On the heels of it’s new Microsoft Tablet Announcement, Microsoft has unveiled another weapon in the war against Apple and Android. They are preparing to unleash an army of new cell phones, onto the world. The phones will be powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, which will reach across platforms from the desktop computers of most businesses, to tablets and now, onto phones. This provides users with a seamless platform and constantly familiar interface, no matter what device you happen to be using. Microsoft is addressing a bit of a disconnect that often bothers users, when their phones operate in a totally different fashion from their other devices. Now, when you play your xbox, use your desktop, play with your tablet or use your phone, the interface will always be essentially the same.

Features for the new Metro style phones include, Microsoft’s trademark tiles, which distinguish it’s phones from virtually every other mobile device. The live tiles display constant information from the apps which operate in the background. Now users can resize those tiles to reflect their importance in their lives. Improved screen resolutions will provide crisper images and multi core processors mean faster performance. Microsoft also seems intent on tempting consumers to get rid of their wallets, with their new e-wallet feature. The feature exists on other phones, but Microsoft promises better usage for consumers that no longer want to carry cash and instead pay for items using, just their cell phones.

MICROSOFT’S NEW TABLET: Windows 8 Works on Both The New Cellphones and The Tablets

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