Is the economy turning around or not? This is the question that dominates our political landscape and will likely decide the November Presidential Election. If the economy is in the midst of a recovery, President Obama will have a very good Christmas. If it is not, Mitt Romney will be moving to Washington D.C. With the fate of both Candidates dependent upon public perceptions of our economic fortunes, both are anxious to massage the steady stream of data that informs public opinion. However, the Romney campaign is gaining critics who take issue with the camps latest move. Romney has apparently asked Republican Governors, to downplay positive economic news in their respective states. As the presumptive nominee travels from State to State, he is finding it increasingly difficult to convince voters that President Obama is a failure, when GOP Governors are undercutting his message with sunny and optimistic news about the direction of their states. If voters keep hearing from GOP Governors that the economy is improving, those voters may see very little need for a Romney Presidency!

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