Noteworthy Kukuno 



There is a hot new designer in town and she’s creating a buzz. Canadian brand, Kukuno, has crossed over into the states and is ready to make its imprint in the fashion industry. The creative force behind the avant garde fashion line is the talented Sarah Edwards. Mixing bold cuts with minimalism that is wearable and transitional is what sets Kukuno apart. Having been inspired by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, Kukuno dedicates itself to producing only handmade garments with promises that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. The brand comes from humble roots and is socially responsible. They support the Malala Fund, a nonprofit whose purpose is to provide 12 years of safe schooling for girls in developing countries. Its goal is to empower girls by offering guidance, education, and a platform to amplify their voices and be heard.


Born in 2016, Kukuno is turning heads with its modern approach to avant garde – a niche in the fashion industry that typically attracts fashion connoisseurs. Stemming from traditional arty fashion, Kukuno has no plans to fit in with the competition. Edwards says that she wants the simplicity part of her line to appeal to more than just the fashion enthusiast. With hopes that Kukuno can gravitate towards more “everyday people.” Edwards strategy is simple: great prices, one-of-a-kind pieces, and style for even the least experienced fashionista.


She shares, “I cannot detach my emotions from sewing, that’s why every piece I sew is never a 100% identical. A black shirt is still the same as the other black shirt, but with slightly different eccentricities. Just that 1% differs and makes it unique.”


Currently a one-woman powerhouse, Sarah is overseeing the production of her line, managing her online presence, and keeping up with sales through her website. Kukuno plans on expanding their presence in the US within the next year and charter the same seas as some of the new up and coming designers.


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