Kanye West News New Video and New Album

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We can’t get enough of Kanye and this past week the artist has done an amazing job keeping his music in the headlines. His anticipated album, which is entitled “Yeezus,” has a scheduled release date of June 18th. The artist recently his album cover artwork. We are digging the old school aesthetic. Let us know what you think.

The artist also provided a unique presentation for his new music video ” New Slaves.” The video premiered through out the world on 66 different buildings. In all honesty, we are loving the song. Let us know what you think.


SOFLO Worthy Eats



Being based in South Florida is any cuisine enthusiast’s dream. South Florida is a melting pot of cultures and restaurants throughout SoFlo are taking advantage. From traditional soul food with unique and organic twists to wonderfully Parisian pastries, your palate will be satisfied. Here are a few of our favorite places that you should check out for a little bit of weekend fun.


The Riverside Market

The quest for the perfect pizza can be an endless journey. Luckily, we have stumbled upon a local gem worthy of our affection and hard earned money. Everything from ingredients to the atmosphere are intended to provoke dialogue. Our favorite dish: BBQ chicken pizza.

The Cheese Course

Homemade pesto, bagets, fruit, grapes, blue cheese and salads galore- what more could you ask for? That is exactly how we felt when we nestled into this wonderfully warm and delicious restaurant on a rainy day in Boca Raton.  This place can do no wrong. You won’t regret anything that you order.

Organic soul food anyone? Yardbird provides the perfect blend of home grown organic ingredients and savory comfort food. From the fried green tomatoes to french toast, there hasn’t been a dish that we’ve met that we didn’t like.

Sorris which is located in the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek is quickly becoming one of our favorite italian restaurants. They won our heart with this maine lobster black ravioli.

Bogarts– This place won our hearts the first night we met. Jewel Figueras was our ticket into this media preview of the restaurant and we were so thankful to sample the dishes. The winner of the evening was the sweet potato stuffed ravioli served with chicken. It was the perfect savory sweet dish.

Bloom is the ideal place to go for the perfect cocktail or the perfect small bite. The quirky and chic decor is sure to spark a perfectly engaging conversation. Sadly our favorite cocktail is not actually on the menu. It’s called the Honeycomber. But we can’t help but to ask for it whenever we go to the restaurant. It is made with honey flavored vodka, lime juice, honey and cucumbers. Marketing genius Donnet Bruce had the custom cocktail created for one her exclusive classes.

Roho Kitchen– Friend to Worthy Magazine the fabulous Jewel Figueras served as our guide into all things fabulous (again) the night we unearthed Roho Kitchen. The owner of Roho Kitchen, Chef Jorge, specializes in multicultural cuisine. Every dish that we sampled was packed with flavor. Our plates were wiped clean before we could realize what happened. It is literally impossible to pick a favorite dish from that evening. However, the mushroom risotto literally had us in a daze.

You will be able to read more about our favorite spots in the next issue of Worthy Magazine.