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Olive + Piper, a fun and playful online jewelry boutique and collection, started from a dream and a few risky decisions. Founder Tania Yan grew up as a quiet and artistic young child, immersing herself in her studies, ballet, singing and piano. Like most young girls, Tania made her own beaded accessories, including jewelry and headbands, to express her own individual style. Taking a detour in college, Tania found herself studying cell biology and genetics, and it wasn’t until after graduation where she worked at a large ecommerce company that Tania was inspired to work with fashion jewelry. With a desire to start her own business, a personal fashion blog and a passion for designing, Olive + Piper was born.

imageOlive + Piper officially launched in October 2012, selling curated pieces made ethically in China. But Tania soon developed a bigger dream, a dream to design her own pieces. She began creating inspiration boards, sketching her designs and envisioning what they would look like. In the past year, Olive + Piper launched three new collections, all designed in-house, with more than 30 styles in multiple color variations. All pieces are inspired by Tania’s every day life, including color schemes or patterns she is exposed to.


Olive + Piper aspires to help ambitious girls feel edgy and daring all while staying true to oneself. Tania thrives on the idea of individuality and boldness, two elements seen in each piece. Olive + Piper’s mission is to CREATE a guilty pleasure fashion lovers fall in love with, to SHARE its love and passion for the “sparklier things in life,” and to INSPIRE the world to explore and celebrate individual style. The expressive jewelry line aims to help girls everywhere feel confident and successful, while still being conscious of their bank accounts


Olive + Piper reflects its mission through the charming collections they offer. The accessories range from casual to formal, and any piece can be found for every occasion. All hardware is made with 14k gold-plated metals and glass, acrylic or semi-precious stone embellishments. The Luxe Collection is comprised of vintage-inspired statement pieces made with marquise-shaped crystals to add a brilliant sparkle to any outfit. The Marble Collection is made with matte gold hardware and white marble to create edgy organic silhouettes with a sleek chic vibe. The Delicate Collection is a mix of rose gold and gold layered necklaces, bracelets and rings to add simple but elegant dimension to any look.

The brand aims to inspire women to explore and celebrate individual style with simple, yet fun designs at affordable prices. Olive + Piper jewelry is made to keep ambitious girls stylish, playful and fresh with bold and sparkly necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with prices ranging from $28.00 to $68.00.

SHOP: ​www.OliveAndPiper.com
FOLLOW: ​http://www.twitter.com/oliveandpiper

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