Meet Kimmi Stultz the force behind Juicery RX


Fresh off the opening of her second location, which is located in Weston Florida, The pharmacist and juicery owner, Kimmi Stultz, chats with Worthy Magazine about her growing brand.

Inspired by the apothecaries of the 15th century where someone would prepare medicine that was custom created, Juicery Rx aims to do the same in the culinary word. Each menu item in this ‘farm to pharmacy’ concept is developed with scientific purpose, while never compromising taste, mostly in part due to co-founder Kimmi Stultz being a pharmacist. With their original location in the Parkland/Coral Spring area the popular business held the official grand opening of their second location on Saturday, November 23rd in Weston. Attendees which included Mayor Daniel J. Stermer enjoyed complimentary ginger shots, tailored herbal elixirs in their cold press juices, and a delectable sampling of healthy bites. For more information visit:

  1. What made you pick Weston as your second location? ​

We choose Weston for our second location because of the culturally enriched communities and economic vitality. Just like our first location in Parkland/Coral Springs, we focused on wanting to be a part of a community that had a strong sense of support for the creation and growth of small businesses. 

  1. What do you hope Juicery Rx will add to the community?

We want to be a part of a vibrant hub where we could foster a healthy lifestyle by providing not only a healthy food spot but also education engagement programs. 

  1. What makes Juicery Rx more than just a juice bar?

Everything we do and create is with intention, and human health is at the very center and core of our ethos when it comes to our offerings. We know that genetics may account for a small percentage of our health outcomes, while lifestyle and environmental factors can account for the majority. Menu creation is formulated using nutrition science to give your body what it needs to thrive.

  1. What is your personal favorite menu item? Why? ​

Our mantra is Food is Information, Eat with Purpose. Breakfast: Supernova Waffle because it contains our JRx protein, which is packed with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients​. Lunch: Chromosome Power Bowl, which includes ingredients like watercress, wakame, and purple cabbage that are nutrient-dense to keep cellular metabolic function at peak performance. 

  1. Any future plans for expansion? ​

Expansion can take on many forms. We hope to have more brick and mortar stores in the future, but we are considering diversifying our channels through online market places as well as growing product and service offerings. 

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