self Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery Kicks off National Tour in South Florida at the Boca Raton Museum of Art


From March 24 – June 14 South Florida residents will be able to see the “selfie exhibit” at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Here is a sneak peek at some of the featured artists and more info on the highly -anticipated exhibit

The show was created to commemorate the National Portrait Gallery’s 50th anniversary, celebrating the artists who make the NPG Collection so extraordinary.

Eye to I brings together the work of major artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, and kicks off its national tour at the Boca Raton Museum of Art with an indelible gallery experience sure to fascinate contemporary audiences. The powerful works are from every decade, starting in 1901 and continuing through 2015.

This traveling exhibition is different from the Smithsonian show that was previously on view in Washington, DC – all of the works on paper are new and were chosen especially for the national tour, as are several of the paintings.
“These artists looked inward in ways we can connect with in our modern time. They created a lasting mirror effect for future audiences that most of them could not have foreseen,” said Irvin Lippman, the executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. 

Eye to I showcases 60 works in a variety of styles and media ranging from caricatures to photographs, from colorful watercolors to dramatic paintings and time-based media. 
The exhibition traces the process, from gazing into the mirror to looking into the camera; from painted and drawn surfaces to mechanical reproductions such as prints and photographs; from static forms to video.

Chosen as the cover for the exhibition catalogue, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons used her own body to map out feelings of translocation from place to place. The bilingual title is in half-Spanish and means When I am not Here, I am There

James A. Porter founded the field of African American art history. He chaired Howard University’s Art Department and directed the university’s art gallery from 1953 until his death in 1970. 
He studied in France, Cuba, and Haiti and traveled in West Africa, Egypt, and Brazil. These trips abroad impacted his work, including his self- portrait which conveys the influence of Parisian artists.

Mirror, Mirror; Mulatta Seeking Inner Negress II by Alison Saar. Woodcut on chine-collé (2015). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
 “These artists steered self-portraiture away from the traditional poses of the past into new realms of self-reflection. Their self-depictions cut across time through multiple pathways of creating art that ring true today,” adds Irvin Lippman.

Worthy Book Pick of the Month: The Only Black Girls in Town by Brandy Colbert


Seeking a diverse and great novel? This is our worthy pick for March 2020!

Award-winning YA author Brandy Colbert’s debut middle-grade novel about the only two black girls in town who discover a collection of hidden journals revealing shocking secrets of the past.

Beach-loving surfer Alberta has been the only black girl in town for years. Alberta’s best friend, Laramie, is the closest thing she has to a sister, but there are some things even Laramie can’t understand. When the bed and breakfast across the street finds new owners, Alberta is ecstatic to learn the family is black-and they have a 12-year-old daughter just like her.

Alberta is positive she and the new girl, Edie, will be fast friends. But while Alberta loves being a California girl, Edie misses her native Brooklyn and finds it hard to adapt to small-town living.

When the girls discover a box of old journals in Edie’s attic, they team up to figure out exactly who’s behind them and why they got left behind. Soon they discover shocking and painful secrets of the past and learn that nothing is quite what it seems.

Staycation Recommendation


A staycation is always a good idea if you ask us. Editor, professor and teacher Aurora Dominguez shares her current recommendation for South Florida Residents.

It’s Spring, and the perfect time to drive to Hollywood for a staycation. The city glimmers with unique experiences, but nothing compares to the offerings at The Diplomat Beach Resort. Below are the top five reasons you should visit and some amazing spring deals, curated by the resort itself. Have some Spring fun.

1.       You don’t have to leave the property if you don’t want to – Nestled between the aquamarine shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the peaceful Intracoastal Waterway, The Diplomat Beach Resort caters to those looking for seamless travel and boasts spacious, beach-y guest rooms, two sun-drenched pools, a glittering, ultramodern spa and eight culinary concepts. For those that do want to explore, the property stands at the very heart of Hollywood, FL and makes local experiences effortless with easy access to key destinations.

2.       Something for everyone – Adult, family-friendly, and all-encompassing, this destination resort is offering a special Destination Family Package that you can book HERE  with rates from $349. Package Includes: kids eat free with up to two children ages 12 & under with one accompanying adult entrée from the kids’ menu at Playa & Point Royal, complimentary two hour daily access to Kids’ Club, 20% off spa services, complimentary Candy & Cones welcome amenity, complimentary self-parking (includes one car per room, and waived daily resort fee).

3.       Amenities – Alleviate stress through a sensory Diplomat Spa + Wellnessexperience. Inspired by the elements and natural surroundings of the Atlantic oceanfront, the luxurious spa offers an extensive treatment menu, complimentary daily fitness programs, a Wellness Market Place, a revitalized waterfront sanctuary, and a Chrysalis for healing lifestyle rituals to happen.

4.      “Centerpiece of South Florida” Top Culinary Destination Resort (for locals and travelers alike)-  The Diplomat Restaurant Group boasts award-winning culinary concepts helmed by celebrity chefs for guests to choose from.  Finish off the day with a delicious modern Japanese dinner atMonkitail with the contemporary take of the classic izakaya menu curated by famed Michael Schulson.  Indulge in an indoor-outdoor Coastal American restaurant with modern seafood dishes and raw bar at Point Royal by Geoffrey Zakarian.

Craving something else? Take your senses for a ride over to the luxury boutique steakhouseDiplomat Prime helmed by SOBEWFF “Best of the Best 2020” chef, Rashaad Abdool. Select from dry-aged steaks and local seasonal seafood dishes.

While the night is still young, stop by The Hotel Bar and experience a global drink menu and travel around the world with cocktail creations, like the Guiltless Margarita or Hollywood Spice – sure to take you on a journey like never before!

5.The Diplomat Kids’ Club – Kids ages 4 – 12 can join in open play activities and become epic explorers, tap into their artistic side as they paint, draw or sculpt with a craft counselor. Fun abounds in the kids’ water park or in the gaming room including, Wii & X-Box games, computer stations for ages 7 – 12, along with a separate imaginative area for smaller kids ages 4 – 6.  Fill their days with oceanside adventures, new friends and the freedom to explore!

Thank you Tara Ink for the amazing Diplomat deals and we hope you all take advantage of them!