The Basketball Wives franchise has handed out a few pink-slips. So Who Won’t be returning for next season? Jennifer Williams is out. Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols are also gone! Effectively, Basketball Wives Cut every person on the show that refused to engage in the foolishness of last season. Despite Shaunie Oneal’s recent claims that she wants to promote a more positive image, it appears that if you refused to drop a flying elbow off of a table, or if you refused to smack someone in the face, then you were cut from the show. Unfortunately, this maintains the show’s pattern of cutting positive role models from the show. While most, immediately seek to blame the women on the show, decisions such as these make it clear that the violent displays and negativity of the show are management orchestrated and based on decisions made in production. The Producers behind Basketball Wives and Shaunie O’neal- have continuously sent a single concrete message to all of it’s would-be cast members. If you fight, then you can stay. If you wish to conduct yourself with a modicum of dignity like Royce, Jennifer (at least in this season), or Kesha, then you will find yourself CUT from the team.

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