Cosmetic Procedures: Which To Do, Which To Skip


Every single one of us, though #flawless, has at some point taken a look in the mirror and found at least one thing we’d like to change. Some of us learn to love the quirks in our looks and some of us think about getting a little fix. From the non-invasive to the surgical, cosmetic procedures are on the rise and there are a hundred ways to nip, tuck, lift and smooth just about any area of our bodies. Not all of it is vain and superficial. Some procedures have amazingly high satisfaction ratings; patients report not just looking better but feeling way more confident. According to the experts, these are the nips and tucks that are worth it and the ones you should skip:

Worth it: Breast Reduction
“By far, breast reductions produce the happiest post-op patients,” says New Bern, North Carolina board certified plastic surgeon and best selling author Dr. John Zannis, “The women (and sometimes men) that come to me for this procedure have usually been uncomfortable with the size of their breasts for years, in many cases since early puberty. You can really see an immediate boost to their confidence.” Overly large breasts have uncomfortable physical effects like chronic back pain and bad posture, but they can also become a huge self-esteem complex, especially for girls. Breast reduction surgeries report an extremely high satisfaction rate of almost 90% according to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Magazine.

Skip: Lip Fillers
Lip fillers can work wonders but they’re tricky. They don’t look the same on everyone; your end result could be Kylie Jenner’s lipstick-empire-building pout or Donatella Versace’s trout mouth. They’re more of a toss up and depend on too many variables, from the natural curve of your lips to the skill of your doctor to the type of filler used.

Worth it: Non-Invasive Face Lifts
“Off the top of my head some of my happiest clients are non-invasive face lift patients,” says Dr. Kally Papantoniou, a board certified dermatologist who specializes in surgical and medical skin procedures at her New York office. “The skin on the neck and chin get a substantial lift and smooth with no cutting or general anesthetics, patients report not only looking younger but constantly say they feel better about themselves. Which is the key word I look for when gauging post-recovery satisfaction!”

Worth it: Rhinoplasty
“A rhinoplasty from a skilled plastic surgeon can completely change a face,” says Zannis. He adds, “The nose is the most protruding facial feature and sits right in the center; any sort of change alters how you look from different angles, how light and shadows hit you and can make the face look more symmetrical.” To become a full believer in the power of rhinoplasty just search “Bella Hadid before and after nose job” on Google. Literally a different person.

Skip: Cheek Implants
Cheeks have a very prominent position in your face. Like tweaking your nose, tweaking the shape and size of your cheeks changes your whole look, but like any other facial implant or filler; they are not one size fits all. In older individuals cheek implants are just as likely to drag your skin down as smooth it. Good results depend on implant type, technique, original face shape, and considering the natural effects of aging in the future.

Worth it: Body Contouring
“Body contouring is easily one of my top three highest patient satisfaction procedures” says Dr. Papantoniou who provides the procedure at her practice. “These are non-invasive fat loss techniques and they give truly amazing results after about 3 months of treatments. There is no downtime, no pain. Some patients come in for them during long lunch breaks! Patients lose whole inches. Again, the most telling sign is how they stress feeling good after the procedure.”img_0478.jpg

Sinesia Karol Is Worthyapproved

Editor's Journal, Featured

It’s almost been a week since Swim Week has been over and we are still thinking about a lot of the things that we have seen. Friend to Worthy Magazine, Sinesia Karol allowed us backstage accesss, to capture the details that go into creating her signature show, to share with our readers who might have missed it. The deigner presented a complete collection that offered diversity for women of different sizes. And featured patterns and textures that were broad enough that we found it impossible to say that there wasn’t something for every woman’s preference. Sinesia Karol’s new collection does not fall short of being amazing, luxurious and most importantly exclusively unique. Watch our exclusive video made by Curtis Childs and enjoy.


