#Worthyapproved Brown Girl Sunblock

Editor's Journal, Featured


While melanin is magical, and everyone does have it on varying scales, it isn’t sun resistant. Sun exposure can still have some undesirable effects for brown folks: hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tones and skin cancer. Nevertheless, a lot of available sunscreen options leave much to be desired in terms of being flattering and cooperative with the rest of one’s skin routine such as makeup. So we have a short list for you to review of sunscreens that are worthy approved and white cast free.


Black Girl Sunscreen $19 

This product has been a trustworthy editor approved favorite for quite sometime. You do not have to worry about a white cast with this product. The product melts into your skin and has some beauty gurus referring to it as the perfect makeup primer. Comparable to high-end sunscreens, it is at a great price point especially for the amount of product you will get, 3 oz. compared to some facial sunscreens that run around $25 and up for 1 -2 oz.  The viral-worthy selling points are the natural ingredients that are found in this product. Instead of seeing  zinc oxide, titanium oxide and drying alcohols, the ingredients list consists of items like; carrot juice, avocado oil and jojoba oil to name a few.

Biore UV Aqua Rich $17

Available on Amazon to US, this chemical watery essence works like a dream. It’s ultra light texture sinks in quickly into the skin and is water resistant for 80 mins. However extra care is required when dealing with chemical sunscreen. They should never  be on your face when you go to bed for the night (you will eventually if not instantly experience breakouts.) Make sure you remove with either miceller water or a makeup removing cleansing product followed up by another cleansing product, we favor foaming cleansers. Oil-based cleansers also work very well with removing chemical sunscreens.  The other plus is that if you have Amazon Prime, your sunscreen can be delivered to you within two days, usually.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch  starts at $11 (SPF 30)

With an amazing price point, this chemical sun block quickly sinks into your skin and feels as light and clean as it promises.  This also works well with your skincare and makeup and is a current editor favorite at the moment. It is always available at our second home, Target.

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