THREADFLIP: Website Offers A New Way To Shop


Is your closet overflowing with barely used, or worse yet, never worn clothes, shoes and handbags? Or do you like buying the hottest trends at a serious discount? A new website has found a way to address the needs of both consumers. THREADFLIP is a site that allows you to sell those outfits that are occupying your closet to cost conscious shoppers. The site is the brainchild of Manik Singh, who noticed the excess stock in his wife’s own closet. His wife and her friends, like many women, simply allowed the items to pile up as opposed to getting rid of them. Manik decided to create a trendy, slick and simple website that would allow his wife, her friends, and now YOU, to hock those closet wears. The result was a beautiful site that makes displaying, selling, shipping items a piece of cake. The gorgeous design takes photos from directly by upload or from your Facebook account and displays your goods in a compelling and uniform way. For sellers, they offer “white glove” service which helps Shepard your sold item, from one part of the nation to the other. The service even sends a dainty box to your door step with a label, ready to ship. The group even has an app. If your looking for a good deal or a way to monazite that dress that your never going to wear, try Threadflip. And let us know, what you think.

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