Five Foods To Defy Post-Flight Dehydration 


It’s officially high summer and people are taking to the skies for vacation and business travel. You know the drill. You’re given some peanuts, the drink cart makes a couple of rounds and before you know it it’s wheels down. You’re regretting not drinking more water during the flight and feel your skin tight. However, drinking water on a longer flight is a double-edged sword, if you don’t your entire epidermis dries up; if you do your lower body retains the liquid. So how can you fly without the ankle swell or the skin dehydration?
Dr. Christopher Calapai DO, an anti-aging and stem cell expert and long time health advisor to the New York Rangers hockey team, tells us how to fight the dryness with foods.
1. Watermelon
“Watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods there are,” says Dr. Calapai “Its a great alternative to plane snacks which have large amounts of sodium, which in turn make you more dehydrated.” Pack big thick slices in a large plastic baggie and take them in your handbag, they won’t be taken away at TSA and will help you avoid the salty peanuts. 
2. Cucumbers
“Cucumbers are about 96 percent water,” says Calapai “They also contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and are high in Vitamin B6 which helps in the production of serotonin which is the brain chemical that controls mood.” You can slice them or cube them and also bring them along in a baggie or small container. Try making small cucumber-watermelon bites, they are pretty delicious!
3. Strawberries
When the airplane cookies come around say no thanks and reach for some strawberries instead! “Strawberries have the highest water content of any berry, 92 percent to be exact,” shares Calapai “You can enjoy the tart-sweet flavor without consuming too much sugar.”  
4. All in one salad
If you’re the type that needs an actual meal to feel satisfied bring along a salad. Add tomatoes, juicy chicken, plenty of lettuce and goat cheese. Lettuce is 96 percent water and tomatoes are 94 percent water. Go easy on the salt when seasoning your chicken and grill it or steam it instead of frying it to retain moisture. Make up for flavor and texture with some goat cheese! All the ingredients stay good at room temperature most of the day and there’s no heating required when it’s time for lunch/dinner. 
5. Coconut Water
Ok so you can’t totally avoid drinking liquids! “Coconut water is low in calories and high in naturally occurring hydration replenishing electrolytes, which regular water does not contain. It’s a better option than sports drinks which have artificial flavors and more calories,” advises Dr. Calapai. After you’re past security grab a bottle of coconut water from any of the airport mini-marts.

Swim Week Angel Watching is Worthyapproved 


Miami based charity organization, Angel Watching Over Me, founder Sarah Akiba of So Akiba and celebrity model/actress Nazanin Mandi, hosted the Angels Under Water charity fashion show at Basement Miami, at the Edition Hotel. Guests, luminaries and Miami influencers were treated to a shopping experience and multi-brand runway presentation MC’ed by Miami socialite YesJulz and music by DJ RBK, with all ticket sale proceeds going directly towards the charity’s social and community development programs. 

With pop-up booths on site, guests shopped all night from Claudio Milano, Zacasha, Les Canebiers, Marias Bonita, Gina Cueto, Raesempre, SETA, Alicia- Polished Coconut, Beja Organic Soap by Chelsea Mercede, Cindy with the stones, Beatrice and Claudia Mendoza. 

The runway show highlighted the So Akiba Angel Watching Over Me swimsuit collection, created in collaboration with Cai Swimwear, as well as the latest collections from swimwear brands Cai Swimwear, Pain de Sucre, Les Canebiers, Claudio Milano, Mykini, and Jypsea Local. Models also wore pieces from jewelry and headdress sponsor Zacasha, and handbag sponsor Lime & Soda; with makeup sponsored by Beauty Schools of America and hair sponsored by Safar Salon.
With over 400 attendees, all enjoyed cocktails from Coconut 503, Angelvin, Peroni, Neuro Water, Fireball, Tiqo Tequila, and Corazon. After the show was complete, guests received giftbags provided by Saks Fifth Avenue that included K8 Swimwear mirrors, L’Occitane, Safar Salon Gift Cards, Cai Swimwear Gift Cards, Les Canebiers, Forever Young Institute, Neurowater, and Floats eyewear. They also received the brand new Angel Watching Over Me hat in their bags as a thank you for ticket purchases.


Angel Watching Over Me (AWOM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Sarah Akiba, a wardrobe stylist and fashion designer from Miami, FL who lost her father to lung cancer in 2013. The foundation, which unites people from all over the world who have lost an “angel” raises awareness and supports victims and their families who are left behind by a loving friend, family, or any other important person in their life.