THE WINNER OF THE VOICE IS: Jermaine Paul Wins Singing Contest


Remember the name Jermaine Paul. He is this season’s winner of The Voice. The American Idol, rival show, is one of a growing number of talent competitions. The Voice pitches itself as a pure singing competition. The Judges, Christina Aquilara, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Ceelo-Green, pick contestants, with their backs turned away from the singers. They choose them based entirely on the strength of their vocals. Their appearance, and style, are supposed to be immaterial. The Voice, attempts distinguish itself by attempting limiting the superficialities associated with the other shows.

Despite the shows attempt to limit the impact of superficialities, this year’s winner is a star in every sense. Jermaine Paul is a former background singer for Alicia Keys and he truly has an amazing voice. The rising star chose to join team Shelton, which was an unusual paring. He simply asked that the country star promise to keep him. Shelton, said he could make no promises, but he believed in Paul’s talent. Shelton’s faith paid off! Pail said, “I honestly was ready to accept not winning. But I’m so excited”.

Paul’s wife, rushed the stage as the confetti fell, to hug and kiss her husband. Paul said, “She has been with me throughout this whole journey. Leaving college, not going with basketball and going with music and sticking with it, having kids so young and getting married even younger-its been a tumultuous journey for us.”

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