BREAKTHROUGH: Iran & U.S Reach Agreement



For over a decade, the Iranian Nuclear Program has progressed unabated. A historic agreement between Iran and six international powers will roll back key elements of the Islamic state’s nuclear ambitions. The United States, France, China, Russia, Germany and Britain joined forces to forge the agreement, which is only the first phase in a multi-step process of forging a deal that will protect the international community from the threat of a nuclear armed Iran while simultaneously resurrecting Iran’s decimated economy. Sanctions imposed largely by the U.S. have crippled the Iranian economy, leading to significant angst amongst the Iranian people and an unprecedented willingness to compromise from the Iranian state.

The deal, requires Iran to half any uranium enrichment above a 5% level and neutralize stockpiled uranium enriched above 20%. Iran will be required to half progress on its plutonium reactor and give nuclear inspectors additional access to their facilities. In exchange for the concessions Iran will experience a diminution of the sanctions stifling its economy. The economic concessions are modest. Iran can renew trade in precious medals like gold. The state can also begin receiving mechanic parts like airplane parts.

Despite the modesty of the concessions made by the U.S. and it’s allies, domestic critics in the GOP and hard liners in isereal are panning the agreement. They believe that it is foolish to lift sanctions that are just beginning to bear fruit and argue instead that the international community should increase the pressure on Iran, forcing them to acquiesce entirely to international demands. Iranian hard liners are suggesting that Iran’s new president is giving the U.S. far too much.